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Dave Schmidt: What He Doesn't Want His Followers To Know!

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There were several comments posted on Dave Schmidt's "LIE" Stream yesterday that got deleted today.

Dave does not want his followers to find out that what he is saying can be proven to be LIES!

Dave's face is going to change all sorts of colors when someone brings this all to his attention when he doesn't expect it.

Here's one of the posts that got deleted:

There is another one here:



:tup: :tup:



You have some interesting points Nash, but the way you are going about it seem a little harsh. Sorry to be so blunt. 

I have a friend who is trying to get me involved in this I am finding it a bit difficult to follow along. Would not the people that have these funds create their own entities to do humanitarian projects?


Welcome sally. Thanks for joining and commenting.

Great questions you have. Do you already have currency and your friend wants you to "invest" with Dave?



Thank You. You have an interesting site and I love the colorful pictures. I don't have any currencies yet, but I'm checking things out first. My friend says that I need to get some dinar so that i can make a lot of money and help out the needy. I'm still confused on all this. Nothing is making any sense. What my friend has told me is different from what Dave is saying. I'm curious to your use of the word invest. Is Dave selling currencies or is he just doing a deal for these trusts?


Well from my understanding, if you purchase foreign currency or if you already have some there are "groups" that are called private and claim to be able to offer you a much larger return on the cash in amount of this so called revaluation investment. Keep in mind they have been singing the same tune for many many years now.
They all use the same M.O. in that this is a big secret. You have to sign NDA's. Jump through hoops. Some groups charge you to open your super secret off shore accounts. But they all want you to send your notes to them at some point.
The fact that none of this makes any sense to you is a good thing. You have good instincts. :)
Dave holds workshops, for a fee and offers private group placement. I have spoken to a few that have attended those workshops but will keep their comments to myself for now. :)



Uggg. If they have been doing this for years then how can it all be a big secret? I don't understand? I guess I have a lot more to look into now. My friend made this sound so easy. Thank you for letting me know some of this.


Sally, the whole thing is a hoax. The people selling the worthless currencies (Like Dinars), also create different aliases and they post nice and exciting comments about the big pay-out soon to be released. The RV & GCR is been around for a long--long--time.

The only ones making money, are the scammers with their fake news. That is why this "deal" has been around for years.

The scammers keep telling their victims that the day to settle is coming soon and they will become some of the richest people on earth. All they have to do is, "keep the faith."

Sally, if you have extra cash hidden under your bed and wish to invest it, I have beach front property on Mars that I am willing to sell. Make me an offer that I won't be able to refuse.

Cash only please.  (LOL)


PurpleSkyz wrote:
...Dave holds workshops, for a fee and offers private group placement. I have spoken to a few that have attended those workshops but will keep their comments to myself for now. :)

Since I've been to one of those "workshops" I have first hand knowledge and will not keep comments to myself.

His angle to get you to pay and show up is that you will learn things there that he can't talk about during his live calls.

His only "secret" he reveals is a somewhat still vague discussion of the rates of return.

Absolutely everything else can be reviewed for free from his archived shows. But then I don't know why anybody would want to waste their time like I did for awhile.

Red Panda

Red Panda
sally wrote:My friend says that I need to get some dinar so that i can make a lot of money and help out the needy. I'm still confused on all this. Nothing is making any sense.

If wealthy families wanted to help humanity, why would they require people to buy virtually worthless currencies, so that they could then buy them and then give the person money in an escrow account to use for humanitarian projects?  Why not set up a foundation which supports NGOs, other foundations and charities?  This foundation could also accept proposals from regular folks who don't yet have a structure, but have ideas on how they could add value to the world. 

sally wrote:Is Dave selling currencies or is he just doing a deal for these trusts?

Dave is currently waiting, along with 12-15,000 other people to have their exchange completed.  They submitted their currency in the summer of 2015 and are still waiting to receive their funds.  Dave says there will be a second round exchange after the first one is completed, that he will organize and that only he will be authorized to offer.

Dave also says to forget about the Zim and the Dinar, and buy only the Vietnamese Dong.  The Dong is the only one of the three on the forex market.  He says that makes it easier to back out if you want to get your money back, but it also makes it easier for those who receive your currency to exchange it and then disappear with your money, as the first round people are currently experiencing. 

They submitted their currency and have been waiting and waiting and waiting . . .


Exactly Red Panda.  Dave has been at this for a long time.
Here is a tidbit from 2012 and is a good example of how the currency scammers have used the "New Age" movement as they go hand in hand.

Here's the 3 hour show:



metech you summarized what I was also told perfectly. :)



WOW. Thank you all for filling me on some details. I have a lot of questions to ask my friend now. This is all given me quite the headache. It is time for some advil.

Anenro, I will be looking at this from a different point of view now. I made a post here yesterday wondering if what I saw was real. I am beginning to see that things are not what they seem. I am not much of an ocean person. Do you have anything in the mountains and will you consider taking a personal check? Hehe

metech, If Dave does not give anymore than what is on his videos, then you and Purpleskyz make a good point.

Red Panda, Nash was kind of saying the same thing about the humanitarian projects. That is one of my questions for my friend. Are you saying that the dinar is not part of what Dave is doing? My friend wont be happy about that I am sure. How long have the round one people been waiting for?

Purpleskyz, 3 hours? I will put that on my todo list. My head is pounding to much for it now. I did not think that there was that much to this.

Red Panda

Red Panda
sally wrote:Red Panda, Nash was kind of saying the same thing about the humanitarian projects. That is one of my questions for my friend. Are you saying that the dinar is not part of what Dave is doing? My friend wont be happy about that I am sure. How long have the round one people been waiting for?

The Dinar was accepted in the first round and may or may not be accepted in the second round, if there is a second round. 

The people in the first round have been waiting since the summer of 2015, so about 20 months now, to receive the funds they have been promised.

Almost every week there is an explanation why the funds are held back.  Some of the recent ones Dave has given are:

1) stuff is moving
2) we're very close
2) funds are moving
4) something about paymasters
5) The cabal is not yet neutered
6) There is good news, but I am not at liberty to disclose it
7) The banks are not yet safe enough
8) The bank was hacked and codes were changed
9) The SWIFT system is still vulnerable
10) HSBC is taking over from Wells Fargo

Everyday, people around the world receive large amounts of money from lotteries, insurance settlements, sports contracts, book deals, movie deals, endorsements, divorce settlements, business takeovers, etc. 

These types of transactions happen on a daily basis, but somehow these wealthy, benevolent folks don't seem to be able to complete this currency exchange to fund projects to improve the lot of humanity?


Dave's top 10 list of excuses are the same that all these fraudsters seem to use. Must be a handbook they all use floating around the net somewhere. lol

Last edited by PurpleSkyz on Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:09 pm; edited 1 time in total



sally wrote:You have some interesting points Nash, but the way you are going about it seem a little harsh. Sorry to be so blunt. 

I have a friend who is trying to get me involved in this I am finding it a bit difficult to follow along. Would not the people that have these funds create their own entities to do humanitarian projects?
Hello Sally!

I'm a little harsh? Ok...I probably used too many LMAO's! Point taken.

So your looking to get involved and are doing some research first.

Glad to hear that. Most folks just jump right in and find things out later.

Here's a few things that Dave would probably would not want you to look at...

If your friend is trying to get you to invest in Dinar because of Dave, here's a video where Dave is promoting it (starts at 15:50 minutes):

Has your friend told you about this involving James Mendez?

On the same day they raided The Sterling Currency Group:

Here's the court docs that you might find interesting:

Now to be fair to Dave, there is nothing in either of those cases about him as far as anyone knows.

I'm only pointing out just what Dave said in the video about the Dinar and some of the the court cases involving the "RV".

Here's another video on Sterling from TNTBS:

Here's a video that TNTBS posted from CNBC on the Dinar:

Here's the court case involving Dinar Corp, Inc.:

And here's the result:

Here's the FBI warning about the Dinar and other currencies:

Here are some warnings by state agencies:

This one's from Dave's home state!!

Now back to Dave...Here's his voting record while serving the State of Washington:

Here's the alleged allegation against him:

Again...To be fair to Dave, he has put out a statement about this and you can find it on his website.

Here's some more articles a few others have written:

Sam I Am has an extensive collection of articles written throughout the years on the Dinar and these Guru's:

Here's some about Dave:

How's you Advil supply holding out? LOL

There's so much more...


PurpleSkyz wrote:Dave's top 10 list of excuses are the same that all these fraudsters sem to use. Must be a handbook they all use floating around the net somewhere. lol

There is.


Sounds just like the playbook that Tony and Winston Dave? use.  

View and present yourself as the authority of something. For true guru status it is best to be the One who hears the voice of Some Big Authority: God, MotherGod, ET's, Angels, whatever will work, but it's best to have The Big Authority be something noncorporeal. The reason for this is that ... they're not here! You can claim The Big Authority said virtually anything to you and she/he/they aren't here to dispute whatever you decide to dish out. As the right hand of The Big Authority, you can then say any opposition to you is opposition to the true divine authority. 

One good psychological ploy is to feed your message to one or two carefully-chosen potential followers, and appear to be reluctant to share, reluctant to set yourself up above others. The tactic here is to let your followers elevate you, by THEIR belief in your authority. But if your personality doesn't allow this kind of backseat driving, full-on authority claims will work as well.

Develop your own Words of Wisdom. This is an important factor in your rise to true guru-hood. Your Message is what will let people know that you are really and truly the very best guru and the closest to The Big Authority. Here are some tips:

  • Use some special words or unusual words or phraseology that will set you apart from all the other false gurus out there.

  • Steal judiciously from other sources, including other works of "god" such as the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc.

  • Keep your Message as broad and cryptic as possible. Your followers are then free to interpret your words in any way they like (within your carefully guided limits, of course) and you don't have the bother of having to make sense. The strongest glue that will bind your followers to you is their belief that you can fulfill their needs. Therefore it's important that your message be broad enough for them to interpret as fulfilling their needs, whatever those are. Love, salvation, rescue, ultimate truth, power, relief from pain... whatever it is they most desire, that is what you are promising. Without actually saying it, of course. Tricky? Yes, but nobody said being a Guru was going to be easy.

  • Dish it out in small portions. Keep some of the Message a secret. See below: The Importance of Secrets. Offer a tiered program where your followers have to advance along levels and "prove" themselves ready for the next level. For a good example of this, look at how L. Ron Hubbard did it.

  • Along the same lines... don't do too much preaching in public. If you give your Words of Wisdom out to too many, there will always be someone in the crowd who will dispute you. (See also: Damage Control.) Give to a few, and make sure they're converted before going too far or too deep. The more converted and loyal they are, the less your words have to make sense. Let them know they have to be prepared for the deeper wisdoms, or get to the more advanced level before they'll be ready to hear your advanced truths.

  • Never EVER give your whole Message to any one person. If you're making it up as you go along, that shouldn't be a problem. However, we recommend having a plan. Remember as you develop your Message that the point here is to keep your followers looking to you for wisdom. If you dole out your entire wad in a single book or to a single person, they are then free to take the message and go on without you, which is entirely unacceptable!

  • A Note About Special Words: Some words can conjure up a negative image/response so watch your audience carefully. For example, take the word "Submit". Although this is indeed what you want your followers to do, use of this particular word may cause an automatic resistant response in some people. If you notice any hardening of the eyes, or withdrawing of enthusiasm, try using alternative words, such as: Surrender, Give Over, Relax Into. These words generally help people move into a more passive, and less resistant place. "God" is another possible trouble word, depending on your Message and your audience of course. Try using "Deity", or "Universal Power", or "All That Is". The important thing here is to watch your followers and adjust your Message to have the maximum impact with a minimum of resistance. 

The Importance of Secret Knowledge, and Inner Circles. This is an extremely important part of your strategy. Your followers will be immeasurably more loyal if they believe they are now part of a special group, that they are being given special secret information, that they are now privvy to something that others in the world don't have, and won't be able to get easily. If you don't believe this, try telling someone a secret, a really big secret (it doesn't have to be real, make something up). Give it a big buildup, seem reluctant to share, but finally, cough it up. Watch the person swell up, see how their eyes start to shine, and their face takes on an avid expression. 

Even better are secrets that will "Save Mankind". If your followers believe they are holding the golden keys to saving mankind, they will don their mantle of martyrdom for you willingly, gladly, eagerly! They will believe themselves to be serving the world, and will feel themselves to have utterly loving intent. They'll do almost anything in this state, never questioning their own intent or yours.

Managing this portion of your campaign will be a little difficult, because people do talk, and secrets you share with one person will probably be passed around to others. As long as you remember not to share all your secrets with any one person, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. The likelihood that your followers will all get together and compare notes to reach a full understanding of anything is very small. And since they will WANT to believe in you, and in your infallible wisdom, almost any explanation you give them for inconsistencies and mistakes will be swallowed. There will be those, however, who will continue to question. See below: Damage Control

Let your followers speak for you. Whenever possible. Let them precede you into any group or forum. They can tell magnificent stories about you and your wisdom/healing ability/closeness to The Big Authority, which will carry much more weight than if you blew your own horn. Also, let your followers fight your battles for you whenever possible. Remember, the true guru doesn't need to get their hands dirty messing with the unwashed lower beings. If you have people who disbelieve or doubt you, let your followers argue with them.

Use your natural talents for the cause. If you are musical, play an instrument, sing, etc., use that as a way to draw people in and keep the group together. The singalong, or group music-making is a GREAT way to generate a group mentality. If you're not musical, use whatever talents you do have, and be assured you do have something special about you or you wouldn't want to be a guru. Try your hand at writing. Poetry, stories, whatever. The best gurus have a combination of talent and speaking ability. Find ways to let your natural charisma shine through. Find whatever your talents are and let them magnetize others to you. 

Keep your followers loyal. It's important to use these tools consistently, but on a somewhat varied schedule. (Irregular reinforcement is much more addictive than regular reinforcement.) This should be a judicious mix of praise and punishment. Cultivate favorites, but change favorites at intervals. Let one or two know how special they are. Let the others see your favorite then fall from grace and move to a new favorite. This will generate fear of your disapproval in a much more powerful way than directness.

Let your followers know that by their loyalty to you, they are getting closer to The Big Authority. Offers of or hints of sex to come is a good way to keep them interested for very long periods. If you use this tool, try not to actually have sex for a while. Sex itself can be used as glue also (see below), but in this context it is only a carrot. Occasional use of fear or threat of loss of love is always a good tool for keeping followers loyal. Guilt is an excellent tool. But learn to snap the line gently. Too strongly and they may become disillusioned and leave. Then you have a whole new problem - the disaffected follower - and they can require a lot of damage control. (see below: Damage Control)

Sex. Sex. SEX. In addition to emotional rewards and coercion, sex can be a powerful tool for getting and keeping followers. Especially if you are bisexual, or can at least persuade yourself to temporary bisexuality for brief periods. If you can't do that, then you can still have sex with opposite sex partners, and be sure to let them know that by submitting to you, they are getting closer to The Big Authority. And for the same sex followers, let them know that if they are good and follow the right path, they might someday aspire to being like you. You can even reward them by eventually giving them the partners you tire of. Let them know that The Big Authority has chosen them for each other, so they don't feel like they're getting your cast-offs. 

Note: Let your followers know that The Big Authority has told you that sexual relations should be unlimited and free-flowing and with more than one partner. 

NOTE: This rule only applies to you.

Enemies. Very Important. You must have a common enemy, more than one if possible, to give yourself and your followers a cohesive Reason for Being. Satan/Lucifer is a good one, as is the government. But be aware that your followers will need something tangible. Visible. Auditory. Something to point to and possibly argue with. Not only must you have a common enemy, but you must be seen as the answer, the one with the solution, or at least, access to the divine solution. That's why Satan and the Government are good enemies, because they are large and seemingly all powerful, and require divine intervention to defeat. Of course, when you start accusing others of satanic acts, it will confuse people and make them uncertain when there are true evil acts going on, but that's not your problem and is in fact, a situation you can use to your advantage. 

Martyrs make excellent glue. If you can manage to create a martyr within your group (you if possible, if you can manage it without actually getting killed) you will have increased the loyalty and number of your followers by a measure of 10. Their rage at the injustice of it all will be brought to support you, their sympathy and desire to "save" others from the evil enemy will strengthen your power base.

Damage Control. Disaffected followers can cause a lot of trouble. Unlike the average person who might disagree with you, these people know a lot about you and the inner workings of your group. Tattletales. Nasty little sneaks!

First, let the group know that this person has greatly displeased The Big Authority, but that he/she MIGHT be able to get back in the deity's good graces if they turn from the negative path and get back on the right path (yours). In some cases it might be worthwhile to denounce them angrily, but the best tactic is to take a stance of aggrieved parent who still loves the erring child who has hurt them so badly. Let your followers see your hurt, and that will help generate anger in them. Then, as stated above, let them do the fighting for you. 

If necessary, if the person is truly threatening you, take measures to publicly discredit them. Lies will work, it doesn't have to be truth. Use all the various communication mediums... hints about the person's drug use, criminal activity or past psychiatric imbalances will usually be enough, but go as far as necessary to completely discredit them. 

What To Do When Challenged or Asked for Clarification: Some twits will actually EXPECT you to make sense. It's a problem. Here are some tools you can try:

  • Smile cryptically, or give them a sad look that lets them know they've missed the boat by questioning you.

  • Allow some of your followers to interpret your words for you, and dole out praise for those whose interpretation casts the best light on you.

  • Hint (or outright say) that for true understanding of your words, they have to have reached a certain level of growth, and maybe they're just not there yet.

  • Tell them that to give more direct or specific answers might damage them, hinder their growth.

  • Tell them that your cryptic language is a sign of your nearness to The Big Authority, that you're just vibrating too fast to be coherent or limited to puny words.

  • Let them know that you may need to withdraw, because being in the presence of the doubters is exposing you to harmful energies, and you need to keep yourself clear. This will trigger your followers into fear (that you'll leave them), and anger (at the doubters who are damaging you) and will almost always cause some kind of argument to break out, which you of course, do not take part in. 

If none of these things works, withdraw. Practice your martyr face for these occasions. You will need to look and sound aggrieved, hurt, deeply wounded, but not angry. You need to present the face of one who has been innocently trying to bring The Message to the world, and is being misunderstood, and persecuted. Learn to hang your head without crossing the line into cartoon martyrdom, and leave the situation. 

Believe In Yourself. The more you can believe in yourself as the Ultimate Guru, the more you can forget that you are using any of these tactics, the better guru you will be and the more loyal followers you will have. I don't mean just believe it. I mean BELIEVE it. The best liars believe their lies wholeheartedly. Not that you're a liar, of course not. You're actually doing a service to the planet! You're giving people a purpose, a direction, a group to bond with and that is a noble thing!! You ARE The Ultimate Guru Who is Closest to The Big Authority and Speaks the Ultimate Truth. And don't you forget it!


All I can say is wow. That is a lot of things to go through. 

Red Panda, I agree with you on the large transactions being made daily. I remember seeing on tv that there is a place at a secret location that does these transactions. 

Nash, After seeing the lot you posted my advil supply needs to be replenished. haha


Take your time Sally...There's no rush...


Here's another one for you sally...


Has Dave ever said what currency those bank accounts with the 60 digits are in?

Red Panda

Red Panda
sally wrote:Has Dave ever said what currency those bank accounts with the 60 digits are in?

All I have seen are USD.  This site has a list, complete with bank account numbers, country and bank.  Off Ledger Accounts





Feb. 22nd, No Radio Program thsi Week

Posted on February 21, 2017 by Dave Schmidt

Things Are Developing Behind the Scenes, I am Being Asked to Keep a Low Profile, So No Program this Week.


Red Panda

Red Panda
It is amazing how much goes on behind the scenes, but nothing ever happens.  Twenty months later, people are still waiting for their contracted exchange to take place.  For benevolent folks that want to spread money all around the world as Dave says, they sure are hesitant to do so.  

Meanwhile people all around the world are receiving large sums of money from legal settlements, inheritances, lotteries, business sales and insurance claims, and I've not heard of any problems moving any of this money around or bankers or hackers stealing it.


PurpleSkyz wrote:

Feb. 22nd, No Radio Program thsi Week

Posted on February 21, 2017 by Dave Schmidt  

Things Are Developing Behind the Scenes, I am Being Asked to Keep a Low Profile, So No Program this Week.

Dave will be back really soon. He needs to fill the seats for his workshops by telling folks that he can give them more INTEL that he can't say on the radio program or in the news letter, but tells them to go back and look at his videos and get up to speed when you ask him a question.


Red Panda, Thank you for that weblink, but I do not think what is posted there is accurate.

Dave has said to ask the other people where the funds are coming from, so I have been looking at what Dave has been saying about his sources to see if they hold up. Working from what Dave has said about the 60 - 80 zeros behind a one from the statements he reported, here is what I have come up with so far.

If I look at all the gold that has been mined, according to wikipedia it is 171,300t, and multiply that by the current gold price, I get roughly 7 + 13 zeros. On the wikipedia article it says that there is some discrepancy about those amounts, but if I do 5 times that amount, I would get roughly 36 + 13 zeros, not much change and no where close to what Dave said.

Another way I tried was to take the entire population of the earth and everybody had 1 billion dollars in either cash, assets or whatever. That got me to 75 + 17 zeros, again no where close to what Dave said. If I chose a different currency for those 60 - 80 zeros Dave mentioned, Yuan would maybe add 1 or 2 zeros. Rupiah, Dong, or Dinar would only add 3 to 4 zeros. Still no where near what Dave said. Lets say Dave exaggerated a few or more zeros. The numbers are still way to far apart.

Does anyone here know what could realistically add up to a 60 - 80 zero account? 

Purpleskyz, Are you aware when coming to this site the weblinks are not clickable unless logged in? Is that by design?

Red Panda

Red Panda
Are you aware that Dave Schmidt is talking about what he calls off market gold?  The story is that the Anunnaki (an Extra Terrestrial race) developed humans to be their slaves and mine the gold that they needed on their planet.  Dave did a series of shows on this in January of 2016.  The Anunnaki took advantage of humans, and now they see the errors of their ways and want to help.  That is one reason these funds are coming forward.  The Anunnaki gave the gold to the Dragon Families for safe keeping and they have been guardians of it until the Anunnaki return.  Dave says they have returned, and the time for financial liberation is at hand.  Much of this gold is not known to the rest of the world, that is why there is talk of 'releasing' it.  So far, lots of talk, no results.




sally wrote:Does anyone here know what could realistically add up to a 60 - 80 zero account?


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