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Why The Elite Will Control Medical Pot

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1 Why The Elite Will Control Medical Pot on Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:38 pm


Why The Elite Will Control Medical Pot

Published by Lon Swanson at March 1, 2017

If your State has recently passed medical cannabis law, congratulations. Now things will get interesting. Watch.

In my State of Michigan, over 63% of voters said yes to medical marijuana in 2008. Unfortunately, our law was not written ironclad (not that such a law exists) and a lot of law abiding citizens soon became felons because of the voter approved initiative.
The same law that protects you will become the same law to prosecute your registered ass. The police and courts do not want to forgo their gravy train of cash. Nationally, about 80% of arrests are for marijuana. That’s a lot of lost court and police fines. Towing companies. Lawyers. Dog the Bounty Hunter. Court staff.
The general public in your state will eventually grow old of medical marijuana. It will be old news. At the same time, arrests will rise while your State courts rewrite favorable laws in favor of something restrictive and unattainable. Just watch. Arrests for marijuana are up 20% in Michigan each year since we passed our law.
Even acknowledging that marijuana is legal will be impossible for these enforcers (status quo) even years after medical marijuana legislation passes. They will raid and arrest your retirees-turned-caregivers, dispensary-entrepreneurs, and even your vocal patient activists. The media will become a willing participant in spreading law enforcement’s message, “they were arrested for not being compliant fully. We received numerous complaints. Get rid of the bad apples.”
Eventually, all the apples are labeled bad or considered to be acting outside of the law (not in 100% compliance). Create a problem, offer a solution. Clear the existing dispensaries and growers. Enter corporate legislation and takeover. Monopoly.
If you live in one of these States or Michigan, then you already know. It is something you cannot describe without having lived through it. Orwellian.
To those new entrepreneurs living in States with brand new cannabis laws, you are part of something great. Before you venture too far remember the old saying, “Pioneers get slaughtered, settlers prosper.”
Be an explorer anyways.

Lon Swanson
Working to end cannabis prohibition through action.

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