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Landa Global Liars Call Intel Notes

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1 Landa Global Liars Call Intel Notes on Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:04 pm



Landa Global Call Intel Notes 1/25/17 by WSOMN 006

9:48:00 PM  [url= Call]Conference Call[/url], Intel, [url= Global]Landa Global[/url], WSOMN  

Landa Global Call 01-25-17


The News on Landa Global Call Today:

Never before in history are we seeing this unwind. RV is on! All transactions are in line. Things are unfolding as


We all have to wait and see how it unfolds in different layers.

Cannot be stopped now!

Funds are being released for Humanitarian projects. There are layers of tiers. The Big one is the TRN is done,

signed off, Iraq is done, they are strongly connected.

RV has happened, rates are alive inside Iraq. Abadi to sign off RV with TRN, suppose to be happening now,

heard he is on his way to US now.

President has signed off! All in Reno have signed off. Money is sitting there. All Done!

One big logistic is Banking. The banks are restructuring now, they must all be Basel 3 compliance. That is the

stumbling block now. The banks are recapitalizing the banking systems. By Jan 2019 all banks have to be Basel

3 compliance.

There should be no more failures in the banking system after that.

There are 5 million people will make out in this investment. Monies have been released.

Should happen before Jan 28th, but not in stone.

The money is coming from Zurich and Hong Kong.

The Zim is going first, public and sovereign level.

Waiting on announcement from TRN that we are gold backed.

All currencies have to be globally accepted.

Some exchanges were done, but not spendable yet. Not that anyone has seen.

Public will go last, exchanges will be within days of one another, sovereign accounts go first.

The groups will go before public, it will go fast.

A man on the call has observed some exchanges.

He said their brains are on overload, must relax, will have plenty of time.

Will never be a public announcement, will slip it in very quietly.

Thanks to:


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