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What makes rhesus negative people unique?

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1What makes rhesus negative people unique? Empty What makes rhesus negative people unique? on Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:28 am


What makes rhesus negative people unique? February 1, 20170

Recently I was referred to as “obsessed” and out of all places it was within a forum surrounding the topic of genetics where some members are “equally obsessed” with their subject matters of interest. So I figured once and for all I would get together a list of reasons why rhesus negative blood is of such interest to me. And then, the next time I get accused of such a thing and not being OK with “wondering about the things I have not gotten the chance to study yet”, I can simply throw out the link to this article or go there and cut and paste wherever applies. And YOU, if you are interested in following into my footsteps, can do the same thing.
OK, here it goes:
1) Ancestry, knowing who you are and who the people were that lead to who you are is fascinating to me and IMO something appealing to everyone whose mind is clear and uncluttered from the everyday nonsense that seems to consume so many of us.
2) It is important to know about your health and be aware that having a rare blood type can be a life and death situation should you be in need of a transfusion in a region where rhesus negative blood is (almost) non-existent and doctors might accidentally give you your ABO’s positive version and you winding up dead. Trust me: It has happened numerous times and chances are, it probably will again, but hopefully a lot less with awareness increasing and spreading quite rapidly.
3) There is absolutely no doubt that there is “something unique about us” and what THAT is, is something I will continue to discover with the help of many of you. And when discovering, I will share the information here, so that you can stay up to date.
Which reminds me: Have you subscribed to this blog yet?
4) Rhesus Negative Blood might be a lot more than just Blood, but also carry with it the mysterious ancestry that once connected us as a tribe. This is not something popular amongst most scientists, the thought of having to re-evaluate what many believe to already have completely figured out. It seems that in general people are threatened when being made aware of not knowing something while rhesus negative people however seem to be bothered by not knowing what they don’t know. In other words: It appears to me the general public prefers to be lied to rather than having their ego hurt … while rhesus negative people cannot stand being lied to and be told something completely misleading just to sidetrack them from something they know is being hidden from them.
To be continued …

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