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Secret Space Program, Time Wars, Bloodlines and Power

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Secret Space Program, Time Wars, Bloodlines and Power

Posted on January 7, 2017 by omnipulse

The Progenitors

The original bloodlines, factions, and civilization formers have been ‘marooned’ in alternative dimensions having been stalked and replicated by the parasitical beings for their power.
The original explorers have essentially faced the threat of being ‘lost in time’, away from the original timeline without link to the starting point of this whole situation.
Humanity has to come together to secure the original essences of humanity, the original bloodlines.

Genetics Harvesting

The purpose of the created beings who are genetically engineered non-human class entities are to act as a military force as well as a reproduction facilitating faction.
IE: These beings can reproduce offspring with human males and females (there was some discrepancy at first) and these offspring will either be of the fallen genetics lacking the ability to hold a human soul or they will ‘skip’ the genetic release of the fallen genetics although these genetics will remain dormant for some time.
The monitoring of the species by various factions of “higher races” which are simply humans who jumped ship as soon as this started happening, must monitor each abductee who is used for genetic harvesting because somewhere down the line, at some point in the lineage, a created being will be born who lacks the capacity to hold a human soul and therefore the capacity for compassion and in the same sense this being’s vessel (which is simply the being entirely) will act as a communication hub for the higher-dimensional (lower-astral) realm source of the hive-mind consciousness entity who’s essentially a nexus point for the technologically assisted souls of the entire hive-mind entity.
This is the collective, this is the hive-mind that people are absorbed into if their genetic lines cross and ‘touches’ (meaning sex, rape, or genetic engineering/harvesting) the lines of the fallen.
When there is sexual mixing or “knowing” one another as this was termed in previous times, then there is what is known as “quantum entanglement”. This means that all throughout time, there is a interdimensional interaction enabled and this is the pulling of a ‘whole’ genetic lineage from the original trajectory into and out of this realm into the ‘deity’ planes or ‘heavenly realm’ into the lower-planes or ‘hell’ on Earth and the lower astral.
The lower astral is the limit of the ‘soul’ of the fallen genetics, meaning the place of dim dreams and hazy nightmares and there is no ‘spiritual’ component, only a technologically assisted soul acting as an interdimensional anchor point for all the memories of the incarnated lineages.
This is why when Earth is cleaned, destroyed, or changed, then there is no longer an access point for that technology to intersect with the physical realm, and there is no pathway to learn the movement to higher spirituality, and therefore those fallen genetics are trapped for all eternity. A dark story, but there is a pathway higher and that is through redemption.
As well, the “hell” realm, is simply the timeline of Earth where these created beings are the majority and only active soul force on the planet. Meaning all humans on that timeline either died out or were entirely converted into slaves or sleeping soul-vessels who are used to do the bidding of the false-light soul-matrix beings.
The point is that Earth originally existed as a midway point between the physical and the spiritual realms.
The lower astral and actually the entirety of the astral altogether is a technologically propagated spiritual realm where spiritual beings can occupy however this is only a result of the genetic tampering of the technological and artificial created life form beings as there is no necessity for anything other than the physical Earth realm and the higher spiritual realms for humans.
When the devices are disabled, then there is no astral in between realm as these are literally technological realms propagated by scalar devices and supercomputers and used to host an entire plethora of acts and strategic movements.
This could not be achieved previously because in these realms, actual human souls were entangled and held hostage to the degree of an entire realm being used to create a ‘false hell’ where souls were tortured and held hostage as ransom to enable the continuation of the experimentation on humanity.


The future does consist of a cleansing of Earth and this may or may not include higher-dimensional human races, the one’s who previously saved themselves and potentially saved all who seek the truth and purity, by “jumping ship” as soon as it was seen that this would be happening.
This may be through higher-dimensional technology that can operate in and out of time and therefore interact in the ‘past’ and undo the acts of genetic harvesting where a person’s DNA was used to entangle with the hive-mind created being thus absorbing them into the collective.
The truth is this may be akin to erasing that person’s DNA up to the point of coming to Earth, or ‘reseting’ the program, so that there is a ‘clean slate’, however this would literally be like sawing a person’s spiritual arm off to save the rest of the body.
There are some techniques such as the ‘star fire’ return where the DNA and RNA codons are activated to the point of hyperdimensionally overgrowing any and all genetic and spiritual perturbations which would be to resonate the entire structure and being at frequencies that emit and transfer light that would act as a ‘sterilizing’ agent to literally vibrate all the lower DNA out of this dimension and into null-space.
This would be like taking a spiritual shower so hot and bright that all the ‘germs’ of the lower dimensional entities, their genetics, and their memories, are ultimately blinded and burn away.
This would be equally as painful, however this is the nature of the human, to accelerate their genetics and their frequencies high enough to merge back to the deity planes which are the origins.
So this process would happen anyway, however those who have entangled with the fallen genetics would be those who feel the resistance, the pain of death, and the confusion upon the attempted return to these higher pains. Pushing on, in continuation even when the lower structures are being burned out would be key to reaching the completion here.

The Transtemporal Effects of Fallen Genetics Entanglement

These effects would transfer forward and backwards through the timeline to introduce these fallen beings into all dimensional realms that the human would originally connected.
Basically, they use DNA as a transfer point, like a higher-dimensional highway, and can pop out of this person’s aura system, and infect others like a virus at any point along the timeline.
This is the fuller meaning of the “Rick and Morty: Total Recall” episode that I mentioned in a previous post. These are the beings who basically insert themselves into people’s family lineage from start to finish in the timeline, as soon as they infect a person’s blood/DNA.


If the DNA is infected, this can be cleared more easily. If the RNA is infected then that individuals mitochondrial line will be influenced which is the mother line and therefore will nearly destroy the entirety of the bloodline in order to repair or clear the infection.


Redemption, if not provided by the most high, will literally be the false-ascension deception where people are simply converted into a cyborg existence without means of leaving the lower astral realm where the hive-mind supercomputer systems are located.
Interdimensional missions are present and have been for thousands of years to protect and assist the human race in reaching their original frequency realm of the Deity or Heavenly plane.

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