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An Important Aspect of Disclosure

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1 An Important Aspect of Disclosure on Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:22 am


Important Aspects of Disclosure

Posted on January 19, 2017 by omnipulse

Here are some important parts.

  • This is a holographic reality.
  • There was an invasion.
  • Consciousness is polarized electromagnetism.
  • Awareness is the basis for high consciousness.
  • Self-Awareness is multi-dimensional.
  • Humans are used as pawns by lower-energy higher-dimensional forces.
  • Human bio-etheric emissions are siphoned and used to power devices and sentient  supercomputer systems.
  • The brains and auras/souls of high-energy individuals are used to guide these devices.
  • Many different forms of advanced technology were developed for mind-control purposes.

  • Cloning is one of those technologies.
  • Through cloning and the use of a ‘soul-stone’ a person’s consciousness can be taken over by a stronger consciousness. This consciousness can be empowered by machines.
  • This is part of the “soul-stealing” process.
  • This is often referred to as ‘droning’.
  • This takes place in this dimension as well as higher-dimensions as beings use the devices to incorporate their consciousness into a human body.
  • The ‘other dimensions’ that this can be sourced from is often a parallel timeline or future timelines where there are sub-human, technologically evolved beings that are predatory bi-pedal and other forms. These live off of human energy or material to sustain their consciousness here.
  • These do not have human souls and can inhabit a human vessel thereby replacing the soul of the original human.
  • Some say only a small portion of humans actually have souls and the rest are akin to cattle or biological robots.
  • There is a time coming where all will be revealed in order to prevent this civilization from becoming entirely robotized or possessed by these alternate timelines/parallel reality sub-human entities.
  • They are considered sub-human because the same frequencies and brain regions that are active in a human are only partially active in this beings. IE: They will feed into a frenzy through any kind of sexual or sensual activation of energies.
  • These are the beings described in ancient times.

People are either for the family and a sense of spiritual unity, or they are for lack of family values.
There is a time coming where all will be tested against this “droning” process. This is through the activation of electromagnetic synthetic consciousness in the air through nanites and powerful microwave towers and the metallic carrier material in the blood and brain of the population.
Those who are not spiritually harmonized, unified and strong enough will eventually succumb and become robotized and possessed by these electromagnetic synthetic consciousness waves. This is the “devil” working through the “air”, these are radio-frequencies.
In this time there will be lawlessness and a complete degradation of society.
After this occurs there is likely going to be a natural ‘feedback’ event of Earth where the natural magnetic waves of the environment of ‘undulate’ to smooth things back out again. This is some kind of natural self-defense mechanism or technology.
When this occurs, those who are not capable of holding their spiritual bodies together will be seen to “die” mentally and spiritually and all their memories will be erased.
Those who do hold together will be there to rebuild society and in this way the “meek” inherit Earth.
However, this has happened 6 times before and each time there was technology used by the wealthy to stop themselves from succumbing by blocking the waves out, however there are ideas that this won’t be possible this time because the entire system will collapse if they refuse to allow these natural events to take place.
You can shield yourself if you temper your soul like hot iron in oil. If the heat of your will-power is stronger than the will of the bodies desires then pushing electromagnetic waves unto the brain, body and surrounding fields will not be strong enough to produce a disconnection between the higher-dimensional plane of the soul and the body. The soul must be developed and “arisen” through will-power and expression. The old saying goes, “There are three ways to reach Heaven (pure soul) and this is through knowledge, devotion, or works.” Ultimately all three are the path.

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2

Posted on February 27, 2017 by omnipulse

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2:

I.                This Realm is Made of Ideas in the Mind of a Larger Being

A.              These Ideas Constitute Metaphysical ‘Areas’ or Localities

II.             Reality is Comprised of Ideas Made from Ideas Made from Ideas and there are Repeating Universal Principles from Which All Ideas Exist
III.           The Beings Who Are From Elsewhere Are Connected to this Realm Through Ideas and Belief

A.              The Ideas that are Held in the Masses are Used to Communicate and Connect this Reality to Other Realities and Other Beings

IV.           The Physical Layout of the Universe is not of Separated Spaces and Is More Accurately Defined as Layers of Time

A.              As Such, the Temporal Layout of the Physical Expanse is closer to Consciousness, Belief, Experience, and Ideas

B.              The Layers are Not Different Areas, but Closer to Different Ideas or Frequencies of Consciousness

            What is Consciousness

A.              Ever Changing

B.              Undetectable Via One’s Own Consciousness (extra-layer required; self-awareness)

C.              Matches What One is Conscious Of

1.               Color and Contrast, Frequency, All Possibilities are Made Conscious Depending on the Observer and the System of Consciousness,

a)                            Like a Circle of Frequencies or Polarities on a Linear Scale or Spectrum, an Infinite Gradient is generated which is both Continuous and All Encompassing (for that particular layer of experience based parameters)

2.               The Scope of Consciousness ultimately becomes like a Circle With Clear Space in the Center, a “View-Finder” Where Anything is Possible Depending on What is Being Observed

D.             Operates Through the Mechanism, Appearance, or Apparatus (Function) of Biology

1.               This is a Procedural Generative Capacity to Self-Explain or Exhibit Change Related to Experience

2.               Without This Explanatory Apparatus, There Would Be No “Construct” From Which to Both House and Extend the Occurrence of Consciousness

a)           This is Not Entirely Necessary but Part of the Illusion

3.               If there Was No Construct, Then There Would Be No or Less Limitations and Thus There Would Be Less or No Physical Hierarchy (Order) to the Experience

4.               Without the Hierarchy, The Overall Process Could Be Rendered Meaningless

a)              Brains and Neurons and Bio-Chemical-Electro Neurological Capacity Works Better to Explain and Exhibit Consciousness than Something Less Complex or Hierarchically Defined Within a Construct

b)              This Construct of the Body, Reflects the Larger Construct of the External World and The “Cosmos” Both Within and Around

c)               One Hierarchical Layer is Merely an “Extra-Cellular” Matrix from Which to Provide a Platform for Continued Growth, We Have the Cosmos Within, Which Reflects the Cosmos Around, As Such, We Can Learn About Both While Taking Part In the Existence of Both

d)              Because of the Potentially Transcendent Nature of Consciousness and Self-Awareness, We are Also the Third Observer Between the Inner and the Outer

E.              The Circle of Frequencies, The Third Observer, The “Extra-Cellular” Hierarchy

F.               This is All Part of A Method of Philosophically Describing Consciousness Through Light, Geometry and Perspective

1.               Light, Perspective and Geometry are Related to the Particular Procedural Generative Capacity Dependent on the Particular Laws of the Universe that we Experience

G.              Alternatively Consciousness Can Be Mathematically and Physically Described Through Interference Patterns, Numerology, Physics

1.               Consciousness Can Be Likened to Two Lasers of Perspective Creating an Interference Pattern

a)              Possible at Any Point in the Universe

b)              Consciousness Then Being Potentially Anywhere, Is Equally Nowhere

c)               If all Points are Occupied, Then There Is No Defining Feature and Therefore Consciousness is Simultaneously Nullified

(1)           Duality, Consciousness and Lack of Consciousness, the Interplay of the Two to Generate the Appearance of One another At Different Times, like the Tide

I.                Upon Death We are Sucked Through Tubules and Deposited In Alternate Physical Story lines
II.             This is Repeated With a Random Procession
III.           We Make Order From This
IV.           This is Inherently Chaotic and Without Care For Us, We Are Generators For That System (being played)
V.                Reality is Determined By Belief so This Could Be A Clever Ploy to Create This Very System through Your Attention
VI.             However, We Must Look Into The Current Reality, Deeply, and Determine the True Nature

I.                The explanation is That People Come from another “Side” of Existence

A.              Reality is “Mirrored”

II.             In This Process We Choose to Experience Difficulty in This Reality

A.              The Mirror Reality is “Easier”

B.              Another Explanation that the Mirror is actually “Hell-like” Depending on the Individual and Frequency

III.           Secret Groups Participate in the Role of Guiding People through Suffering or Difficulty to Produce Spiritual Growth

A.              Another Aspect is that this is a Process of Generating “Power” or “Currency” in the Spiritual Universe Which is required by ‘Higher’ Spiritual Beings

B.              Thus, Those Groups Have Generated a “Bank” of Spiritual Currency through their Managing of These Processes on Earth

As Part of an Ongoing Exploration and Development of The Universe Individuals of Various Backgrounds Are

  1. Searched For
  2. Identified
  3. Picked Up
  4. Scanned
  5. Questioned
  6. Tested
  7. Classified
  8. Confirmed and
  9. Transitioned

This is part of a process of organizing multiple connected timelines according to one larger overall plan managed by multiple groups all working in unison across the barriers.

I.                The Different Blood Types Indicate Frequencies of Consciousness and Original Progenitors in the Physical Plane and The Seeding Which Extends from a Higher Plane
II.             This is a Temporal Organization as Some Are “Older” Than Others

A.              DNA, Blood, Operates Transdimensionally and Blood is Connected as a Mind Link

B.              Blood that is connected to a Distorted or Temporally Degraded Civilization Will Suffer the Same Fate of That Civilization

C.              Blood is Sought After as the Genetic Treasure of Each Civilization and “Experiment”

D.             If Blood or DNA is Regressed or Damaged, then this Influences the Entire Bloodline

E.              If DNA “Ascends” into a Temporally Liberated State, then This Also Liberates the Entire Bloodline

III.           The Different Organizing Features Pertain to Various Abilities (Psychic and Otherwise) that Various Aspects of the Population Exhibit

A.            The DNA of Operatives is Used as a Transportation System to Harbor Information, Weaponry, or The Consciousness of Others

IV.           These Organizational Projects Sought to Research, Define, Classify, and Exploit These Capabilities for the Purpose of Creating a Centralized Civilization
V.              These Projects Were Successful However Many Branches and Offshoots Formed Who’s Intentions Were Not Aligned With an Organized Production
VI.           These “Rogue” Factions Sought to Create Hybrid Genetic Lineages that Could Be Used as a Military Force
VII.        This is Connected to Operations that Span the Entirety of This Civilizations History and Extend From Previous Civilizations
VIII.      This Civilization May Be An Extension of These Operations from Previous Civilizations
IX.           Earth is Currently Functioning as a Genetic “Mixing” Grounds and Storage Area for Various Genetic Lineages and Experiments

Progenitorship, Darkness and Created Beings

  • There Is a Plan to End Disease, Death, Ignorance and Suffering
  • This Plan Includes Becoming the Bearer of Darkness, Death and Suffering
  • In Doing So, One Gains the Keys to the Activation or Deactivation of Such Aspects of this Society
  • There are All Possible Realities Where One Exists At All Given Levels of Experience
  • Where One Operates in the Now Determines How Those Other Realities Influence the Whole
  • Part of the Plan is to Activate the Highest Amount of Darkness or Suffering in This Reality, To “Clean” All other Realities and Times, To Gain Control of the Darkness

Psychotronic Spiritual War

Humanity has been in the middle of a psychotronic weaponry war for thousands, if not millions of years. These are advanced scalar wave devices that can reproduce the energies of consciousness and induce states of mind and emotion that are consistent with self-destruction or disharmonic tendencies and behavior.
This is an age old spiritual war that has been mentioned for the entirety of human history and beyond and is due to a rogue faction desiring the complete destruction of humanity if not the complete subjugation.
As well, through a technological process the DNA of all living beings has been altered through the introduction of a foreign consciousness which seeks to rule over humanity and ultimately devour the soul-energy as a form of spiritual sustenance.

End-Goal, End of Days Total Subjugation

There was a plan that was averted. This was the plan for a “Supersoldier” take-over of the human race. This would’ve been a destruction and terror like no other time in the history of humanity.
Hybrid soldiers and other beings were to rise from the underground bases and entirely subjugate and destroy any remaining aspects of the original human civilization.

Civilization Reset

Instead of this civilization has been ‘reset’ in previous eras. A turning back of the genetic and collective ‘clock’ would be achieved through the use of powerful scalar devices that could produce a temporal-gravitational effect which would effectively re-position all consciousness back to a certain date in history and the whole process would repeat itself.
This has been repeated 6 times in the course of the human civilization.


If a quantum zero-point collapse occurs then the variability of consciousness in this realms reaches a null-trajectory where neither a reset nor any progression can be achieved and the past and future combine into one moment effectively stopping time and threatening the complete erasure of the human species.

The “Shift”

This is the proposed transition that is a result of the avoidance of complete disaster.
Instead of resetting time, instead of a ‘supersoldier takeover’ what is to occur (from what I was shown and informed of) is that Earth will reach the height of spiritual progression.
Those that want to spiritually polarize “dark”, negative, service to self, vampiric, AI, or underworld will have the required energy to do so. Those who want to spiritually polarize “light”, positive, service to the whole, organic, self-willed, or deity realm will have the required energy to do so.
Earth then reaches a point of transition in the physical universe which is actually a timegate, which is a dimensional alignment between this universe and a pathway through hyperspace which leads out of a containment zone, a kind of dimensional rift, that Earth and humanity has been cast into as part of this spiritual war. We are considered souls lost at sea as part of the spiritual-legal system rule because that is exactly how one would describe this situation if they could see the larger picture.
When this alignment is reached there is a clear passage from this realm to the larger existence and thus people have the only access point from within this dimensional rift (which is akin to the horizon of a black hole; the abyss) to reach a secure area.
There are lightships which are capable of providing a necessary increase of energy to spiritually propel individuals towards reaching an acceleration phase which enables the body and the mind to function in a way that the soul can access the access-way of the timegate and begin an ‘ascent’ a travel towards the outside of this time-matrix or dimensional rift.
The lightships can beam scalar emissions which isolate and accelerate one’s energy to enhance the process and enable them to capacity to move out of the murky and distorted waters of the space within this rift.
A person MUST make the free-will choice to travel one way or another, this cannot be done for them. They must live their life in a CLEAR and PROMINENT demonstration of whether they choose free-will, empathy, unity, or dominion, cold-heartedness, and chaos.
Those who do not polarize are considered “lukewarm” and their energies will have no defining qualities from which to place them into a larger universe. They will remain and dissolve with this realm.
This realm is effectively “closing out” like a timeloop and so individuals will either expand beyond the confines of this realm, or they will dissolve with it.
Myself and others are guided to you now to offer you the chance to secure your existence as this is part of the plan and both sides must offer the truth, even the dark as at least as a glimpse of what is actually happening and this is evident in the symbolism and subliminal messages this society.
It is up to you to make a choice, this can’t be done for you, however the dark will gladly work to knock you out of existence and use the soul-energy for their own purposes.
One’s free-will is what’s important here. Use your free-will to determine your path and live in demonstration of this.
Repeated choices or choices made through great intensity of free-will exemplify and demonstrate your frequency and direction.

An Important Aspect of Disclosure 3

Posted on February 28, 2017 by omnipulse

The Modalities of WAR:

The Alien Agenda

Full Disclosure: The “aliens” are within the subconscious and brought in by the people who witness them. So if a person has an “alien” problem, they have a subconscious awareness problem and the “aliens” are actually an interdimensional representation of their own consciousness brought into the collective universe.
People who don’t know this will seek to rally everyone up, to get guns and bombs, and to go to war and this is a plan to have the majority of humanity wiped out by those who just can’t seem to find those darned aliens after murdering nearly the entire human population.

Psychotronic Warfare

There is also technology to materialize hallucinations as well as created or hybrid beings that are part animal and part man so there are a variety to possible situations.
These psychotronic devices can make people seem to want to commit the atrocities or even receive them upon themselves. These devices create the perception of those signals within the brain from an external device and this is then projected into the brain and body of the targeted individual.

The Holographic Universe

The mind and body reflect unto the universe and the universe reflects back. If people seek destruction, death, terror, even for the “right” reasons then they are going to attract that very frequency of experiences back for themselves.
The other end of this is that instead of reacting with outright terror and self-annihilation, we must act with complete docility and submission.
Both are the extremes of the duality and neither lead to the true reality where one is liberated from the illusions of mind-control.
The frequencies of the bio-emissions that we emit and participate in through action and belief correlate to our experiences.
Collectively, what the masses believe generate experiences across the entire realm. This is akin to the generation of the parameter sets that define this reality.


In such, the majority of people are heavily mind-controlled and so will create a reality of damnation for themselves. As a result, those who choose the higher path will have to do so while others around them spiritually degrade into that of a sub-human personification. Some say this is because there are actually only a certain amount of original humans on the planet and that during a timeline alteration ‘extra’ humans were introduced and these are part animals and part humans; ‘hybrids’.

Spiritual Degradation

What can only happen, is that these hybrids will degrade. People do not evolve, they degrade and so these hybrids will eventually begin to degrade and spiritually devolve back into their animalistic form until they return to their previous form.
Those who are destined to co-exist as the surviving human civilization will have to remain strong and true while others seek to cause war and degrade humanity to weaken the genetic foundation and draw more vessels into a hive mind system which is literally a form of artificial intelligence soul matrix that these hybrids belong to as they lack the requirements for an organic human soul matrix.

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