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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Video - 11 Minutes - More Hair On Fire Stuff - "Warning America.. Why Congress Really Went On Vacation:

Video - 11 Minutes - More Hair On Fire Stuff - "Warning America.. Why Congress Really Went On Vacation:

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Video - 11 Minutes - More Hair On Fire Stuff - "Warning America.. Why Congress Really Went On Vacation:
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 1-Sep-2012 20:31:16

Events occur. The meaning of such events can be twisted in to suit the bent or the agenda of the one doing the reporting of the event.
The event which occurs can have a totally different meaning than what is reported of the event.
The one thing I am sure of is that all politicians speak the opposite of what they do, and most are willing to sell out their own mothers for more power.
I have no idea who Herzong is shilling for, or if he is genuine.
Perhaps corporate sponsors. Perhaps no one. Don't really know that much about him.

Your digression on the following video is advised.
Remember, when most talk of economic collapse - they are speaking from a collapse format which bemoans the end of the Corporation - the DC Corporate US Government and the Federal Reserve System - specifically - which many still believe is the only game in town.
Those who are regular readers of RMN and other sites where a small sliver of truth slips through the cracks now and then, understand that legitimizing and putting any value in the DC Corporation, or it's most favored child, the federal reserve note fiat system, is the reason this country and the world are in the mess it's in - and the fiat reserve banking system is far from the only game in town - it's just the worst of all choices.

If one perceives the DC Corp as a legitimate, necessary entity, then a collapse of that corrupt system would indeed cause concern.
If one acknowledges DC Corp, the fiat system, the useless fiat bankster-owned politicians, the bought and paid for by multi-national corporations executive branch, the log dead judicial branch, and the Nazi run alphabet agencies who inhabit the DC stink hole - to be the cancer on humanity that DC truly is - then NOT having a congress return at all - would be worth cheerleading for.
If the congresscritters are not is session - the parasites will do far less damage to the united states and the world, than if they are permitted to meet and plan more skulduggery.
This video struck a cord with me after reading Poof's last message about which members of Congress would return after their vacation, and which ones would not.
Could be, this video is about congresscritters running for their holes to hide in, as the SHTF for everyday people.

Or, it could be about Congresscritters just running away as fast as they can before the everyday people turn the fan on the congresscritters.
Poof also asked "Ever get the feeling you are being played?"
Warning America.. Why Congress Really Went On Vacation: 8/1/12:
Published on Aug 7, 2012 by AkyasEasu
Warning America.. Why Congress Really Went On Vacation: 8/1/12:
"Mark my words, it will not be six months before the world test Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy, watch, where gonna have an International Crisis, a generated crisis to test the mettle of this guy."
-Vice President Joe Biden, Oct 18 2008 Seattle Fundraiser.
Why would Congress take a five-week vacation with all the problems facing the country?
Congress Takes 5 Weeks Off With Much Still Left To Do
112th Congress, 2nd Session - 2012 Published Schedules ...
Congress Is Taking Another Vacation? Seriously?
Schieffer: Do-nothing Congress begins five-week vacation with not much done.
Congress Ignores National Crisis, Heads Off on Five-Week Vacation
Video: Congress' to do list left unfinished
For more related videos you can visit my other Youtube channel Truthzonetvcom
For an updated extension on this subject Check the Benjamin Fulford Report Aug 6 2012


Because they all know they are in very serious trouble, just like rats that have been poisoned- They have no place to go, or to hide-They are screwed, and they know it, but, oh well- Too late- Sucks to be them, huh? :twisted: :roll:

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