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Out Of Mind » SCAMTASTIC RV/GCR NEWS - SHADY CHARACTERS, CHARLETONS & THOSE DETERMINED TO STOP THEM! » Dave Schmidt » One Who Knows is Waiting for Disgraced Former Senator Dave Schmidt to be ARRESTED! 2/16/17

One Who Knows is Waiting for Disgraced Former Senator Dave Schmidt to be ARRESTED! 2/16/17

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RE: Reno Gig Up

This post is about a "Group" breaking up. This is no surprise.

My guess is they just got "The Talk" where they were told that they would be spending lots of time at the "Gray-Bar" hotel (Jail) if they proceeded to exchange other people's currency. Or it could be that they figured it out on their own, and decided to bail on the group to keep from being arrested. Clearly, they were scared enough to send everyone their currency back.

Interestingly this comes on the heels of another post yesterday. The Quote from the "Group Leader?" was this:

"Our group has been put on indefinite hiatus until everything calms down"

My guess is that they are on FULL STOP until they decide whether or not to disband their group as well. There are new laws in place now and what people could get away with before, doesn't work anymore.

Of course I have gotten emails lately about Dave Schmidt saying the ZIM is no good to buy the Dong instead. My guess is that he will NOT be able to get away with his plan on the ZIM, but the Dong will be easier for him "work" with. I am just waiting to see the headlines "Dave Schmidt Gets Arrested For Financial Fraud." We will see what happens in the end.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you are WAY BETTER OFF handling your own currency. The early groups were not meant for you. You will have the best rates possible by the grand design of the plan. After all, if you can negotiate rates of 10 times to 1000's of times more than the street rate, what would you need a group to do for you? There is NOTHING BUT DOWN SIDE to groups. They control and decide what rate you get, they decide and control when you will get paid, and how that payment will be doled out to you. Of course all this is if you are lucky enough to get into a "legitimate" group and are not scammed. The big problem is "We won't know which groups were legit until after the Exchange starts." It will be too late to make a change then or get more currency.

As far as groups Breaking Up, it may be that they realized they were going to be arrested and are making sure they don't get in trouble, because that kind of fraud is BIG TROUBLE. I am sure that they will let the Fraud groups exchange before they swoop in and arrest everyone. After all that is how stings are done. You have to let the criminal do the criminal act first so that you have the evidence of their fraud.

I hope that anyone who sent their money off to a group, has more currency still in their own hands just in case it was a fraud or the money gets frozen due to criminal investigations, etc.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows

Is disgraced, former Senator Dave Schmidt also a WITCH DOCTOR???

Hi 'The One Who Knows',

After reading some of your recent posts, we had our CFO and CIO reach out to our International Finance Law firm this morning. Our financial legal team manage offices in Los Angeles, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Their own words: "There are no current, or new laws that forbid the international currency exchange process, either for a loss - or a profit. This applies both as an individual exchange, or a 'private' group exchange. And neither of these practices fall under any International Criminal Law penal codes. If you are in a private group, you hold a receipt for your currency, you are engaged in a private transaction that is between two parties." Nothing illegal.

So our public request is this: Please provide us Penal Code §, Section or otherwise that outlines the nullification of private groups, specifically how it pertains to the private groups in this community.

And please provide an actual Penal Code Section. You are playing with fire here, so we hope you come through.

Awaiting your response,
Witch Doctor

Thanks to Ssmith at:



Witch Doctor,

Thank you for bringing up this discussion for everyone's absolute clarity. This was an important question and point that needed to be addressed. Since you have been following my posts, then you MUST know that I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER have claimed that Groups are Illegal and for you to insinuate that is clearly a gross misunderstanding on your part, or a deliberate attempt at defamation. However, I will consider it just a misunderstanding. Please let me clear this up for you.

Legality Of Groups

On the matter of legality of "Groups," I will Quote myself from my prior post:

"Of course all this is if you are lucky enough to get into a "legitimate" group and are not scammed. The big problem is "We won't know which groups were legit until after the Exchange starts." It will be too late to make a change then or get more currency."

Notice that I clearly said "if you are lucky enough to get into a LEGITIMATE GROUP." Obviously, this means that there are LEGITIMATE GROUPS. So for you to spend so much time defending the facts that groups are legitimate, was just a waste of time. That is O.K. though because it gives me a chance to clear this up for those who are wondering.

Bad Groups

I know you want me to say that All Groups are safe and can be trusted, but you know that is not true. If you even propose that notion, you are hopelessly ignorant of the Nasty Cabal World we live in. Even you MUST admit that there are Group scams out there who want to either steal currency outright, and/or control others money before, during and after the exchange. Will you agree with me that there ARE BAD GROUPS THAT NEED TO BE AVOIDED? Yes, I am sure you would agree to that.

Criminal Intent by A Group

The new laws that I am referring to are the new Constitutional laws that will be coming in with our new Republic. While I don't know them specifically, I do know that they judge criminality by the "Intent to Harm," and clearly, there are a lot of groups out there that use scare tactics to get members and that is NOT ABOVE BOARD. If a bank, used those tactics, to get customers, or sell securities, they would be locked up so fast it would make your head spin. So, it follows that since this does involve not hundreds of dollars, not even thousands of dollars, but instead Millions, Billions and even Trillions of dollars, the measure of intent will be very carefully scrutinized to protect the unaware public. It is under these conditions that I believe many groups will be taken down after the exchange. All it takes is one "Member" to claim they have been cheated and the hammer will fall. If the group is squeaky clean, it may survive, but if there is coercion, and false statements or other questionable tactics discovered, it may be very bad in these new times under Constitutional Law and NOT Statutory laws. But I am not an attorney, it is not my place to judge that criminal intent threshold, but I will say Buyer beware.

As far as specific comments about certain groups, I have great reservations as to their methods. The scare tactics that they are the only ones who can exchange for you, or that only they can get the higher rates, or that only groups will be able to exchange, is yet unproven. BUT, should it come out that any person could exchange INDIVIDUALLY, and even get the same rates if not higher, then it was a false claim and people are going to be mad, rightfully so. And speaking from a financial ethics perspective, if a bank said they were the ONLY ones who could exchange or that people WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO EXCHANGE ON THEIR OWN, and then later it was found out that they could.... well... that is a lie and it involves Trillions of dollars from fearful currency holders who were frightened into participating in a financial contract.... That would NEVER FLY in any other financial matter. I doubt it will be over looked after this goes. I have no doubt that people are going to find out that many, if not most of the things said were not true and they are going to be mad.... Dare I say Class Action?" I don’t know all of his claims as I don’t listen to him. I would only advise all those who do, to download his videos and keep the emails for later use if needed. But for now, all I can say is I DON'T TRUST SOME GROUPS.

The Value Of Groups

This brings us to the matter of the value of groups. Being the expert you infer that you are, you MUST know that many of the early groups were locked into low rates and that they would have been better off exchanging themselves as individuals.... Right? And if you are keeping up with Dinarland, then you MUST also have heard about the Privately negotiated Rates.... Right? I am not saying they are true as I can't prove it.... But, if they are, and people can negotiate as individuals for rates of 10 times more or 100 times more or thousands of times more that the screen rates.... why should they use a group to exchange?

Isn't it true that the Group controllers, whoever they are, take a cut from the whole exchange for their services? Or do you think they are doing it out of Love and that they take no fee or payment? I am just thinking out loud here because I really don't know, but I do know what makes sense to me.

Isn't it true, that even if you are in a group and they do exchange, members won’t get cash money to spend any sooner than individual exchangers.... Right? Or are you suggesting they do....? No, I doubt you would go there.

Isn't it true, that the members have to wait to get their money until the group paymasters decide to sent them the money, and isn't it also true that they paymasters decide how much they will send and when the payments are to be made?

Isn't it true that individual exchanges will walk out of the exchange fully funded with cash money that they can spend immediately? Isn't it true that this will be sooner than most group members will get their money and that most group members will NOT get all their money right away? Again I don’t know the answers to these questions as it is different with every group. But, as a group expert, you must know... Right?

Clearly these elements are part of the group exchange: The group controls the exchange and determines what the payee will get and when they will get it. The Group member has relinquished all power over their currency and no longer control it. Once they join the group, they are at the mercy of the integrity of others who they do not know. In case of dispute, their only remedy is a law suit which could take years to settle. Am I right on these points?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I do agree that there are such thing as Legitimate Groups. However, that being said, I cannot think of one reason that anyone should be in a group. Even if you are lucky enough to get in a legitimate group, you are at the mercy of those in charge of the group, who will decide what you get and when you get it. My thoughts are WHY WOULD SOME ONE GIVE UP CONTROL OF THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY?

As an individual exchanger, anyone is eligible for extremely high rates, favorable terms, great perks, and immediate spendable cash in their account. They maintain complete control of their money and future throughout the entire process and have nothing to worry about.

Clearly Witch Doctor, you have some involvement in a group or two or else you wouldn't be so defensive on the part of groups? Is this so? Or are you just wanting people to know that Legitimate groups do exist? If that is the case, I will support your premise and agree 100% that is so. On the matter of legality and intent to harm, that will have to be handled by those who will be watching this process for the safety of all concerned. I will guess that many groups will be found guilty of intentional harm, including deceptive advertising, misleading videos, and inaccurate communications to their members. We will just have to wait and see.

By the way Witch Doctor, if you have a group that you wish to promote, one that will take no cut of the money, will make all funds immediately liquid and delivered to the members, will get paid BEFORE individual exchangers, and will guarantee that they are getting a higher rate than the individual could get on their own, please let us know about it.

Otherwise, thank you for the post and clarification. I feel better that we have covered this matter and established that there are legitimate groups as you say, and that provided they commit no fraudulent acts are legal as well. I hope this settles the matter for you.

Signed: One Who Knows

Thanks to Ssmith at:



Are these the same Reno folks that Dave is talking to?

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