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More Anagram Mysticism by TS Caladan

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1 More Anagram Mysticism by TS Caladan on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:05 am


More Anagram Mysticism
 by TS Caladan

 “I did not make a discovery of coincidence.” ~ Doug Yurchey
 “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.”    ~ Mr. Eko

According to some historians, anagrams originated in the 4th Century B.C. with the Greek poet Lychophon.
He used them to impress the rich and famous. Other sources suggest that in the 6th Century B.C., Pythagoras used anagrams to discover Life’s philosophical meanings and great truths. Plato and his followers believed that anagrams revealed divinity and one’s personal destiny. In early Roman times, anagrams were thought to have mystical or prophetic powers. Jewish Cabalists in the 13th Century were aware of anagram mysticism and their significance. Secret Societies, down through the ages, relished the occult messages hidden within anagrams. In the 16th and 17th centuries, some scientists such as Galileo recorded their theories in anagram form. The French King, Louis XIII, appointed Thomas Billon as his Royal Anagramist.
       Nostradamus predicted Napoleon’s rise to power in France and wrote his name: “Pau Nay Loron” in basically an anagram. The letters rearranged result in “Napaulon Roy” or Napoleon.
       Today, switched-around letters are considered amusing word games and brainteasers. We have lost what could be the actual (very complex) significance of anagrams. Were the ancients far more aware of the deeper meanings in life? Did they know the secret relevance of anagrams and much more? Are we only beginning to understand what’s been lost over the centuries?
       From the Encyclopedia Americana:
       “Anagrams date from ancient times. Composing them was a favorite pastime during the Middle Ages, when a mystic connection was believed to exist between the nature or fate of a person and an anagram derived from his name.”
       “(Anagrams are)…as significant as the Bible Code, Da Vinci Code, the Kabala, numerology and many other mystic arts which contain embedded information, indicating a web work of other-dimensional connections between seemingly unrelated things.”       - Leo Scarpelli, webmaster
       “Mystics and new-agers will tell you that anagrams can offer a glimpse into the soul or essence of that thing or person.”     - Internet
       Paul Hunt is a respected researcher into metaphysical subjects and owner of the ‘Atlantis Bookstore’ in Burbank, California. He was kind enough to write the following words for my proposed manuscript called ‘The Anagram Code’ ten years ago:
       “Anagrams are interesting and entertaining ways to exercise the mind. They have also been used to conceal messages, a game that became an important method of sending coded messages. But the basic roots of the anagram, in the lost dim past of mankind’s development of language, present us with evidence that there is possibly a divine or spiritual significance to it all. We have at the very dawn of the Christian era, a famous Latin anagram, an answer formed from a question that Pontius Pilate asked: “Quid est veritas?” [What is truth?] The answer, “Est vir qui adest” [It is the man who is here]. This may well be the greatest anagram and the most important to the western world. Then we have a word that is close to an anagram: anagoge. It pertains to literature and seeks to extract a spiritual message from language, that there is a secret or occult message that references things of spiritual significance. Is it possible that in our language the very words themselves have covert meanings? Doug Yurchey (TS Caladan) has spent a great deal of effort in researching this question. He presents an incredible selection of hidden meanings within names, things, places, fictional titles, events and politics. Could this all be coincidence? He has indeed given us some serious ‘food for thought’ and explores the mind-twisting and astonishing truths behind anagrams. Be warned: This is absolutely literary intoxication and addiction!”

       What’s in anagrams? Could be answers to Life, the Universe and Everything!
       Skeptics and cynics often talk and explain the world with the ‘sword’ of ‘Occam’s Razor.’ The concept was that the simplest ideas were the most real. Razor? Was the term meant to cut through the BS and arrive at the simple, plain truth? Who said the great Secrets of the Universe, the Big/Philosophical Questions in Life, were simple? Only the simple-minded would think so. Don’t be narrow. We have to expect the unexpected. That was the pattern. It’s what independent researchers will discover, time and time again. Incredible things are the nature of the real world. We have to be complex-minded, future-minded. We have to sincerely wonder about our fantastic and extremely serendipitous universe. We have to ask important questions. Do not fear the pursuits of answers to those questions. Do not fear what we’ll learn ~
       The lesson or bottom line is you can understand more truth by being positive rather than being negative. Absolutely, stay OPEN. Do not conclude before you have done an investigation. But do an investigation. It is not ‘every wild idea is true.’ However the truth, the reality under the surface, is usually unbelievable, inconceivable and very far-out!
       Like quatrains of Michel de Nostradamus, anagrams were matters of interpretation. A type of poetry or literature as prophetic and profound destiny? It’s not a new concept. Study anagrams beyond the extent of this small encyclopedia. Find out for yourself and be your own teacher. Reexamine controversial anagrams. Learn. They contain another side, another view, drastically divergent from bogus information forced upon us by Media and other sources in today’s society.
       They lie. Those few in control, at the top of the social pyramid, lie to us human beings on the lower levels. They lie to us constantly, so much so: It’s like there’s no deception at all. Possibly, everything is in plain sight. Maybe we only need the key to unlock ‘oceans’ of secrets?
       Something weird and insightful SPEAKS to us in the form of the perfect anagrams. Something tries very hard to reach us from great depths or is IT from light-years away? Or another world? Even if IT does not have the right letters, IT still persists in the broadcast of strange and consistent knowledge, again and again. I insist…
       We should simply LISTEN. We have the ability to feel or decipher the truth for ourselves. We have the right to get it wrong, but also the right to get it right. We can discard the silliness and absurdities in transposed letters. We can be moved by the information or ‘Voice’ of anagrams. We can also learn and grow and change because of them.
       Refer to the Anagramacron. Spread the information around like ‘secrets of an occult (hidden) underground.’ ‘Waters’ that readers should really test are those of ‘Anagram Genius.’ The software is worth the price. Have super journeys. I can only hope your fascination-level reaches mine.
       We conclude with a mystery that sure would interest the Sherlock Holmes character. What if anagrams revealed the identity of the infamous, murderous, Jack the Ripper?
       Richard Wallace, author of ‘Jack the Ripper, Light-Hearted Friend’ (Gemini Press, 1996), spent 25 years in the data processing field. His book reveals that Lewis Carroll loved anagrams. He believed anagrams held deep truths. It has been discovered that many lines in Carroll’s poetry and stories form perfect anagrams. Some people believe that 19th Century author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ confessed to being the Ripper in numerous, perfect anagrams:

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves, Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves. And the mome raths outgrabe = I bet I beat my glands til, with hand-sword I slay the evil gender, slimey theme, borrow gloves, bag, and masturbate the hog more…he, Lewis, grabbed the vibrant role, assembled dreams and rhymes with glee, but vowed that one most mighty goal: originality. [This famous line by Carroll is composed of exactly 100 letters].

       Richard Wallace’s book was excerpted in the November 1996 Harper’s. Jacobson and Heaney wrote: “The first paragraph of [Wallace’s] article contains a grisly confession.”

This is my story of Jack the Ripper, the man behind Britain’s worst unsolved murders. It is a story that points to the unlikeliest of suspects: a man who wrote children’s stories. That man is Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, author of such beloved books as Alice in Wonderland = the truth is this: I, Richard Wallace, stabbed and killed a muted Nicole Brown in cold blood, severing her throat with my trusty shiv’s strokes. I set up Orenthal James Simpson, who is utterly innocent of this murder. PS: I also wrote Shakespeare’s sonnets and a lot of Francis Bacon’s works too.

       Were words that concerned a description of the O.J. “murder” simply in the air in the middle of the 1990s? Did anagrams bring them to the surface, recorded in Wallace’s book? What connection was there to Shakespeare and Francis Bacon? Was there one? Are anagrams informing us that the similarity is in the fact of a grand deception and public lies?

       Wallace’s book has come under heavy criticism, as you might have imagined. The following list of anagrams are perfect anagrams that have resulted from the transposition of letters directly taken from Carroll’s 19th Century poetry. We have Wallace to thank. But the quotes came from a harsh skeptic of anagrams and a dreadful critic of the speculation in Wallace’s book. Possibly…

       Insiders of power and prestige and Media manipulation know the royal secret of “the Ripper” while the general public remains clueless? We have been fed generations of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ stories like we are fed generations of Disney productions and Hollywood Magic. ‘They’ve’ made us believe: There are no evil agendas and dark motives behind the colorful Oz fantasies we’ve given our children as entertainment. Maybe anagrams inform us of something different? You decide if the next anagrams or quotes have finally told us the horrible truth. Why have so many sources ridiculed and blasted Wallace’s book? Were they ‘protesting too much’ when they repeatedly have insisted the idea was absurd and anagrams were nothing more than coincidences?

·       “Then d’file noses, lad.”
·       “Rip no gay peter foreskin.”
·       “Felt kid yen.”
·       “I slit nine throats.”
·       “Seed a mother, don.”
·       “Beg, dole, evil whores, I tax all tits.”
·       “Defend the loin, lass.”
·       “A raw hymen felt rough, horrid.”
·       “Sin thee, fondle lads.”
·       “Ah, pants and orgasm, hero-poet I am.”
·       “Moan, true bitch.”
·       “He kept the jar of uteri enclosed in vase.”
·       “Few fellow dons give phony love to man’s mouth, wet arse.”

       I have to remind readers that anagrams should express the nonsensical and the abstract, not relate and reveal intimacies of the subjects anagrammed. These old anagrams, before computers, once more, indicate extremely vile acts upon the youth of both sexes. Possibly, through movies and television, we have been force-fed ‘Jack the Ripper’ MYTHS, on purpose, so we don’t know the truth? He was a doctor. He hated prostitutes. He was Royalty. Maybe he was only a bloody/sick madman, named Charles Dodgson (Carroll), sponsored by Royalty and by the highest halls of deception and lies?

       The critic here, who blasted Wallace yet provided the quotes, claimed COINCIDENCE in every, single example, without seeing the corroboration in anagrams or examining the information itself. To the (paid) critic: All was nonsense. Anagrams were nonsense. Like a person who argued against the possibility of Life in the universe, they’re ignorant mind was made up, first, or they pushed very forcefully an agenda against rational thought.

       No one should demand how we are to think. Fascists would. You decide for yourself. Scan as much of the evidence as you can, openly. When you see someone blindly, unscientifically, who pushed an agenda HARD…question the motives of that person. The critic played upon everyone not being educated on what anagrams actually were and what priceless gems they contained. What would the guy think of the Anagramacron collection?

       The critic ripped to shreds the following quotes and the whole concept. Let’s criticize the critic who might be paid-off by elites that understand very well the Power of Anagrams. Let’s consider the next info from Wallace’s 1996 book ‘Jack the Ripper, Light-Hearted Friend,’ only not under sharp cynicism or absurdity, but under the fair and just scrutiny of Eyes Wide Open…

       “Dodgson, disguised as a clerk, bought a knife, took trains, stayed in his London house. He’d help the fates. How? A hump from behind, cut a whore in the face, masturbate. Wash up.”

       “Let not holier thoughts reveal cheap animal mores.”

       “No one shall spanketh the hot male meat, and the hot male meat shall spanketh no one.”

       “They, the Uranian kings, often hit on night fags.”

       “Is it coincidence?” Wallace asked, “…that one of the victims was found barely a block from Collingwood Street?” ‘Collingwood’ was Dodgson’s sister Mary’s married name. [One of the White Chapel victims was named “Alice”].

       Lewis Carroll quoted from Hamlet in ‘Sylvie and Bruno’ and Harry Furniss illustrated ‘Sylvie and Bruno.’ The illustrator’s name was mentioned in one of the anagrams:

The funeral-baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables = Harry Furniss called me a harsh, demented tart, but I faked the glib fool

       Another piece of evidence Wallace alluded to was that the Ripper might not have worked alone. Was the Ripper killings done by an organized (Jesuit) Hit Squad, financed by Parliament to cause chaos? The critic slams Wallace’s connection with an “elite” chap known as Thomas Vere Bayne, a dean at Oxford. Yet, history records that Vere Bayne and Lewis Carroll did indeed know of the other. Were they more than friends? Were they partners in terrible crimes?

He thought he saw an Albatross that fluttered round the lamp: He looked again and found it was a Penny-Postage Stamp. “You’d best be getting home,” he said. “The nights are very damp.” = Thomas Vere Bayne penned, posted a ‘Dear Boss’ letter to the papers in red ink. He’d laugh with a fit at the thought of getting hounds to bag us. We dandy, gay sons: a hump, hate all, Mama!

       Lewis Carroll wrote in his diary every day in purple ink. But on the night Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes was murdered, he wrote his entry in black ink. The next day, Carroll was back to purple ink. Did this happen on other occasions?

       From The Hunting of the Snark:

       “They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care:
       They pursued it with forks and with hope;
       They threatened its life with a railway share;
       They charmed it with smiles and soap.”

       We know from various police reports that the dead women had a “thimble,” a “fork” and “soap” (among other things) in their pockets at the time of their deaths.

       Dodgson’s short stories also contained the same violent, “masturbatory” and perverted themes. IF Dodgson was the true author of all the complex anagrams and huge volumes of stories [he may not be], how did he do it? Could it have been in the same vein that Shakespeare was not the true author of his masterworks? (Or the Beatles?) Maybe it was done and sanctioned and financed by royal committee? Even the murders~

       In ‘The Walking Stick of Destiny,’ he created two characters’ names from anagrams. “Baron Slogdod” translated to “Dodgson Labor” and “Signor Blowski” meant: “I blow gross kin.”

       Wallace found a letter that Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) wrote to his sister, Lizzy. It contained two anagrams according to Wallace and according to our eyes:

I believe in the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment = I’d be proven insane if I let the lion meet her cunt…I believe the Fathers condemn penile nutrition

       The critic condemned Wallace for his belief in anagrams as amazing indicators. He blasted the author when he noticed that the anagrams, again and again, showed the same sick perversions. The critic was not in awe, as any reasonable person should have been. Similar anagrams do not nullify the great mystery, they intensified it! I’ve described the phenomenon as “Lightning bolts striking the same spot over and over.”

       Wallace’s conclusions were taken from hundreds of examples in Carroll’s poetry and other writings. A great many were cited in his book. Wasn’t it peculiar that Dodgson’s anagrams, anagrams of savagery and awful violence against the young, repeated the same sick themes over and over? What if truth were so far removed from reality? The critic blamed the author for outrageous claims in his book: Yet, in every example, Richard Wallace seemed to prove his point. The anagrams absolutely portrayed common themes of sexual imagery, anal intercourse, erotic violence, murder and death of women and children. Why? Have elites of the world, through the generations, told us again and again of real atrocities hidden in children’s stories?

       The following was the critic’s final conclusions. Please feel free to agree or disagree. But if the Anagramacron has showed you anything at all, it’s showed readers that anagrams are not silly word-games. They are great unknowns. They are something far, far more than we believe.

“Anagrams, in fact, aren't significant. Especially not in a positional language like English. They are funny coincidences at best, like the fact that "Clint Eastwood" is an anagram for "Old West Action." Literary kooks go for anagrams because they can always find exactly what they're after. Take, for example, all the anagrams purporting to prove that Francis Bacon did (or didn't) write the works attributed to Shakespeare. I wouldn't really recommend this book to anyone -- it's desperately badly written, to the point of being nearly unreadable, and poorly organized. What you find in it will leave you pinching the bridge of your nose and shaking your head so often that your friends will ask if you have a sinus headache. There is a great deal more nuttiness in the book than I've chosen to highlight in this review. I think this book is another example of the Kennedy Conspiracy Delusion. It's intolerable to some people that major events could have been brought about by chance, or that a notorious crime could have been committed by an obscure loser. Jack the Ripper: "Light-Hearted Friend" is a dramatic demonstration that some people shouldn't be allowed near a Scrabble set. As an example of literary scholarship gone horribly wrong…”

My conclusion: At the very least, the perfect anagrams are fairly accurate meters of good and bad, indicators of positive and negative and can distinguish heroes from villains. Maybe we should utilize the computer software program of 'Anagram Genius' and find more answers to mysteries and treasures to uncover?

~see two other "Out of Mind" webpages of strange anagrams from TS Caladan's collection called the "Anagramacron."


Tray Samuel Caladan = actually sane drama…a natural, aces madly…dearly as actual man…a smart-alec? nay: dual…a man reads, actually…arty, casual lad, amen…as actually n a dream…neat dream, casually…am as a nerd, actually…a real casualty, damn…lays an actual dream…ace art, sad manually…am actually near sad…am sadly an ultra ace…lay a mature scandal…ultra as a May candle…stale Macaulay, darn…a calm, unready Atlas…man, Atlas, ultra decay…am a lunacy star deal…and a small, acute Ray…and may actual laser…my lad as an ace ultra…actual salary named…actual salary amend…an adult salary came...rascal and a tale, yum…sad man era, actually…sadly came a natural…as natural lady came…am easy carnal adult…casual dream, neatly…randy as actual male…as a duly carnal mate…manual acts lay dear…a saucy, maternal lad…a damn saucy lateral…as damn ace ultra lay…lay a mad cruel Satan…duly alarm ace Satan…a malady, ulcer Satan…tea and casually ram...saner mad, actually…manual acts already…casually made an art…casual arty and meal…manly ace, a duel star…a lunacy dream Atlas…manually at a sacred… casual tale and army…casual male and arty…mate casually ran, da…lay amateur alarmed casualty…am sad ace, naturally…and casual May alert…a sadly clean trauma…an am casually rated…as actual, manly read…an at dream, casually…manually cased a rat…casually made a rant…cruel data, manly as a…mad, actual analyser…as dear cat manually…casually trade an arm…as a clean, adult arm…cleanly, a sad trauma…and actual alarm, yes…a tar and me, casually…my natural as ace lad…lane casualty drama…a manual car sly date…a me and art, casually…actually mad arenas…an actual ram delays…cat manuals already…a cat reads manually…a Tray and a small cue…casually a named art...casual at nearly mad…man as dare, actually…an ultra cam, analysed…   an adult camera lays…delay a natural scam…a smart/clean dual, ya…an amateurs’ call day…alarm as a nudely cat…lunacy as a male, drat…a damn actual slayer…rate mad lunacy, alas…my Dracula Satan ale…Dracula Satany meal…am as a clean duly rat…am a cruel lady Satan…(Well, you can’t believe all anagrams).

TS Caladan = at scandal

Douglas Stephen Yurchey = young-eyed, chapters lush…angels’ cushy, deputy hero…honestly aches, super-guy…huge honesty, up sacredly…the only crude, pushy sage…hyped guru, honestly aces…launch speedy, gutsy hero



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