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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » YES! Letters to RMN on What a FRAUD & CON ARTIST Jerzy/Zap Really Is!

YES! Letters to RMN on What a FRAUD & CON ARTIST Jerzy/Zap Really Is!

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Several Readers say this is all hooey
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jan-2017 14:08:59
In Response To: POOFness for JAN 25: GLOBAL CALL (hobie)

Hi, folks -

Letters...I get letters... :) Here are a few:


Re: POOFness for JAN 25: GLOBAL CALL

Hobie, you must realize by now this is total utter bullshit.


Re: POOFness for JAN 25: GLOBAL CALL

Dear Sir

I at long last feel compelled to write to suggest that the person identifying himself as 'Zap' be given no more space in your compendium of posts. The reason is that the posts from this individual have long promised riches and prosperity while at the same time soliciting donations for spurious charitable reasons. Not one scintilla of proof by way of documentation is provided for any of these fictitious pleadings.

One has only to scan more than 2 years of similar weekly posts from the same source, to see the same pattern of assurances of deliverance within days, followed by increasingly risible excuses for non-delivery. Compliance requirements in an endless loop, banking errors, malfeasance, communication issues, computer problems, unscrupulous individuals and my personal favourite, a typhoon in Hong Kong. The list of excuses is endless.

Harmless entertainment for most, but for the unscrupulous, a never-ending source of monetary contributions from desperate and/or gullible people. This is because only a small percentage of a large readership need believe and donate and it provides a handsome weekly income for the unconscionable. And let there be no doubt, the person perpetuating this fraudulent activity is a scoundrel of the first water, masquerading as a benevolent servant of humanity, beyond reproach.

Most of the posts on your site and other alt-news sites are pure entertainment, and no-one objects to that, but where a site could be seen to inadvertently facilitate this kind of deliberate deception by someone for their personal gain, a line should be drawn once it is brought to their attention. It is, at the least, a moral imperative.

I remain,
Respectfully Yours,
R Hausseger


Re: POOFness for JAN 25: GLOBAL CALL

Wow... How can you print this crap knowing that RMRR is broke?
How DARE YOU promote this scamming CANNUCK!

You must seem to forget that there are 100's of OTHER "alternative websites" that DO NOT beg for money every day or promote blatant scammers and thieves.

No wonder RMRR is broke.

I blame you and ZAP.

Rae should fire you and replace you with someone who can see that this is a scam, a lie and a dis-service to all of your readers.

(Unless YOU are part of the scam?)

Carry On,

Thanks to:

Reader Gunny: "I guess I am not the only reader who can see the forest through the trees."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jan-2017 14:56:02
In Response To: Several Readers say this is all hooey (hobie)

(Thanks, G. :)

That's kinda the point, Gunny: RMN Readers =are= able to see and discern for themselves whether a thing is real or not, whether to believe in it or just to accept it as "some information but not enough yet to know whether it's real", etc.

However, if we withhold the information, it effectively is telling Readers what to think (or, rather, what not to think), in which case we'd become indistinguishable in that sense from Mainstream Media.

RMN by design and intent has a variety of posting Agents with a variety of points of view. Some of my fellow Agents post things I would never personally post; I'm sure I post things at least some of my fellow Agents would never post, too. See how that works out? :)

It's an exercise in freedom of speech within responsible limits. And as such there's likely always to be here one or more things most any Reader will find odd or disagreeable or unbelievable.

Reader Gunny writes:


Re: Several Readers say this is all hooey

Hi Hobie,

Wow, and I thought I was "over the top"..

But after reading just a couple of other letters, I see I have been correct the whole time and others agree as well.

I guess I am not the only reader who can see the forest through the trees.

Nor am I the only person who "feels/senses/believes" that ZAP is a scammer and charlatan, if not an outright criminal.

Like I said before, you would be wise to "cease and desist" posting ANY MORE from ZAP until JUST ONE of his missives becomes reality.

Best regards,

Thanks to:

Reader Gunny: "When will you wake up and smell the BULLSHIT?"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jan-2017 14:14:41

(Thanks, G. :)

Reader Gunny sees it this way:


Re: POOFness for JAN 25: Mid-Week by ZAP from ....

Hi Hobie,
Just got my laugh for today...this "mid-week report" reads exactly like last weeks, and the week before that, and 52 weeks ago etc...
Nothing ever changes in ZAP's world..
Unknown "people" worldwide who need MONEY... HE needs MONEY... yet "all the pieces are in place for NEXT WEEK"...
I wrote RAE yesterday to reply to her plea for money.
I told her that these ZAP posts are bleeding the RMRR readership dry, or flat out turning us off your website due to the FALSE NATURE and CONSTANT LIES spouted by this CHARLATAN who is not even an AMERICAN!

(Yet he/she/it has the GALL to comment on our President and Politics...)
When will you wake up and smell the BULLSHIT?
When RMRR is dust and your are posting on Facebook?

I truly wish you good luck, but I feel that it is a wasted effort.
Carry On,

Thanks to:



CGI's HotCoffee: "Why I think RMN posts Mid-Week by ZAP"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jan-2017 19:21:21

(Thanks, H. :)

Poofness reports are posted a couple of times a week because that's how often they're written and distributed. :) If you're suggesting the motive is to increase view counts, you'd be wrong about that.

I've been posting Poof's newsletters and Office of Poofness newsletters, etc., since at least 2009. There are many folks who expect to be able to find them here. And on the several occasions when Susan's email distribution system was on the fritz, RMN became the only place you could find them in a timely manner.

CGI Reporter HotCoffee offers:


Why I think RMN posts Mid-Week by ZAP

Well Hobie,

I think Zap is posted a couple times a week because it has 2,000+ readers.... more than any other posts....and I believe you believe that's good for RMN.
Thanks to:

CGI's HotCoffee: "I was suggesting ..."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-Jan-2017 20:50:57

(Thanks, H. :)

(True, fer shur. :)

CGI Reporter HotCoffee adds (clarifying):


Re: CGI's HotCoffee: 'Why I think RMN posts Mi....

I was suggesting it must be popular with the readers or it wouldn't get 2,000+ readers a week.
Thanks to:


Hobie, thank you for the good work you do here. But posting this garbage since 2009? poof, zap and susan have been peddling this BS since 2009?? Nothing has ever transpired other than bilking people out of money. zap is a travesty. Again I ask: 

1)Who would trust a group of people about to help release so much money when they can't afford to fix a computer.

2)Who would trust a group of people about to help release so much money when they are incapable of working out their email system problems

3)Who would trust a group of people about to help release so much money when some of them are homeless and on the verge of death.



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