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Round Earth/Square Earth

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1 Round Earth/Square Earth on Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:23 pm


Round Earth/ Square Earth


Let’s christen thee Urth; what say U? For U is the vessel and the vessel is U!”

If space is round and time square (cube) they should complement one another mathematically; which they do, though it appears our year 365 day year means our clock is out of sync with what should be 360 days per year where each day is but one degree of the circle. When time is out of whack it creates a slight distortion field. Time distortion fields have the ability to cause hick-ups with hook-ups, with not only how our planet mathematically synchronizes with the seasons of our Solar System and the greater equinotic cycle, but also creates disharmony with our antiparticle Earth and our anti-particle self.

The term Harmonic Universe, represents more than light and sound waves, when we consider that all existence here is only one side of the polar coin. The anti-particle universe is in every way as real as our plane of existence, but as polarity would have it their cycles would be the opposite of ours. Their angle of particle spin and spin orientation also opposite ours. However if you believe one side can ascend higher frequency bands without the other, you would be mistaken.

Stellar activation cycles which occur at 26k year intervals are only half the years, the full harmonic must include the other 26k occurring within the anti-particle universe for the 52k true harmonic. The correct period would be 25,920 yrs., provided our years were still 360 days. The true harmonic would then be 51,840 yrs., (51,840 ÷ 144 = 360) 360 represents the sphere/ space, and 144 represents the higher harmonic of time, or 12 cubed. We must understand that time as a cube has volume.

The period of time considered one time continua is equal to 4320 yrs., not 2160 which would be one sign of the zodiac, but it’s non polarized so we must consider the anti-particle world to get the other 2160 years, which means that one time continua can indeed be represented in our section of one zodiac or 2160 yrs. (4320 ÷ 360 = 12). Since 2160 is a half cycle one must use 6 instead of 12, (2160 ÷ 6 = 360). But as we know our rate of planetary spin is advanced so to get our more accurate estimate we must use 365.24 days per year. However any time distortion periods over the millennia screw with the math so even this won’t be spot on. Perhaps now one may get closer to squaring the circle ;)
The mother of this time matrix is also called URA or Urah, though she would rather all refer to her as mother. Some would refer to her as the spirit of the time matrix, just like when we refer to Earth Spirit. Such a spirit as Urah are indeed approachable as is the Earth Spirit, for they have the capability of form if they choose to do so, though most often than not choose to remain connected by senses other than vision until one has raised themselves consciously.

Perhaps I’m using the word vision inappropriately. When the second sight comes online its akin to seeing without the use of the eye. It is, I guess, a form of telepathy, but this sort of telepathy is not what one would think, but rather makes all languages obsolete, for thoughts in their pure form need no symbols. This is what is meant biblically as having the ability to speak all tongues.

Mother is not fond of competition, or AI which uses creation to elevate itself industriously, then usurp organic templates to advance subversive agendas. Although it’s well understood; creation often chooses to create, often in its own image which can go beyond organic means, though this term organic can be considered subjective. However there comes a great deal of responsibility when it comes to the creation of life forms as we learn from raising children; the nurturing never really ends.
Typically when I refer to plasma beings, I am not referring to creations within the time matrix per say, for in truth most things within creation do carry variations of what we technically consider plasma in every density and charge, even water itself, particularly when in the form of embryonic fluid; which can be synonymous with the substance which surrounds our planet.

Here, on this planet there has been a lot of meddling in regard to organic templates without the emphasis on what may come of it many years down the road.  A creation which can fire a gun void of conscience may be handy in a war but can mutate over centuries into something far more hideous, in both appearance and behavior.

Guardian news reports; The recent fires around the Oklahoma panhandle may have been set intentionally for the labyrinth beneath was but a cache of the ungodly which came under attack from the light forces. The beast began to surface to avoid persecution. The smoke screen may have been a diversionary tactic, or someone was trying to destroy the evidence.

The recent closures of labyrinths in Arizona which have sparked fears among residents there are non threatening. Many desert areas within the Southwest are presently being swept for overlords of a specific persuasion to combat a type of terrorism that has been going on for too long.

 The closures of labyrinths beneath Las Vegas and those related cloning centers which mocked creation was long overdue. For cloning fosters crime and encourages the taking of life and its unsanctioned replacement with non-souled beings used as puppets for subversive agenda’s. The recent return of Mr. Assange makes me wonder if there are other cloning centers out there?

Colorado, the state which was once slated to become the new capitol has probably become the least favorite now because the once vast tunnel systems that connected all the other states are for the most part in ruins. Which means the East/ West underground Autobahn is caput. But it’s still great if you’re visiting for surface activities like camping, skiing or buying pot. When visiting the Denver Airport with its pathetic righteous NWO art collection which pompously pretends to know the fate of mankind, know the complex below your feet, once the seat of the elite has been converted into a vertical hotel whose accommodations are scant and uncertain. But hey, if Capitol Hill wants a safe haven from all the riff raff out East I’m sure all will be welcome, just bring an oxygen tank and headache pills for frequency adjustment!

I hear my fears were confirmed in Antarctica, when they opened the artificial star-gate and were suddenly introduced to a number of well armed reptilians, which lead to a short war. This only proves both sides were somehow in collaboration.

It has also been reported that our planet will continue to experience a fair amount of grid stress. One reason being that frequency has increased in some areas but is lagging behind in others, or perhaps being checked by those who don’t want unilateral shifts in frequency, so interfere via techno gadgetry. This being said, we will continue to see a fair, or unfair amount of Earthquakes around the globe. One last note; the grids often spoken about energetically extend far into the atmosphere, so if you’re being C-trailed heavily it may indicate your grid has popped and congratulations is in order :0

Val  3/12/17

2 Re: Round Earth/Square Earth on Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:56 am


Thanks Val :)


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