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Anna von Reitz - Stop Being Stupid Part 26 & 27

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Interregnum My Rump, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 26

There is no so-called "interregnum"--- yet another specious idea being floated by Bar Attorney Karen Hudes.
According to Ms. Hudes and others of her ilk, our lawful government is in "interregnum"--- a sort of legal coma--- caused by Lincoln's declaration of a "state of emergency" which has been declared every year since then by his successors.
Let's make this perfectly clear--- the only office of "President" that Lincoln could hold was that of a commercial corporation CEO. This is because Bar Attorneys have been prohibited from holding any public office in our government since March 12, 1819 and Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Attorney.
Commercial corporations have no ability to declare war, nor even "states of emergency", except in the euphemistic sense that their corporation is in trouble.
Lincoln was not eligible as a Bar Member to hold the actual lawful public office of President of the united States of America, so the only kind of "President" he could be was the "President" of the United States (Trading Company).
His assumption of the public Office of Commander-in-Chief was an act of fraud, treason, and violation of international law.
The perpetrators have tried to paper this over retroactively by adopting our lawful constitution as the basis for their corporate articles of incorporation published as The Constitution of the United States of America (1868).
They have tried by this means to enclose our constitution for their own use--- and they have tried via that means to unlawfully convert the actual office of the Commander-in-Chief to a private corporate office merely called the Office of the Commander-in-Chief.
The fact remains that this is pure lawless fraud fomented by the Bar, the British Monarch and the Roman Pontiff in gross Breach of Trust against the American states and people.
You can't take a sow's ear and transform it by calling it a silk purse. It remains a sow's ear just the same.
And you can't take a declaration of a "state of emergency" made by a private foreign corporation and transform it into anything related in any way to us or to our lawful government.
I have news for Karen Hudes and all the other Bar Attorneys responsible for this circumstance--- there is no "interregnum" and no affect on us or our lawful government by anything said, done, or claimed by the filthy foreign organization in Washington, DC in 1860 or at any time since.
It was fraud then, it is fraud now.

Thanks to Anna via fb



Ford and Carter's Bicentennial, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 27

While we were all celebrating America's Bicentennial back in 1976, enjoying all sorts of quaint colonial dramas and fireworks displays, historical re-enactments, and even Broadway plays about the Founding Fathers, Gerald Ford and Company were quietly observing their own celebration by corrupting and co-opting and commandeering what was left of our court system.
Meet the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act as summarized by Wikipedia:
The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) of 1976 is a United States law, codified at Title 28, §§ 1330, 1332, 1391(f), 1441(d), and 1602–1611 of the United States Code, that establishes the limitations as to whether a foreign sovereign nation (or its political subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities) may be sued in U.S. courts—federal or state..... It was signed into law by President Gerald Ford on October 21, 1976.
This law makes it very difficult for us to sue them in courts that are ultimately paid for by us. Sweet.
So we pay for the courts and the judges and the police and when the "United States Citizens" or the "citizens of the United States" presume that we are citizens, too, and we are too ignorant or deluded to forcefully dis-abuse them of their presumptions, they can haul us into courts (paid for by us) and hold us accountable to their private law and they can then charge our trust accounts for any violations and can use police forces (paid for by us) to haul us off to jails (paid for by us) --- but we cannot use our Common Law or Federal Postal District Courts, according to them, to pay them the same compliment in return.
This is how they always attempt to claim "sovereign immunity".
To stuff this down their throats requires you to know that they are not a sovereign government of any kind with respect to you, but are in fact nothing but one or another species of government corporation (31 USC 9101) engaged in commercial transactions under the guise of operating a lawful court.
It also requires us to remember that we, the people and our states, retained the international land jurisdiction. We didn't ever delegate the international land jurisdiction to "the United States" incorporated, nor did we delegate all of our powers on the sea. These reserved powers are the powers that we must invoke to bring these criminals to justice.
The Clearfield Doctrine was handmade to ratchet open their throats on this issue and basically says that when a government descends to the level of a commercial corporation and operates as such, it is owed no sovereignty and has no special rights or indemnities. It is subject to all the same rules and limits as any other commercial corporation.
If you can't be tried by the JC PENNY CORPORATION COURT, neither can you be tried by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION DISTRICT COURT. That's your immunity from prosecution in a nutshell, so pay attention.
A few years earlier another "immunities act" was passed--- the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA) was passed December 29, 1945, during the last gasps of the Second World War.
The overt intent of the law was to exempt some special groups including the United Nations and various foreign-government related organizations from obeying United States law---- a sort of diplomatic immunity applied to whole organizations instead of specific people.
It will no doubt come as a surprise to most of you that your NAME written in all capital letters is being used as the name of an International Organization---- and it is exempted under the IOIA so that "YOU" can engage in all sorts of unsavory and licensed activities.
Great. That explains how "I" --- dba "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER" was supposedly running a rum distillery in Barbados according to the IRS Masterfile attached to "MY" NAME, at the same exact time that I was actually at home in Alaska running an art gallery.
These unspeakable vermin have had "US" out running around the world doing all sorts of criminal and licensed activities for them, and then exempting "US" from the law so that they can benefit from "OUR" bad behavior as drug runners, privateers, arms dealers, booze manufacturers, and all the rest. Obviously, this is a crime syndicate operation in which they are using our good names and our identities to do evil which they benefit from at our expense---and all without our knowledge.
The rats were gearing up that day in December 1945 to rape and pillage the rest of the world in the wake of World War II, and to do it in OUR NAMES so that when and if they got caught, we'd be blamed for it.
NOTICE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD: I have never run a rum distillery in Barbados. I have never even visited Barbados. These criminals have stolen my name and identity for their own profit and have charged against my credit and falsely claimed that my name and estate were standing as surety for their debts. This is your NOTICE that I have been defrauded and because I have been defrauded, so have you. The Masterfile kept on "MY NAME" by the Internal Revenue Service is nothing but hot air, and you can bet that there are at least 390 million other such Masterfiles being kept "in the NAME of" other Americans that are also nothing but hot air.
There is enough Bull Poopy in Washington, District of Columbia, to float battleships down Pennsylvania Avenue, but these false claims against our names and estates are the worst, most venal, most despicable examples of all. It isn't bad enough for these monsters to indebt the current generation, they have to extend their greed and false claims to generations yet unborn, willingly condemning babies to enslavement while toot-tooting about America, the Land of the Free.
They need to be recognized as the traitors and liars and criminals that they are, unmasked, and disgraced, and most of all---- stopped. Anyone with a brain should know that there is no possible basis for these monsters to indebt --and thereby enslave -- anyone, much less babies yet to be born.
It is considerably past time that all the victims of these crimes rose up and brought the careers of these would-be slave masters to an end. Also past time that our NAMES and estates were returned to our ownership and control, free and clear of any encumbrance, debt, fee, title, or other imposition from any commercial corporation whatsoever, including the UN Corporation.
In 1980, Jimmy Carter oversaw the transfer of our Birth Certificates to the International Monetary Fund as security backing the debts of THE UNITED STATES, INC. In this way we became the "presumed chattel" of the UN Corp.
Jimmy didn't care that every single document was executed under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure and against the interests of little babies in their cradles. He was content that they should all be enslaved and defrauded and made to pay the debts of THE UNITED STATES, INC. ---- a private, mostly foreign-owned corporation in the business of providing governmental services.
Jimmy Carter could have provided housing for the entire known world on a fraction of what he spent against future generations of Americans while he was in office. That puts his work in behalf of Habitat for Humanity in perspective, doesn't it?
This now completes the circle and tells you how it is that we now have "UN" personnel guarding our Southern Border. They aren't talking about the United Nations chartered in 1945. They are talking about the UN Corporation--- a different beast entirely.

Thanks to Anna via fb


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