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Full Disclosure- False-Light Inversion Soul-Stealing and Hypnotic Programming Mind Erasure Sessions

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Full Disclosure- False-Light Inversion Soul-Stealing and Hypnotic Programming Mind Erasure Sessions

Posted on January 10, 2017 by omnipulse

Psychological and Genetic Manipulation

Everyone that passed through the bases were programmed in heavily truamatizing sessions utilized drugs of all kinds, hypnotics, delirants, psychedelics (tryptamine and serotonergic) , eroticizers, stimulants (amphetamines and phenylamines), scalar-electronic mind-control radiant devices, appropriating metallic serums which then operate inside the neurochemistry and allow for the activation of scalar-induced neurochemical modulation (radio-wave mind-control), torture (trauma-based mind control, pain-pleasure programming psychological breaking and reconstruction), cloning and advanced technology related to genetic manipulation and biological consciousness recording and inserted holographic memory experiences, simulated realms and simulated consciousness experiences that can be programmed to convince a person they had experiences that they didn’t which then influence the personality and morals, and other experiences, methods, technologies, tactics and psychologically destructive and constructive pathways to reroute neural connections and modify behavior according to a programmer and the intentions of the program.

Everyone Has Been Influenced

Everyone who is involved in this situation has been influenced and controlled through these methods from influencing and generating fear to completely rerouting a persons’s consciousness to lose all fear and all resistance to degrading behavior but to also become subservient and entirely focused on following the parameters of the program.

Mass Mind Control

We were used as testers. This technology and these methods have been appplied to the public. This is conceptually like a pyramid. Those who are in the pubic but with no idea that they have been manipulated and seek nothing outside of the desires and critical thinking that the basic level programming has outlined, their level of programming is the foundation for that pyramid.

A Mind Control-Pyramid

Then there is a higher layer to that pyramid where people begin to realize that they have been modified through toxins or psychologically manipulated through the same toxic programming that reroutes the original desires of the child and converts the original hierarchy to something that serves the program’s requirements and nothing more.
As a person then begins to decode how they have been manipulated they have the option to regain control and undo the effects and influence of the manipulation, then they will move up to another layer of the pyramid where the form of manipulative programming is more subliminal, more difficult to identity and isolate.
As the individual then moves from this layer of the programming, the next layer will appear and this will be even more transparent and cleverly designed. Each layer will be increasingly more difficult to identity and separate. The entire system is designed this way so that there is one layer after another.

A Live-Updating Labyrinth Mind-Maze

This is as if there is a maze or labyrinth and each time a door is reached or a corner is turned, there are new rooms, pathways, or doors that are instantly manifested in front of the individual so that the maze is extremely difficult to actually navigate out of. This would be a ‘live-updating’ maze of some sort. The technology and psychological manipulations are what enable this as the individual’s psychology is what produces the next layer of the programming maze as their mind has become entangled with the programming on multiple levels from the conscious to the subconscious.

Breaching the Gates of “Heaven”, Programming on the Genetic Level

This multiple layer interaction eventually reaches genetic memory and so this is the way that people are spiritually trapped and entangled so that even the ‘afterlife’ or the simultaneously occurring other end of the “vortex” or coin is influenced by this programming and the energy that is present here becomes siphoned and ultimately the energy that is there is simultaneously siphoned.
This would be as if individuals in “Heaven” are suddenly faced with the perception of draining energy and distraction and this would be traced to their counterpart in the physical world on Earth being tormented and psycho-spiritually programmed to feed energy into a black-hole system. So they are attempting to breach the barrier of “Heaven” or the “gates” as they are called in the bases (time-gates) and they are using the connection they can have with the physical world and vulnerable physical beings to do this.

Mind Erasure, Mind-Control, and Cloning

Mind erasure is heavily used through shock-therapy and extreme traumatization of the individual. Celebrities, athletes, politicians, scientists, and influential people of all areas are brought into this system and utilized to influence the masses to exploit vulnerabilities which allow for more manipulation, more power, and ultimately more siphoning of spiritual energy from the higher planes of each soul-group into the main soul-groups that are feeding off of the human race.
The highest controller aspects on the “mind-control pyramid” are non-human entities absent of human souls. They feed on the energy souls, yet they do not contain them in their own matrix.

Energetic Reversal, False-Light (Bent-Light) Matrix, Overlapping Feminine and Masculine Frequencies

The way energy is formatted to work in this society is through a reversal of the organic process where energy accumulates and flows naturally so that there is a natural flow of suffering into growth and soul-progression. In this flow a person naturally grows through phases and develops their mind and body in sync so that their personality becomes refined and closer to a more spiritually matured being.
The ‘higher self’ could be seen as the most ‘whole’ version of the self we know now, and is a version of ourselves that doesn’t actually exist in the physical plane but can actively guide us into a continually higher level of spirituality through refining the personality and maintaining a spiritual link between the body, the mind and the higher-self.
This link is degraded and reversed with psychological manipulation which puts trauma at the seat of the personality, or at the highest ‘pinnacle’ on the pyramid. This trauma then guides the entire existence and all truth is in reference to the frequency of those experiences.
What happens at the top of the ‘personality pyramid’ shades and depicts the rest of the pyramid below. When trauma is at the highest point of intensity of personal experience, then this is encoded into the mind and even the cells of the body of the individual. This frequency becomes the baseline for experience in the physical plane.
When this trauma is so great, the actual genetic structure of the body and mind is altered so as to reflect these frequencies and correspond to the traumatic events. This is when the programming reaches the genetic level. When this occurs, the spiritual bodies of the individual are altered and as a result the spiritual existence of the individual in what are referred to as deity, or afterlife planes are skewered.
This is where an individual cannot fully return to the spiritual realm because they are mentally, emotionally and spiritually entangled with traumatization programming which causes the natural flow of energies to reverse themselves at the highest level of programming and to simply degrade and distort with any kind of influence from the trauma-based mind control programming.
This is literally the personal, physical and psychological aspect of the soul-stealing process where a person is not capable of returning to their spiritual planes because they are entangled with the frequencies of trauma that they experienced here which cause them to return to seek wholeness.

Genetic Harvesting – Soul-Stealing

The other format for soul-stealing is to alter the genetics of the individual and this through the introduction of toxins or genetic mutagens which will result in disease and/or an altered genetic structure instead.
There are explanations that this is done to produce a stronger, more effective race, but this is effectively converting the entire species into a military force and so this would completely convert the nature of humanity from a social community to a kind of interdimensional military force for the negative factions.
This also gives insight to the original ‘invasion’ of Earth which is said to be by an interdimensional military force who’s goal was to subdue the people of Earth psychologically and to completely modify all the flows of energy and power to suit their needs and begin siphoning up the pyramid of deception and mind-control.
Again, the identity at the top of the pyramid may be a non-human entity who feeds on the traumatization of innocent human life. This is why everything is geared towards that process. I’m not referencing the pyramid symbolism that most people have seen but a simple conceptual format for understanding the flow of power and secrecy related to trauma-based mind control and non-human entities.


The answer to all of this is through deprogramming and this is through psychological resolving of issues, past traumas, emotional scars, mental distortions and deceptions, neuro-chemical imbalances (through natural means, routine, healthy food, exercise, rest, dream therapy, introspection), and many methods that are now becoming apparent to the world.
This goes beyond psychology and extends into spirituality with the knowledge of the spiritual bodies and the methods through which individuals are energetically manipulated in ways that correspond with a larger spiritual understanding of the body and mind.
Refining the food intake from toxic and refined ingredients like processed sugar, coloring, excitotoxin producing additives, heavy preservatives, metals, chemicals and the like is a large portion of cleaning the body and mind.
Regular rest and exercise of a healthy manner is important. Rest cannot be gone without and exercise is part of the body’s method to clear toxins and push blood and fluids into areas that would otherwise be stagnant. This is where massage and energetic practices of body and mind like Tai Chi are also very helpful. Energy flowing practices strengthen the spirits ability to flow around the body and the spirit or what has been referred to as “chi” is the natural spiritual source of energy for the mind just as blood is the source of energy or substrate of energy for the physical body.
Dream therapy, introspection, basic psycho-analysis is useful because one will have difficulty seeing themselves from a perspective free of bias and this is for any situation where this has not been focused on before. So in situations of extreme trauma or unawareness the true aspects spiritual injury will be hidden from conscious view remaining in the unconscious or subconscious aspects of the mind or even the cells of the body holding trauma, pain, toxic elements, or memory.
To find these aspects one must look into the self and the dreams, the subconscious cues and clues, the unconscious mind and the behavior that we can observe consciously will all contain remnants of programming and this is usually through where fear or unconscious aversion to certain situations or experiences will be present without reason.
When we observe these aspects of our self, through journaling, dream writing, and other forms of controlled or guided introspection we can form recordings and from these recordings we can form patterns from our observations. These patterns will exhibit the various discrepancies between the conscious mind and the actual behavior which is coming from the programming or traumatization in the psyche.

The Influence of Others

Individuals who are helpful and caring will accelerate this process however everyone must make the choice to heal within themselves and this cannot be done for them.
Individuals who are not ready to heal or who are unaware of what is happening will lessen the effectiveness of the healer’s work while also holding the individual back from being able to heal themselves and accept a healing mindset.
Avoiding people who stagnate or toxify the mind and body is one of the most important aspects of healing and this is why individuals are sent out to literally stop people from healing or to help them heal depending on their orientation. So focus on those who want you to heal and want to assist in the healing process of others and themselves and are committed to actually providing this role rather than simply providing the illusory front of such a role or possibly even doing so simply to siphon energy and apply mind-controlling aspects.

Mass Healing

At this stage in spiritual development people are just now coming into the awareness that great crimes against humanity have been committed and even maintained continually for thousands of years.
There is a last ditch effort to sustain the programming to pull a huge harvest of genetics, traumatization and blood from the population by getting people to attack and fight each other.
In this way, the most potent healers can be isolated by the psychological manipulation and then targeted by all those who agree with violence or fear-based programming and ultimately the people will hurt themselves.
The true purveyors of the manipulation cannot be reached by the public and such an idea is preposterous. Groups who have maintained immortal secrecy for thousands of years introducing toxic element after toxic element while literally altering the DNA of the population simply being targeted by the pitch-fork and torch wielding public is not accurate of this situation.

Consent and Commitment

However, people either give their power away or regain their power through their consent, both conscious and unconscious and their monetary and physical and spiritual commitment.
There are conscious forms of consent such as signing a contract. Then there are unconscious forms of contractual agreement which could be as simple as partaking in a ritual or a ‘holiday’ where the individual mimics or represents a larger process in that smaller metaphoric event and this metaphor relates to a larger spiritual world situation.
Rituals are contracts and so any kind of action or metaphoric event where a person is to perform certain actions or roles based on a superimposed series of values or identities that are to reflect to a certain storyline or situation in history or a spiritual realm can and will act as a contractual agreement to participate in that role in this physical plane here.
Giving money, especially money which is marked with symbolism, is considered entering into a contractual agreement with the receiver and unless there is a strict outline of what is permitted and what is not permitted, that receiver can continue to give and give on the basis that they have no fully given all that the individual has payed for. A simply purchase can become a spiritual agreement to take on the curse of others because the ‘completion’ of the deal has not been yet.
This is kind of like a jail-house situation where someone may give a gift to someone else while this is just an act to later ask for a favor or to take some kind of reparation from that receiver. The entire monetary and banking system doubles at this spiritual anchor for future exchanges while also acting as a financial inequality generator (through debt) by default.
All of these (and many more you can read about or find out) are spiritual contractual agreements that permit one party to receive in exchange for the giving of another party. This is why there is importance in knowing who we are giving to and having clearly defined limits as to what is to be given and what is to be received.
When people begin to break free from the mind-control in mass, remain non-violent and focused on higher-spiritual truths, become consciously aware of what are currently unconscious agreements, learn to withdraw their consent from these agreements and remain committed to such, while healing themselves and each other and even those trespassers that can achieve healing then we will see true change.

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