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Nibiru Fueled Blizzard Cripples Northeast
Nibiru is partly responsible for the catastrophic snowstorm ravaging the northeast, says Dr. Ethan Trowbridge, a former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower. The dark star’s posterior angular coefficient relative to Earth, he says, has influenced the atmosphere, allowing late-winter storms, and other weather aberrations, to manifest with extraordinary power.
The storm called Stella has prompted severe blizzard warnings in eight states along the northeastern seaboard. State and government offices in major coastal cities closed early, on Monday afternoon in preparation for the storm’s impact. Locations such as New York City and Boston could be hammered by over a foot of snow, crippling the cities. Up to two feet of particularly dangerous snow is predicted to strike Northeastern New York and Vermont. Local news stations have advised residents to stay inside and venture outdoors for only dire emergencies.
“Make no mistake, this is potentially a killer storm,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “And Nibiru’s current colocation in space is directly responsible for what will likely go down in history as the storm of the decade. My colleagues call me mad, while they attribute abnormal climate shifts exclusively to greenhouse gas global warning. Sure, that adds to it. But they are so blind they don’t see the whole puzzle. Nibiru is the missing piece to that puzzle.”
“Imagine a vice,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “Earth is caught within the vice, and Nibiru is the vice, slowly turning the screw and applying aboriginal pressure to our planet. It’s only a matter of time before that pressure creates a cascading, planet-wide disaster. Last week, Australia fell victim to a deadly heat wave. This week, the northeast is in Nibiru’s icy grip.”
He explained that the USGS has known about Nibiru since 1983, and has conspired with other government agencies to conceal Nibiru from the public.  He claims that the USGS and NASA already developed a secret measurement system to gauge the severity of Nibiru-induced weather phenomena. If his theory is correct, an ice age or another potentially near extinction level event could affect Earth long before Nibiru crosses our path. Even at nearly half a billion miles distance, Nibiru’s influence is irrefutable; electromagnetic and gravitational forces have generated a wobble, or perturbation, in Earth’s normally stable orbit.
He further claims that the USGS, the National Weather Service, and NOAA intentionally produce inaccurate weather reports to confuse the population. Benign weather events are sensationalized, while catastrophic events are marginalized.
“Up until a few years ago, only hurricanes and typhoons were given proper names,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Studies proved that most people had stopped watching weather reports on the news, hurting ratings. So some guy, and I forget his name, decided that all storms should have names to boost ratings and draw attention to weather reporting. Conversely, the government agencies clandestinely altered the Saffir-Simpson scale and the Richter scale to minimize the importance of disastrous incidents. For example, today true magnitude 8.0 quakes would be reported as a 7.0 or less. It’s all very convoluted.”
In closing, Dr. Trowbridge urges residents in the northeast to hunker down for the storm and hope for the best, warning that “anyone who accepts the Nibiru realities must factor the dark star and its planets into the global equation. To do otherwise is callous, foolish, and irresponsible.”

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