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Anna Goes Queen for a Day

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1 Anna Goes Queen for a Day on Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:07 am



Anna Goes Queen for a Day

Posted on March 9, 2017 by David Robinson  
  Anna von Reitz
Someone got down on me for exposing all the fraud and crappola without appearing to have any answers or Go Forward Plan. Hmmmm…. well, let’s see….. I thought I had one somewhere around here, maybe not written down as so many talking points, but liberally scattered throughout all my writings…. sigh.
There is always one in the crowd….
So pretend that Anna is Queen for a Day….. what would I do with this country and its moribund economy, failing institutions, and ancient infrastructure?
1. Repudiate fraudulent and odious debt, so the people of this country don’t get socked with it AGAIN.
2. Go back to the history and repudiate similar actions that have been ongoing since the Civil War and which have been used to fund wars for profit and illegal police actions throughout the world—- and put an end to these abuses.
3. Draw a line so that people can finally understand that there is a difference between the United States of America and the United States— two completely different and separate nations whose only connection is that the United States is under contract to provide nineteen enumerated services to the United States of America.
4. Restore the lawful land jurisdiction government of the United States of America by educating its people and engaging their participation in and support for their own government. That includes restoring the Common Law Courts.
5. Use international awareness and censure of the United States to compel its compliance with reform.
6. To pay the lawful debts of the United States of America and remove any idea that we are bankrupt or dishonest.
7. To reboot the American Silver Dollar, which is and has always been our lawful currency, as a transitional tool allowing us to move into a mixed currency market. I don’t anticipate that legal tender will disappear or become valueless overnight, nor do I see us packing around bags of gold coins to conduct business.
8. I favor the creation of a Universal Currency without destroying or undermining national currencies. The beauty of a Universal Currency based on all natural resources and all labor resources on Earth is that unlike our current situation, everyone has something of value to trade, and everyone is a producer in the asset-based currency market. That puts an end to hoarding, supply manipulations, and similar evils.
9. I favor development of ongoing bank-less transactional currencies like Bit Coin.
10. I support outlawing certain kinds of corporations. They simply shouldn’t exist, because they provide no redeeming value except to allow their shareholders and officers to avoid responsibility for their acts.
11. I would like to see the use of B Corporations— sometimes called “Beneficial Corporations”. Commercial corporations function for one motive— profit at any cost. That is not a sufficiently redeeming social value, but as bank CEO’s will tell you, they currently have no choice in the matter. Restructuring all banks as B Corporations would be one means of instant systemic bank reform.
12. The complete restructuring of all world debt, so as to absorb and redefine and diffuse the ticking time bomb. I believe that we now have the means to do this and that (1) it harms nobody now and nobody in the future and (2) it allows growth and abundance. So why not do it?
13. Support the value of marriages and family relationships so that these are supported and rewarded and strengthened instead of being eroded by short-sighted and destructive social service and tax and insurance policies that penalize families and couples.
14. Make education practical and affordable and accessible to all and on a continuing basis. Education should be enjoyable and available to everyone throughout life. Reforming it by radically changing its organizational assumptions and funding structures would be very profitable as well as productive and humane. Factory schools don’t work. Time to change the whole paradigm to one that focuses on community and self-development.
15. Busting big monopolies. Including banks. These corporations know that they are doing things that are illegal and damaging. The law is already clear. They are now controlling entire sectors of the economy. We are suffering monopoly conditions because the regulators aren’t doing their jobs and are in fact self-interested through employee pension funds. Time to reform both ends of that dilemma.
16. Outlawing foreign media cartels. Paraphrasing Malcolm X— only a fool lets enemies control their media. American media needs to be American media and it needs to be competitive. We haven’t had a free press in this country since before the Second World War, both because of illegal government sanctions and because our “presses” have been owned and operated by a few big foreign corporations. Time for that to end and for the Fourth Estate to resurrect itself.
17. Prosecute destructive guild operations such as the AMA and American Bar Association, which set up closed shop unions under the guise of being professional associations. An organization that does the recognized crime forbidden by many acts of legislation including Taft-Hartley and Smith Act, etc.– needs to be prosecuted accordingly no matter how they structure their business operations or what excuses they make.
18. Reform “representational” government so that people have a direct voice in the budget process and also have the ability to recall all elected officials including U.S. Senators.
19. Go through the CAFR and AFR’s the various levels of government have been hiding from the public since 1946, audit all the so-called externally and internally managed (slush) funds and resume carriage accounting instead of double accrual accounting. Use the overflow to end the need for taxation and create a giant infrastructure investment fund to repair roads, bridges, pipelines, railroads, schools, electrical facilities, water utilities, dams, sanitation plants, recycling centers…. and all the other things we need.
20. Once the actual government of the United States of America is restored and fully functioning as it ought to, and enough people are fully informed, hold a Continental Congress and seat Fiduciary Deputies of the states to close loopholes in The Constitution which have allowed the members of Congress to act as criminals and usurpers against the states and people and do it without fear of accountability, formally enroll all the states of the union, end federal proprietary interest in the western states’ land, and restore the guarantees of freedom and state national political status to all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity.
If we can get through that list in the next twenty years, I’ll come up with another…..

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3 Re: Anna Goes Queen for a Day on Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:15 am



Proof in Their Own Words

Posted on March 10, 2017 by David Robinson
  Anna von Reitz
If anyone wants proof that Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton have overstepped their offices and are now attempting to lead an insurrection against our lawful government, they only need to go to Hamilton’s website and see for yourselves.
On his website with very slightly veiled efforts to call me a Vatican spy, after I have just handed the debts of the whole world to the Vatican to pay, he goes on to display the “Judge’s Oath” that he and Bruce have cobbled up and are making people take.
Here is news for all to hear and see:
Each land jurisdiction state already has oaths and other standards and definitions of what a State Justice is in its Session Laws.
These men have been too ignorant and lazy to check the Session Laws for the land jurisdiction courts in their states, so they are not taking the lawful oaths required for their own state of the union and are off in LaLa Land, just as I said, with no lawful authority backing them at all.
Now, they may have crafted themselves a pretty, high-sounding oath compared to the plebian and plain-style oaths that American State Justices take, but what this means folks, is that these guys are renegades— not just against the De Facto, but against the De Jure.
They are operating outside the lawful Government of the United States of America and outside the corporate Government of the United States, too.
Whatever “states” they are representing and claiming to hold office in, are just “states of mind”. Theirs.
Well, that’s all very fine if you are leading an insurrection or rebellion of some kind, but as I have very clearly stated—- what the rest of us came together to do is something quite different.
We want to restore our lawful government to full function and glory, not tear everything down to the ground and start over from scratch.
What these madmen need to learn also is something called “Chain of Title”. We are owed our lawful government and nobody can take it from us, so long as we claim it and operate it—– but those agreements go out the window when we do what these yahoos are doing.
Suddenly, there is no connection back to the Revolution or The Constitution. Our states are—without chain of title — just little squawling bits of land jurisdiction, free for the taking, and we are nameless, stateless chattel.
Maybe Bruce and Hamilton work for the men who would like to see America come to that? If they are dumb enough to think that they are American State Justices without taking the oath for their actual state, they aren’t playing with a very full deck—-are they?

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