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GAIASHIPS - Arcs for Humanity

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1 GAIASHIPS - Arcs for Humanity on Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:32 pm



GAIASHIPS 2017 Proposal


Empowerment of the light community to ease their financial hardship and allow them to break away from the control grid and exercise their personal sovereignty.
Empowerment of the new Crystalline earth grid by physically grounding and anchoring our energetic intent with the physical construction of sacred educational centers.
Provide leadership and guidance when disclosure is evident. Building a Global cooperative and collaborative relationships with our Galactic families, educating our human family of our Galactic heritage, creating beneficial heart alliances between humanity and our galactic families. Implementing guidance and support to create a world where we coexist in harmony with each other and our Galactic families.
To provide spiritual empowerment, assist individuals to release from the old paradigm mentality of doctrine and religion and supporting people to discover their innate spirituality.
The new centers will create a global network of the light community, providing travel,lodging and a meeting space within each center to further raise the vibrational state of humanity and assist with its passage. The centers will share group energy, vision and create tangible projects that assists us move into the 5D and beyond.
Each center will be used to showcase suppressed and new 5d technologies and to create specialist knowledge and tradable skills to the surrounding community.
provide free alternative medicine for healing and share specialist knowledge and tradable skills.
To provide a working example of how higher consciousness can lead to peace and cooperation.Use these new understandings to outreach within its community and beyond.
To provide a model of New Earth living and ways of being, including sustainable lifestyle practices in harmony with the planet and all living beings.
How can this be achieved?
To create funding for the construction and management of sustainable, holistic Eco- centers. These centers are architecturally designed with sacred geometry, frequency and resonant with nature.
The centers are designed for the specific needs of each community and its geographic location.
Each building will utilize cutting edge technologies to provide all amenities such as water, waste water, power, cooling and heat - basically a show case for “off-the-grid” living.
Once a building is complete the team that assisted in its construction would either:
Share and assist their newly acquired knowledge with new teams, ongoing building projects and or remain working within the recently completed building overseeing the center objectives and or assist in organizing outreach to the local population and tourists.
The benefit of this proposal is that we would be provide the means to allow the light community to involve themselves in a positive project which would offer them an abundant exchange for their service and freedom from the current obsolete system.
We aim that each center will be designed and built to serve the needs of the local community, to actively use new healing technologies to tackle unhealthy life habits/addictions and provide it’s community with a clear message of hope, education and expansion.
Each center will demonstrate life on the New Earth….. ideas and practices that are counter intuitive to 3D thinking and programming. Outreach would be extended to schools, the elderly, the dispossessed, and animals.
Sustainable and viable alternatives would be presented and actioned to show healing and improved treatments for many of the problems of today’s society.
Education will include explanation of who we are and where we are returning to and explanation of how and why we came here in the first place.
Initially we will prioritize those communities who have suffered the most.
~ Priority Project 1~
W intend to build our first center on the 4 Square Hopi reserve, Arizona U.S.A. We will provide work, training and healing to tackle the years of hardship and lack of opportunity to these people.
We would hope that with this investment into their community, we can tackle the habitual drug and alcohol abuse that blights its society, Create tradable specialism and a viable and expansive future for all those willing to heal themselves.

The buildings will reflect the needs of its community and become the spiritual heart of the community.
The center will provide a sacred space to provide a spiritual focus and provide instruction and practice for individuals to explore their own spirituality eliminating religious institution and doctrine.
In exchange, the Hopi will share their native teachings and ways, educating humanity on how to live in harmony and coexistence with our sacred Earth.
Each project will take around 3 to 4 months to build, dependent on funding support, community support, availability of materials and environmental conditions.
Utilizing the idea of cell division, each construction team will be made up from a diverse group. The more new developments ,the more people will be able to split off and assist or lead new construction projects.
This growth metaphor allows teams to be truly international, spreading good practice and the spiritual bond between all groups of this ever expanding grid of new centers.
There will be continual development and sharing of ideas. Again, once a project is completed an individual can choose to stay and assist the running of the center or move on to other centers around the globe.
The emphasis of this project is to address the local needs of each community and show new and viable solutions to address the maladies of our present earth experience.
We recognize that we are about to embark upon an exciting voyage of self discovery, We are going to learn who we truly are and understand our full creative potential.
These centers will appear quickly around the globe.They will take away fear, provide love and understanding, give people guidance and education to allow them to transition smoothly into the new earth paradigm.
It is envisioned that these centers will expand exponentially around the world. There is already a global network of light-workers connected through social media and with the advent of the higher vibrational energies impacting the earth, there will be many people looking to follow new ways of living and seeking ways to do so.
Our vision is that the centers will start to build in their tens and within a relatively short period of time, immense growth in the hundreds of thousands of centers built. Each addressing the needs of their local communities and providing much needed knowledge and support.
The focus is to immediately identify funding, interested teams in each country who would like to get involved and to provide the cross pollination, i.e. to mix people from each country from the onset.
Global vibrational connection commences from the get-go to ensure as much diversity as possible.
Information required to support funding ~
To include…
· overall site plan.
· Information of the site and its geography.
· It’s position on the crystalline grid or the relevance of its location.
· A simple layout and size of construction.
· Where the different materials will be sourced from.
· The skills and experience of the main construction team
· the team members willing to travel abroad to assist and swap with other teams.
· Projected program of completion showing all stages of construction.
· A cash flow forecast showing cash requirement for construction phase.
· A cash flow forecast showing cash requirement to run the centre for the next 3 years
· ideas of what outreach can be achieved in the local community.
The speed of construction and spread of the knowledge to complete and manage the center will be largely dependent upon the money made available from the onset. This is a flat organization. Everyone receives the same rate of pay and are paid for their productivity or hours worked.
Each centre would manage its affairs to agreed budgets
Initially, architects could be commissioned that would lead to a wide variety of designs which could then be duplicated or modified to suit other builds.
It will be understood that this initial period is a pre-cursor to the huge social and spiritual up-lifting that will manifest as this shift develops. The foundation will be liberating the masses!
there will be a sense of confidence and vitality that each light worker feels to be finally among “family” There will be an immediate health and well being revelation. Each human will begin to feel their creative potential and true innate nature.
The light community comprises of intelligent and articulate beings with a wide range of skills, knowledge,and wisdom. Most possess communication skills and leadership qualities to easily accomplish and convey the purpose of these buildings.
Each center will become an interconnected node point in a global network of spiritual fellowship. Their presence will accelerate change due to the concentrated spiritual power of the light workers now working within them. All will be free of of the past 3D issues and be able to fully embrace and step into the New Earth paradigm.
~ Imagine ~ All we need is LOVE ~
In service for All Life ~ Gaia team .


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