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Anna von Reitz - The Nature of My Work with the Vatican plus more

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The Nature of My Work with the Vatican

Posted on March 13, 2017 by David Robinson  
  Judge Anna von Reitz
There are a lot of irresponsible, ignorant, whack-job comments being made by Michael R. Hamilton and others of his ilk trying to paint me as an “agent of the Vatican”—- when I have been one of those on the forefront of exposing the worldwide fraud, demanding an end to it, and bringing Notice and Due Process against the perpetrators.
This afternoon I got yet another heartfelt— “I like you, but what are you doing with the Vatican?” note.
In the first place, it’s not “the Vatican” that I have ever been involved with. My complaints were taken straight to the Pope. Forget his property management firm.
Here below is my reply—
Once I realized that there was an immense fraud going on, I tracked it back to corporations, and then realizing that corporations are all created by the Roman Curia it was a no-brainer to track the problem back to the Pope. At the same time, Heather Tucci-Jareff and the Paradigm Project were confirming the same thing— that virtually all the governments in the world are corporations and they are all tied to and ultimately under the control of the Holy See.
So a group of Americans took the complaint to Pope Benedict.
The Pope as Roman Pontiff and leader of the Holy See basically owns and operates all these “governments” and all the sub-corporations of these government corporations worldwide.
I came to the Pope with the fraud and breach of trust complaint that I have blatted throughout the western world, not because I was Catholic —I am in fact Lutheran—but because I realized that he is the CEO in charge of the whole mess. Who else should I talk to but the man in charge?
He asked me to help give Notice to his subordinates, which is a necessary part of Due Process, so I did. I acted as a private attorney– not a member of the Bar, not an office of the Holy See, not an office of the Vatican— but as Benedict’s voice to tell them all to knock it off and make amends.
Some were so ignorant that they didn’t realize who their ultimate CEO is. Others were so crooked and grown so used to getting away with their criminality that they didn’t care. And a very few did know what I was talking about and started taking action to end the fraud against the American people and other people throughout the world.
But you don’t have to take my word for this circumstance— read Heather Tucci-Jareff and the Paradigm Project Report which confirms everything I have told you is true in law, is also true in fact. She and her cohorts discovered the same fraud and same facts via a different road—through accounting audits— and they foreclosed on all the corporations involved, but could not figure out how to move on to liquidation.
So there you have it—- discovery of the fraud, notice of the fraud given to the guilty parties, second notice given to the guilty parties (employees), foreclosure, and now, liquidation.
I and those working with me have also figured out a way to get rid of the worldwide debt and the whole debt-based fiat money system without hurting anyone, so that is what is being used to transform the world and it is not another dirty trick.
The key thing that you and every other American has to realize is that you do have an actual “de jure” government—- it has stood vacant for many years, waiting for you all to “return” but it is still here thanks to our efforts to retain and sustain it and re-assert it. The way you return is by turning in the US PERSON that was foisted off on you to the Secretary of the Treasury. This then officially returns you to the land and the freedom and the guarantees that have always rightfully been yours.
I hope that those reading this will get the very simple facts straight— I complained to the Pope about this ugly circumstance, he agreed that it couldn’t go on and asked for help, I took up the job of giving Notice to his corporate subordinates, and have continued on to prosecute the claim against the office of the Roman Pontiff and the Holy See step by step ever afterward.
I am sure that there are numbnutz out there who think that you can solve problems without addressing the people responsible for them, and many others who are still asleep who think that the world begins and ends with their own country and that there is nothing beyond Washington, DC—- but I am burdened with the knowledge that apparently escapes most Americans—that we are just a part of a larger whole and inextricably bound by our common planet to take our place and shoulder our responsibilities and keep watch on the larger sphere of government that is international in nature.
America and Americans are owed treaties, compacts, commercial contracts, and trust relationships that have been violated by fraud and breach of trust. It does no good for us to stand around complaining to each other, when the source of the problem is beyond our shores. I realized and you should all realize that the battle had to be carried to the Queen and the Pope and the banks and the other governments and the Lord Mayor of London and a great many other parties responsible for this criminality. The wrong-doing had to be exposed to them and to the entire rest of the world and to all of you, too, otherwise nothing would change for the better.
In another two years, the de Jure government owed to the united States of America would have been declared defunct, dead, non-existent anymore.
There would have been no states for you to come home to. No state session laws to define state offices owed to you. No constitution. No guarantees. No treaties held by succession. No international recognition.
You would have been permanently adrift as slaves owned by the Crown. Look at how they have marked your Birth Certificates with dates and numbers referencing “Historic states”.
Those are your states that were going bye-bye right underneath your noses.
And if it were not for people like me, and the Paradigm Project, and many, many, many unsung heroes—- all the ranting soapbox voices who are just discovering that we are owed the Unites States of America Post Offices, would have been S.O.L. with nothing but a “historical state” to call home.
So in your more sober moments, give thanks that I had sense enough to beard the Pope in his Lair and that I was tough enough and brave enough to keep going even when I was all but alone, and that I did speak to the Queen about this and that I did have the brass cajones to address the Lord Mayor and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and literally thousands more, lesser dignitaries.
It’s because of me and people like me that you have a country and a future that is brighter day by day. So listen to an old woman who has earned her stripes. It’s not all that surprising that corporations managed to take over your country. What is amazing is that they did it and nobody paid close enough attention to discern the deceit. They got away with it for 150 years!
So when I say— “Wake to Hell up!” — I mean it literally. The forces of Hell, of Satan, were at your door, eating you out of house and home, using deceit to defraud you out of your land and your homes and even your children. These shadowy criminals had grown so fat and bold that they were ready to kill you off by the billions and bring Nazi Germany to life on American soil.
From now on, it is up to all of you to learn how things work and who controls what and raise your own voices and take responsibility for your own political status. This country and its government is a precious possession. It is being handed on to you with the understanding that you will respect its past as you bring forth its future.

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The Right Way and the Wrong Way

Posted on March 13, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
I cannot stress enough the necessity of honoring the government established by the united States of America—-on which all guarantees and treaties among nations depend.
Americans are newly discovering what I have been reporting for years now—about the “corporate takeover” of the 1860’s need to stuff their outrage and confusion and listen for the rest of the story.
The so-called “de jure” government never disappeared. It went through a succession, but it still exists. There is still Public Law in effect. The offices of the de jure government of the United States of America have stood vacant, but they are still here, and have requirements that have to be met.
Any idea that you can throw the baby out with the bathwater needs to be stifled right here and right now.
Each state is supposed to have a “well-regulated militia” and it needs to be called a “militia” and operated as one. This business of trying to call state militias “continental marshals” is whacko, and contrary to the law and treaties and history of this country.
It is a mistake and it needs to be corrected no matter whose precious little ego is on the line.
Militias you can have in each state and state jural assemblies can control them and are in fact obligated to do so.
But Continental Marshals occupy a different international jurisdiction, operate in Postal Districts composed of several states, and are NOT the “same as” state militias no matter who says or thinks otherwise.
By stubbornly trying to maintain the mistake, you endanger yourselves and the entire effort to restore the lawful government owed to the states and the people. Give up this prideful and unnecessary error or you will clearly be operating outside the provisions of the actual Constitution and the still-standing Public Law.
All that this then does is provoke an opportunity for the Federales to attack you and promote claims that you are leading an insurrection instead of restoring your lawful government.
Same way with trying to just wave your hands and say that you are Americans while you are still registered as United States vessels in commerce. There are many thousands of Americans rotting in federal jails who tried the same thing.

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