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Introducing the Exile List and the new Government of The United States of America Support Center!

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Introducing the Exile List and the new Government of The United States of America Support Center!

March 14, 2017   

Published on 03-15-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice
Introducing the Exile List published here: LINK
The Exile List is a list of people that signed the Declaration of Interdependence of 1976 that is being enforced on everyone else today.  The list will be updated on a daily basis and all names are placed in alphabetical order for convenience.  There are other organizations on the list and a description as to why their entity has been exiled from the States of the Union and The United States of America. The Estates of those exiled will be held in trust for the next of kin to claim.
There is a 90 day window of opportunity for those on the exile list to file a protest with the Human Rights Tribunal or the General Post Master Council to discuss why they should not be on the list. If the 90 days has passed without a protest, the exile order stands and those people will not be under any protection within the States of the Union,  metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America. The people and organizations on the Exile list have either volunteered to give up the intent of claiming a nationality by adhering to world citizenship or have been classified as an International terrorist organization actively working with violence or passive aggressive means within one of these United States to impose its radical views with intent to harm the country.  
The way to get on the list is to demonize basic human rights, incite violence, human trafficking, child sex rings, open threats of murder and violence, passive aggressive terrorism in an attempt to overthrow and other crimes.  The classification of “entertainment” will not protect those who wish to incite others to murder and violence. 
Support Center
On the positive side of things, the Government of The United States of America has created a online support center to help those with many questions. The Support Center can be found here: LINK
Simply “submit a ticket” and the question and answer will be published for others to find. The support center will take time to build up so submitting a ticket helps the Government to create a vast knowledge base. Thank you for your support in making this knowledge base a reality.


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