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NIBIRU News ~ Real Footage Captured In Mexico plus MORE

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Published on Feb 28, 2017
►SHARE! Mexico Footage at 5:45 - How many suns do we have ? Is This Nibiru Planet X? Where is it coming from ? What about Gravity ?

►More Videos:
Webcams picking up on strange anomaly
Absurd evidence

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►Real Footage Captured In Mexico May Reveal What People Are Reporting All Over The World




Published on Feb 28, 2017
IS PLANET-X REAL? Perhaps the most enigmatic and debated objects that may or may not be soaring through the cosmos, on a collision course with earth is the celestial body, known to some as Nibiru, the 12th planet, Nemesis, or simply Planet X. Conspiracy theorists claim Planet X, also known as Nibiru, orbits at the edge of our solar system. They say its gravitational pull could spell the end for humanity by disrupting the flow of energy on Earth.

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Nibiru Dust Poisoning Population
Space dust from the Nibiru star system is currently penetrating Earth’s atmosphere and making some people gravely ill, says Dr. Vjekoslav Maks Luburić (Вјекослав Макс Лубурић), a noteworthy Croatian physician and astronomical scientist. He asserts that moderate amounts of red iron-oxide dust have survived atmospheric reentry and saturated the upper ionosphere with potentially deadly polymorphic toxins.
Dr. Luburić has sterling credentials; he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Croatia’s Palacky University and later served as Chief Medical Officer for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force during the 2001 Ukrainian-Uyghur insurgency in Afghanistan. By 2006, he had grown weary of the sight of blood and abandoned medicine to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an astronomer. He completed his post-graduate work at Dubrovnik International University, earning a PhD in astronomical sciences. He was appointed chair fellow at the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory, where, he says, he learned about Nibiru.
While his colleagues clandestinely raced to solve Nibiru’s orbital mechanics, Dr. Luburić focused on an immediate threat, the diaphanous clouds of red iron-oxide dust surrounding the brown dwarf star and its seven companion planets.
“I am not convinced Nibiru will cross Earth’s path,” Dr. Luburić said,but I am convinced the dust is already reaching our planet and causing some people to become very ill. Some guys said this is impossible but I believe otherwise. Once Nibiru system emerged from the dark side of the sun, it became vulnerable to galactic interference.”
Gravitational distortions and cosmic currents have created a wave front ahead of the Nibiru system, and have dislodged pockets of red iron-oxide dust. The lethal dust, he says, is being swept through the cosmos toward Earth.
“To use an analogy, think about ocean currents and waves,” Dr. Luburić said. Ocean waves maintain enough posterior pressure to beach whales. All waves begin at the equatorial bulge and push outward toward shore. Graviton pressure on the dust cloud follows a similar principle.”
Asked why no one has seen the red iron dust, he explained that trace amounts of red iron-oxide dust are imperceptible to the naked eye; each dust particle measures less than 1 X 10-6 microns in diameter.

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