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Aug Tellez 1/06/2017

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1 Aug Tellez 1/06/2017 on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:04 pm


Full fledged disclosure now available for $24.99!

Posted on January 6, 2017 by omnipulse

Full fledged disclosure now available for $24.99!
Playing but not playing. The messages are put in media because this is the easiest way to reach the population at large and convey complex almost non-sensical metaphysical truths and secret operations in ways that most people would sincerely believed can only be fantasy or science fiction.
How’s this, science fictions was invented as a way to slowly bring the truth to the population without blowing people’s minds.
Sure, could this be a ‘trick’ to get people thinking crazy and opened up to new ideas until the most intimately reversed and outlandish ideas are common place? Possibly, but the truth of THAT possibly occurring is still the most outlandish perspective of life a person will realize because this still indicates that there is a deeper truth that there is an agenda taking place to reorganize the conscious perceptions of the human being in order to ultimately place them within a new world fabricated entirely from advanced, false-light technology where they can be mind controlled and used as pets and then fuel.
This is the time before that convergence point where all who are going to make it out, get out alive, while all who are going to stay, begin to see the light fade.
In the episode “Total Rickall (play on total recall, mind erasure, replicants, holographic parasitic invasion/infection) parasites that were picked up on the craft and crew as they made their was from a distant reality seeped into the minds of the family back at home where they inserted themselves via the instantaneous generation of false-memory constructs which acted as temporal anchors for the consciousness of the parasites into the subconscious of the host family.
These beings basically imitated any kind of personal values that they could project through a simple analysis of the hosts mind. When the host searched their memory for a reason that this parasite could be present, the parasite simultaneously mirrored and filtered that information so as to set up a kind of containment consciousness system (live-updating hypnotism and holographic memory insertion) that would then re-render the information to introduce and securely place the parasite as an aspect of the hosts mind having always have been there and being an important and friendly part of their familial environment.
The major flaw here was that the parasites could not fully interpret the emotional context and perceptual organization of the host family and so there would only be slap-happy whimsical “good” memories of the parasites and the family members without ever having had the chance to introduce a failure of personality, a let down, an argument, or any kind of real-life element of a human to human relationship. This was the flaw that allowed the family to break free from the grip of the parasites.
Everything here is a representation of various situations in the world we are in today, including the way the “home-base” locked down at the push of a button as soon as parasitic consciousness were detected. This happens automatically, no one has to push the button in the real situation. No one gets out, alive or dead, until all the parasites are cleared.
Yes, shows like Orphan Black (which I have not seen), Fringe, The OA (from what I’ve seen, instant flash backs), WestWorld (another, cannot watch, instant flashbacks), and others are actually formated and brought forth by various agencies.

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2 Re: Aug Tellez 1/06/2017 on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:06 pm


Mutilator Overlords

Posted on January 6, 2017 by omnipulse

This situation is pretty much like having to stand by and watch as someone has endless sex building up STD after STD (s.t.demons) and then kill each of their children off in a blood ritual for a mutilator overlord while then crying and complaining in the ultimately depraved hysterical foolishness while their overlord then aborts them spiritually by absorbing their soul energy into a hive-mind collective.
The kicker here is that if a person is absorbed then they never had a soul to begin with because the effect moves simultaneously across both polarities of the realm dynamic and they are instantly rendered, sub-human forever and always.
What I’m saying is that those who survive this have to watch that happen.
Remember this is just a cosmic drama, if you are soul-empowered then that’s all you can ever be, and no harm will be received.
For those who willingly harm themselves because of the falsely projected circumstances of an illusory system based on illusory values, built upon a loose illusory foundation of ego and impermanence, nothing can be said of the horrors to await. They can still feel pain, however they have shut out the pathway to end their suffering.
This is the time which will become the time where men will seek death but not find it.
There is a way out and this is to keep the soul aspect connected to their energy system of the mind through the active empathic heart connection to themselves. If you love yourself truly and know yourself, you won’t harm another being because you would feel that pain within yourself.
The remaining difference here is then to reach this point of spiritual convergence and hold out remaining strong in the heart and mind for the completion of the cycle of history where there is an exit point into the higher planes as if there is an approaching time that is the “seam” of the artificially propagated time dimensions that have been created out of holographic light and used to imprison souls.
Humanity must remain strong into this end of time and the strength within will hold humanity together. The illusions will become so intense that father will not know child and child will not know father. One generation to the next will vary more than one civilization to another.
Hold true to spiritual values and awareness, observe and know the self rather than being distracted and caught up in the ways of the material world which has become one colossal mind-washing and soul-stealing system.
Earth’s spirit is that of the mother while the solar universe the father. When the two combine they will increase the energy of awareness until all the actions past and future of all humans will be known. Those without souls will be see clear as day, cyborgs, clones, sub-humans, all kinds of created beings will walk Earth in that time.
Why? Because they walk the surface of Earth now, then we will simply all see from a spiritual perspective automatically because of the increased spiritual energy on Earth.
This civilization can be brought into illusory separation from the truth and the spiritual realm, but the spiritual realm can just as easily extend truth and spiritual energy back into this illusory realm. There has been. System of delay and wait to simultaneously protect the projected illusion system as well to give beings a chance to organize themselves and get to a position where this will will not destroy the majority of the civilization.
Yet, this civilization is to become new again as the cyborg version that usually harvests genetics this time around will not be able to sustain itself without entirely destroying this universe forever.

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3 Re: Aug Tellez 1/06/2017 on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:08 pm


This Reality is a Fallen Holographic Projection

Posted on January 6, 2017 by omnipulse

Do you want to be right, before anyone else, or do you want everyone to be on the same page?
This is the main issue with the current, urgent situation. Everyone has their moment of ego, the first one to give their pride away to service to the truth wins and there is limitless reward and benefit from the truth in this life. 
This life is the life of all lives. Everyone that is alive now existed in the beginning of civilization through an unbroken string of lineage. 
The operations taking place as part of the crimes against humanity are to swap those lines back and forth and essentially trade the souls of humans like chattel for profit and as bounty of war.
Those who research and keep their hearts pure and their minds clean will resist the defilement that can destroy a humans spiritual tie to the soul and thus the spiritual realms and their original identity here.
In short, there are genetic harvesting programs taking place which utilize the DNA of humans to generate created life forms which are the “false light” or fallen beings described in ancient texts. These are beings always present here without the corresponding higher dimensional counterpart to exist in the non-holographic realms outside of this fallen universe and these fallen timelines.
This all has to do with spiritual hierarchy and the ancient practice of fleecing the lamb for the spiritual energy which is then used for secondary purposes outside of the original blueprint for human spiritual development. That is, to have to take life in such a manner only reflects the potential uses of such energy later; ego, pleasure, pain, everything to do with this illusory world of polarity consciousness and perception which can be skewered. True knowledge is unadulterated, true awareness is pure and if tainted is obvious to the fact. For this we k is that the pure awareness that is not described through words and other conscious projections are our true, original existence while thoughts, belief systems, and polarity sourced perceptions are only as far as this holographically projected shadow universe.
The letting go of desires and implanted belief systems that are brought into arrowhead externally through the hypnosis of the system is the releasing of the entanglement of this realm and the reigniting of the spiritual flame within. This is because this takes passion, courage, commitment, and is ultimately the most difficult path a being within this realm can take.
One will conclude that we are not actually entirely in this realm but only a portion of our overall awareness is here and in this way only an avatar like projection of what others who run this realm and the realm itself believes we are like can actually be present here. Knowing this is defeating the illusion and seeing beyond the barriers but the barriers are simultaneously being updated from our own perception. 
Only in taking self responsibility and reaping what we’ve sown do we withdraw from the unconscious agreements to have our spiritual matters handled for us. However, there is a layer of deception for every truth we take on, for once one accepts their own self-responsibility they are met with projected illusions attempting to convince them to take the blame of others and accept guilt for the uncleanliness of this world. 
We are in this realm but not of it and so we are not even responsible for the darkness that is present here. However we are responsible for our continuous works and the self-willed choices we produce.
If we simply begin to work within ourselves and those around us who are similarly focused then we can receive the truth.

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