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The Situation Report by Anna von Reitz

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1The Situation Report  by Anna von Reitz Empty The Situation Report by Anna von Reitz on Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:22 pm


The Situation Report
by Anna von Reitz

Today we face cleaning up the biggest Con Game in human history. For those yet in the dark…..
Following the Revolutionary War the Founding Fathers formed a union of their separate states called The United States of America.
They then created and set apart a separate foreign “federal” government for the benefit of the British King and the Roman Pontiff-----the United States--- and gave them the District of Columbia as the headquarters of the United States. This created a separate foreign "Federal Enclave" on our shores.
They delegated nineteen enumerated “powers” naturally belonging to The United States of America to the United States via a contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.
These “powers” are duties and services to be performed by the United States on a for-hire basis. All these delegated authorities are exercised in international jurisdiction of the sea.
Only one delegated power, the Interstate Commerce Clause, allows the United States to have any role in the internal affairs of the states holding the land jurisdiction of this country, and that provision merely stipulates that the United States is to ensure the free flow of commerce between the states.
Thus, the United States is and has always been a subcontractor and a foreign entity with respect to the American union of states.
In 1860 the Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch, by and through their Foreign Agents, the members of the American Bar Association, provoked and launched an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores known as “The American Civil War”.
Upon closer examination, there is no Declaration of War starting the conflict and no Peace Treaty ending it: the American Civil War was never actually a war.
It was a completely unlawful and illegal police action and the first of a great many similar illegal police actions committed by the United States.
The Reconstruction Acts mandated by the foreign United States Congress have never been repealed and the United States has continued to rape, plunder, pillage, and defraud their loyal employers and benefactors, American states and people.
This shameful violation of international law, breach of trust, and breach of commercial contract has gone on in the sight of God and the international community for 150 years.
It has cost us and the rest of the world untold misery and suffering, hundreds of millions of lives lost, trillions of dollars bilked out of our labor, natural resources, and financial assets-----endless wars for profit, endless schemes to cheat other nations, endless counterfeiting and secretive misuse and abuse of our people and our resources by the British Monarch and Roman Pontiff to enrich themselves at our expense and then, we have been used as instruments to rob, cheat, murder and bilk other nations at their behest.
The evil at the heart of the British Monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church is laid bare for all to see, revealed by their actions in America--- and the entire world now has an interest in seeing the predation put to an end.
It is, or should be self-evident, that the “United States” is nothing without the backing of the United States of America----the actual states and people of this country. It has no resources that are legitimately its own, and thanks to the criminality, cruelty, depravity, arrogance and violence of its leadership---no friends.
The only way that the United States and its Puppetmasters, the British Monarch and the Roman Pontiff, can hope to survive ---is by complete, absolute, and total reform--- and by making amends, first to the people and states of America, and then to the entire rest of the world.
The American states and people are not by nature vengeful, but the constructive fraud, inland piracy, unlawful conversion of our assets, disrespect of our retained powers, usurpation of our state and county governments, kidnapping of our children, conscription and control of our resources, infringement of our copyrights and trademarks, unlawful taxation and employment of commercial mercenary forces on our soil must end.
The American Bar Association and the International Bar Association and their memberships, are under a $279 trillion dollar commercial lien for their part in the Great Fraud.
These men and women acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents on our soil, who have enjoyed such unearned trust and prestige throughout America, stand revealed as nothing more than common criminals and con artists engaged in plundering public trusts and profiting themselves from courts run under color of law, penal bonds fraudulently imposed, and the slave labor of criminals----most of whom committed no real crime at all.
The United States has sunk itself in trillions of dollars of debt, intending to declare bankruptcy and to name the hapless American states and people as their sureties and franchisees again.
That’s not going to happen.
We have exposed their fraud against us and against our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents all the way back to 1860. Their Bad Faith, criminality, and Breach of Trust are all plain to see.
We have raised the alarm and denied their odious debt.
We have exposed their private Bill Collection agencies being run under color of law as American courts.
We have threaded through the entire process they have used to press-gang and enslave us via identity theft, false commercial claims, and the use of CUSIP Bonds.
We have unraveled the step-by-step money laundering process used by the British Government and the Vatican to profit themselves and the politicians on their payroll.
There can be no doubt that the United States and its leaders here and abroad have functioned as parasites worse than any lampreys lurking in the cold and murky depths of Lake Michigan.
Thanks to the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of London, and the Roman Pontiff, the United States has been run as a violent crime syndicate on our shores----a crime syndicate that has run a vast racketeering and commercial fraud scheme against us and then used us as their muscle to enslave other nations.
It has to end.
The Chinese Government must be warned that all that gold the vermin have brought with them during their Exodus to China comes with an insupportable debt and vast international commercial claims attached to it and that the only reason the United States could not pay its Trade Deficit is that it was too busy double-dipping and stealing from the Americans.
They will do the exact same thing to China, too.
How do we know this?
Because the same vile, venal, parasitic fraud scheme has blazed its way across time and space from Ancient Babylon to Jerusalem to Egypt to Carthage to Rome to Ireland to Scotland to Britain to America….. and it is always the same story: set up the scam, drain the victims dry, pretend to either be your victim or to be the agent of your victim, leave the victims to pay your debts, move on to greener pastures---taking your ill-gotten gains with you and using them to bribe your way into another sweet spot with another government.
They’ve done it in the Mideast, Africa, Europe, America, and now, China---they think it’s your turn.
The game is up here and the hunters have become the hunted. Even the members of the United States Congress are waking up and realizing how they’ve been snookered and how far down around their ankles their pants are.
Good-morning, America.

Thanks to Anna via fakebook


2The Situation Report  by Anna von Reitz Empty Re: The Situation Report by Anna von Reitz on Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:35 am


Well once again you have hit the nail on the head Anna...........probably less than one tenth of one percent of the US public are even aware of what you just spoke........

If only the Creature from Jekyll Island was required reading in school, things might be a whole lot better for us.........

This same group that enslaves peoples on all continents of this globe.........also controls our media..........and the worlds media for that matter..........

Is it any wonder that North Korea.......Cuba......and Iran are thought of as countries to fear ??..........really........well these three holdouts refuse to let the central bankers into their countries............and therefore the central bankers are not making any money off these three holdouts..........

Iceland also threw off the Central bankers yoke back in 2008, and they have gone on to be one of thee most prosperous countries in the EU......and of course the EU is another Central banker is the UN.....the IMF......the World Bank...........and the list just goes on and on..........

The rabbit hole runs deep...........and once your eyes have been will always be one step ahead of these people...........known as the central bankers...........or Rothschild's if you will..............

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