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Anna von Reitz - 3/09/2017

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An End to My Association With Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton

Posted on March 9, 2017 by David Robinson
Anna von Reitz - 3/09/2017 4f522-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz
I met Bruce Doucette when I invited him to a conference I held in Anchorage, Alaska, last May. Bruce is a very personable guy, apparently well-intentioned, and eager to get things done.
Unfortunately, what he wanted to get done had nothing to do with why the conference had been called, and he attempted to commandeer it for his purposes. I had to repeatedly drag things back on track because he couldn’t or wouldn’t keep his own agenda to the sidelines.
The same thing is happening right now. I have called for the restoration of the American Government of the people, by the people, for the people—- and he and Hamilton and a few others have launched off into redefining the American Government however they see fit.
It’s not going to work.
Bruce has taken it into his head that he and a few other people on a conference call can just wave their hands and change the meaning and substance of the American Government (change the duties and authorities of the Grand Juries, for example) and bypass and ignore the jurisdictional limitations that have been set in stone for over two hundred years (put State Justices in charge of Continental Marshals, for example).
That is simply not true. Restoration of a government doesn’t imply redefining and twisting it into something else.
Every single one of us reclaiming our natural birthright status can occupy vacant offices in our own government and serve them faithfully, but we have no authority to change the meaning and nature of the offices we occupy.
If what Bruce is thinking and teaching others to think were true and correct, there would quickly be as many different opinions about what Grand Juries are, as there are Grand Juries. Chaos and constant confusion and conflicts would reign supreme.
There would be no agreement between Michigan and Georgia about what a “Grand Jury” is or how it functions, and in all the over 3000 counties, the situation would be the same.
All valid American Government offices are strictly limited to prevent despotism. Whatever office Bruce Doucette thinks he occupies—-a land jurisdiction State Justice’s office doesn’t have duties in international jurisdiction. None. Zero.
Whatever anyone “thinks” —Grand Juries don’t have control of anything but the duties that Grand Juries are assigned within the American Common Law Courts under the Public Law.
Those who flout the same Public Law that they claim to derive their authority from, are acting in breach of their oaths and have no authority.
And now Bruce and Mr. Hamilton and some others who have confused the functions of state militia with the functions of continental marshals have stumbled into international jurisdiction where they have no vested authority and they are ramming around causing trouble for the Continental Marshals program over –so far as the evidence goes so far — truly petty misunderstandings and false assumptions.
I suspect ego problems are at the bottom of it all, and that having helped start the program and having handed over the baton for it, Bruce Doucette wants to continue to control and direct it even though his office is a land jurisdiction office and the offices of the continental marshals are all in international (sea) jurisdiction.
As for Michael R. Hamilton, I don’t believe that he even has an office apart from the vacancy. So far as I know there are no active counties in Louisana and no jural assembles or Grand Juries, either. So? What is a justice without a constituency?
Both these men may be well-intentioned. I would vouch for Bruce that he is. But, being well-intentioned only goes so far. One must also respect the rules and observe the limitations built into the government and the offices you say you serve.
I wish to make it perfectly clear that I serve the American states and people and the government they established in 1776 and that I abide by the constitutional agreement they established and that I stand for the Public Law and for Due Process and that I exercise my office within the confines established for it by the Public Law and that I do not condone nor encourage any Grand Jury administrator or any State Justice operating outside their lawful jurisdiction.
Such actions are destructive to the aim of restoring our lawful government.
That is not to say that after the restoration is complete, I don’t have some issues with loopholes in The Constitution that need to be closed or think that our American Government is perfect “as is”. I don’t. But I also know that there are ways and means and processes established for the peaceful amendment and negotiation of whatever changes we wish to make as a nation and that the lawful way and place to address those changes is not on a teleconference call.
I know that single counties don’t make states and single states don’t speak for the whole union of states and that we have rules and definitions, quorums and processes that have to be observed for actions to be valid.
Bruce and Mr. Hamilton have impugned my honor and suggested/inferred that I am “just protecting Bella Haywood” and that I have some personal ax to grind for defending the limitations our offices, the Public Law, and the Rules of Evidence.
What kind of Justice would I be, if I did not?
From what I have seen so far— Chief Marshal Haywood deserves protection, because she is doing her job and observing her proper jurisdiction and nothing substantial has been proven against her. It’s that simple.
On the other hand, both Bruce and Michael R. Hamilton have overstepped their boundaries, asserted authorities they don’t have under the Public Law, and what is even more damning, have taught others to do the same.
Instead of acting as, and within the offices of State Justices, they’ve strayed far, far afield either in ignorance or in arrogance. And they have refused to correct.
I have spent forty years in the trenches and I have to say that such behavior always, predictably— and rightfully— has consequences. When you stand on the Law and respect your jurisdiction and respect the limitations of your office, you prosper.
When you do otherwise– you get shot down.
Water flows downhill.
If Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton continue to ignore the limits of their offices and the rightful jurisdiction of their offices, they will sooner or later be arrested and prosecuted for it, because the only authority, right, or safety we have derives from the Public Law, and depends on us knowing and obeying the Public Law, respecting the limits of our offices, and operating in our proper jurisdiction.
I am separating myself from them and their actions and assertions because in my opinion what they are doing —-and what they are encouraging others to do —- is outside the Public Law, outside their jurisdiction, and destructive to the cause of restoring our lawful government.
Whatever it is that they are doing, it is not within the lawful office of State Justices to do.
From this time forward and until such time as a reconciliation may be reached let it be perfectly clear that I do not condone what Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton are doing or teaching, the assumptions they are making, the new powers they are assuming for themselves, nor the new and different duties they are trying to foist off onto the Grand Juries and Continental Marshals.
There is no precedent for such offices or jurisdictions as they are attempting to create, no Public Law in support of it, therefore no delegation of authority related to our already existing American Government (as opposed to US Government) in support of them or what they are doing.
And so, in my view, there is no difference between the corruption that Bruce and Hamilton are introducing and the corruption that the de facto government has allowed; they are now trying to usurp powers never delegated to their offices from within in exactly the same way that the de facto government has usurped power from without.
I will have no part of it.
Always remember that rights and authorities go with limits and responsibilities. If we expect the United States Government to play by the rules, the Government of the United States of America can do no less.

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