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Published on Mar 6, 2017
RED NIBIRU Covers the Sun FLORIDA!!!_2017-03-05




Published on Mar 6, 2017
Two Suns-Giant Planet Nibiru and Planets....










Nibiru Causing Sleep Deprivation
Thoughts of Nibiru have plagued patients suffering from sleep deprivation, says Dr. Leon Bronstein, a neurologist formerly employed at Cleveland Clinic’s Sleep Disorder Center. Every year, the clinic treats an alarming number of patients whose nocturnal slumber is interrupted by cataclysmic visions of a cosmic intruder—a comet, meteor, asteroid, or planet—causing planet wide devastation as it slams into Earth.
Dr. Bronstein says the clinic has seen a marked increase in patients sharing similar, but not identical, nightmarish dreams. Many patients identify the nocturnal invader by name—Nibiru, Nemesis, Wormwood, The Destroyer, Herculobus—whereas a minority of those afflicted wake up in a cold sweat, rambling hysterically about an unnamed celestial object colliding with Earth.
In either case, according to Dr. Bronstein, the patient’s memory of the dream is vivid enough to allow full recollection long after the patient has been awake. While specific details might differ, patients have described graphic dreams and visions of a planet-like object, many times the size of earth, flanked by flaming wings stretching millions of miles into space. Invariably, the object either nearly misses or strikes Earth, eradicating all life on the planet.
“That so many people seem to be sharing these near-identical dreams is the pending causality,” said Dr. Bronstein. “The endocrine system and a hypersonic pituitary gland might be partly responsible. But there is a deeper reason. A colleague of mine, who I disagree with, says that nocturnal grinding of teeth is a likely cause. He speculated that the grinding causes a rumbling in the brain that could be perceived by the brain as a meteor. But this in nonsense. The answer is straightforward: patients have either had their brains irradiated or have shared a common external stimulus prompting pre-natal nocturnal disruption. Simply put, they probably watched too many disaster movies or spent too much time on the internet reading about that Nibiru thing.”
Dr. Bronstein adds that the condition is progressive. For example, a person dreaming that an asteroid strikes Earth one night might dream about Earth being annihilated by the Nibiru system the next night.
He said the ailment is analogous to recurring dreams about snakes and falling great distances.
“Snakes are common in nightmares,” Dr. Bronstein said. “If a patient wakes from nightmare featuring a single snake, eventually a colony of snakes will invade his dreams. Falling is similar. One night a woman dreams of falling from the roof of her house; the next night she is freefalling from Trump Tower.”
Last year, the clinic evaluated twenty-three patients with Nibiru-like dreams, most of who were diagnosed with “latent melancholic episodic insomnia”. Total insomniacs, he said, are frequently prescribed Ambien to induce rapid-eye-movement or, less frequently, Prozosin, a controversial drug alleged to mitigate recurring nightmares. In rare cases, severely traumatized patients experience a systemic auto-correction of the subconscious mind, freeing them of horrific dreams and allowing insomniacs to sleep peacefully. It appears that said auto-correction is almost always connected to the presence of a cat in the patient’s bed.
Ultimately, Dr. Bronstein blames pervasive sleep disorders on gun violence, graphically disturbing video games, Hollywood, and the Nibiru phenomenon. “I don’t know if Nibiru is real, but it is creating a lot of anxiety,” he said.

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Published on Mar 6, 2017
The arrival of a large planetary body in our solar system known as "Planet X" or Nibiru. Planet X" type body would become visible though he suggested its arrival would be accompanied by a set of additional objects such that it would be akin to "having another solar system moving into our solar system. the possibility of its passage into our solar system, which could wreak cataclysmic changes upon the Earth.

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