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18 Signs That You Have Healing Powers

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1 18 Signs That You Have Healing Powers on Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:48 pm


18 Signs That You Have Healing Powers

February 24, 2017

Do any of these healing powers resonate with you? If you think you have the gift of healing, read on…
There will be many signs all around you, some subtle and some more obvious, you just have to learn to recognize them. Everyone in every culture has the potential to impact people in the world in any method they desire. There is no doubt that each of us have a unique characteristic which has been nurtured significantly more than others.

Signs That You Have Healing Powers:

1. People say how calming it is to be around you.
2. You can sense energy in a room from the moment you walk into it.
3. You are always contemplating of how to improve other people’s lives.
4. You have anxiety or have panic attacks.
5. You are an empath, you feel others pain, hurt and emotions as your own.
6. You family has a history of healers.
7. Most Strangers tell you their life story.
8. You have a way with animals and small children.
9. You are currently working in a healing field.
10. You are incredibly fascinated by crystals and their healing properties.
11. You usually have neck and shoulder pains.
12. You love being outdoors, hiking, doing yoga or a walk on the beach.
13. You have been diagnosed with a mood disorder of any kind.
15. Because you have high level of awareness, you are sensitive when it comes to certain foods and drinks.
16. Sometimes you get random chills, warmth radiating from your core, or your palms tingle.
17.  You always use natural or traditional medicine over chemical medicine.
18. Your hands, especially your palms, often feel like they are tingling or have pins and needles.
How many things on this list rang true to you?
The gift of healing is incredibly special, but what you do with your gift is entirely up to you!

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This article (18 Signs That You Have Healing Powers) was originally created and published by Enlightened Consciousness and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and Enlightened It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, all hyperlinks within the article to remain intact and this copyright statement.

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