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Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - Part 1 and Part 2

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Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - Part 1 and Part 2

Bix Weir

Friday Road Trip: Plan B is Better Then Plan A; Part 2, Sept 1, 2012

Talk about "Burning Your Bridges"! The Republican party has burnt the
house down in order to keep everything the same...and that will be
their down fall. The Good Guys tried to play in their system but the
Republican establishment went all out to stop the Ron Paul revolution by
changing rules, voting fraud, procedural misconduct and even
threatening violence against the Ron Paul faithful.

The rumors of all this behavior first came out of the state
conventions but the world saw it on display at the RNC Convention. It
was a disgusting display and now they are talking about "healing the
party"....NICE TRY!

I have attached below some videos and and articles that people have
sent me over the past few days and it is clear to me that the Good Guys
are going to retaliate. Ron Paul is scheduled to be on the Jay Leno show
Tuesday night and the rumors are that he will announce a 3rd party run.
I don't have any inside info on what he'll say but I do know one
thing...the financial markets could crash at any moment. Silver has
clearly shown that "it is ready" to destroy the Bad Guys. And we are
down to a little over two months until election day.

Can Ron Paul win a 3rd party bid? No. Can Ron Paul win running under a
new party called "The Tea Party" with the endorsement of Sarah Palin
and all her followers? Maybe. Can Ron Paul win if the Global Monetary
system implodes in the next two months? YES!

The Republican Establishment has sealed it's own fate if Ron runs
against Romney and Obama. Most, if not all, the Republican "base" has no
allegiance to the Party Leaders. They have an allegiance to the
Republican principles. The republican party has spent the last 30 years
courting and bringing the Christian community into their party and it
worked. But now they've nominated a Mormon. These people have a strong
allegiance to their faith and the Mormon religion is not mainstream
enough for them to embrace.

Palin's mention of a potential 3rd party run was a grenade thrown on
the floor at the opening of the RNC convention. It may prove to be
prophetic and signal the END of the old Republican guard and the
beginning of a NEW "AMERICAN PARTY".

Palin is definitely on the outs with the Bad Guys as they are kicking
her out of FOX news. This news hit directly after her third party

I will have much more on the developments as they happen but now is the time for EVERYTHING to hit hard.

Be ready for it.


Here are articles on the Ron Paul vs RNC Establishment:

The battles are Raging!



Bix Weir Friday Road Trip - 8/31/12 Part I

Swap Your Silver...For Silver!

Why US Minted Silver Coins are So Much Better Than Silver Bars or Rounds

Over the years my "investment of choice" when it comes to precious
metals have changed. In the early 2000's I was all about gold coins and
mining stocks. If you've followed me long enough you know why I advised
everyone to get out of mining stocks about 5 years ago. Basically - they
are too valuable and will be nationalized after the crash. Gold coins
on the other hand were a "no brainer" so that's what I bought. I would
buy the cheapest ones I could find per oz and I figured that was the
best way to invest. Save a buck or two per oz and I could end up with
more metal in the end. Then I found out that some gold coins were harder
to sell than others and sometimes saving on the premium I'd have to pay
for the more popular coins might hurt me when I go to sell. So then I
got into Krugerrands as at the time they were the most recognizable with
the lowest premium.

Then in the mid 2000's, after years of research, I figured out the
silver story and it was so compelling that I swapped all my gold for
silver. I also figured out that there is MASSIVELY more gold in the
world than what was being told to the people.

Golden Secrets

When I switched to silver I again went after the most metal I could
get without caring about the shape, size or quality of what I was
buying. It was all about getting the most ounces for my buck. I bought a
lot of 100 oz bars from random mints as they were the cheapest.
Although I bought some pre-1965 coins it was more just to have some than
any other reasoning.

In the last year I have changed once again. Now I'm all about silver
coins minted by the US Mint. Why? A few reasons at first but now it is
clear that it was a good choice. My original reason was that the
counterfeiting laws of legal tender in the US are much stronger than the
fraud laws. Faking a silver bar or coin and selling it in the US as
.999 silver is illegal but it falls into the laws against commercial
fraud. Doing the same with US Minted Silver Eagles and pre-1965 coins
falls under the counterfeiting laws as well as fraud so I thought it was
a better buy as there will be less fakes. Now it turns out that the
Good Guys are planning to REMOVE any capital gains taxation from gold
and silver coins minted by the US Mint!

Seth Lipsky: The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream

"In the Senate, Jim DeMint, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are offering the
Sound Money Promotion Act, which would remove the tax on the
appreciation in the value of gold and silver coins that have been
declared legal tender by the federal or a state government. Utah has
already made gold and silver coins legal tender in the state."

This is a VERY big deal because there is no doubt in my mind that the
US will go after gold and silver investors windfall profits when the
metals finally cut loose from the manipulation. Currently gains on
physical gold and silver are taxed at 28% but they are not actively
pursued by the taxing authorities because there are so few of us who
hold real metal. That will change very soon.

So the next time you buy silver and skip over silver Eagles because
of the higher premiums just think about how much you will save on your
taxes when you sell. Better yet, pre-1965 "junk silver" have very low
premiums and are harder to fake so that's your best bet.

Too bad it only took me 15 year to figure that one out!

So I guess what I'm saying now is...SWAP YOUR PHYSICAL SILVER FOR US
MINTED SILVER COINS before silver goes through the roof and you will
likely make more money.

Rachael Maddow Video:

Doug Wheat Video:

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Print PDF

Thanks to:



That is excellent info- Who'd ever think that previously minted pre-1964 silver coins will be worth more than 'freshly minted' coins? Buy 'em up, before they 'disappear!! :D :cheers:

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