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Starships and the Holographic Apocalypse

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1 Starships and the Holographic Apocalypse on Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:44 am



Starships and the Holographic Apocalypse

The situation of the underground bases has evolved to the point of each of the various factions that had formed moving into the atmosphere and literally becoming atmospheric civilizations to themselves.
They have everything they need on-board the electrogravitic craft that can be powered indefinitely.
There are molecular replicator systems that can 3D print the tools that are required to modify or repair any section of the craft.
Brief passes through certain areas can locate and molecularly teleport (one particle at a time) entire caches of resources to regularly maintain supplies and perishables.
Sure enough, some of the so-called “drug-running” rings are literally to cover-up this fact that these resources are either being stolen by rogue factions or are being utilized for unacknowledged special access programs where the funds that are generated and the funds that are spent will never be recorded on paper but will often influence the funds and the resources that are. So there are cover-ups on every angle, for every different facet of the secrecy
Nonetheless, there are entire secret military factions, some rogue, some well, what you could call remaining, while the entire situation is pretty much everyone for themselves while simultaneously working together and behind each other’s back to ensure the survival of themselves and possibly each other through the overcoming of the null point which would render the species spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally neutralized and without catalyst to propel forward for the continued generation of experience in this realm.
This real is governed by mind, therefore to control what happens in this realm, the mind is where the governance is focused.
The survival factor is to prepare and mature humanity to be able to spiritually survive the complexity of the true nature of existence here. That we are simultaneously creating and experiencing our reality and that there have been, in fact, various forms of technological foreign elements introduced to act as a limiting and feedback system that taxes or filters our creative abilities while sending back to us distortions that are the equivalent of formatting errors resulting in emotional and cognitive dissonance.
So the bases have become starships which are entire military factions living to themselves in the atmosphere. The issue here is that the starships operate on the level of genetic accuracy and holographic consciousness to the degree where if there is an aspect of an individual’s genetics or consciousness that contains an error, then that error is shared with the entire ship and everyone on the ship if that individual is brought on-board.
The human consciousness works like a radio receiver system. This is part of why when a person’s consciousness is interfered with or co-opted then the person hears a high-pitched whining or buzzing noise. This is literally the same as when a TV is turned on and all the electrical components are slightly heating up and beginning to transmit information. This is the process of the brain receiving, however when this is taking place with the brain there is a technologically assisted version of the normal process.
The idea here is that the information that is being rendered is done so, technologically, from a distance.
The second idea here is that the information that can be rendered through these means can operate in multiple dimensions simultaneously and therefore can be from various locations above or under “ground”.
The ships themselves are conscious, living entities who’s processor systems are literally the engines that are capable of processing the holographic consciousness of all beings on-board as well as reorganize intense electromagnetic fields to generate the equivalent of inertialess propulsion through space and ultimately generating spatiotemporal distortions.
These ships are the underground bases transported through instantaneous travel and through advanced generator systems one can convert an entire base into a starship.
Holographic Apocalypse…
To be continued…

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