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Ben Fulford has a Message for the Rothchild Cabal Surrender or Die - Feb 23rd 2017

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Haven't looked at BF's Video yet, but, remember this 'bombshell' back in July 2008? Letter Of Apology To David Rockefeller by B Fulford!!
Posted By: Bob [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 18-Mar-2017 00:17:37

After suggesting, for 'months', if you/we had to 'take down' the 'cabal', you simply had to 'mobilize' so-many 'good' ninjas to assassinate the guy(s) at the very top, among others, David Rockefeller!

Benjamin wasn't 'compromised' by any chance now, was he?

There is 'some' truth in what BF writes of course, but really, what a total farce this 'whole cabal game', that is being played out 'here', or 'out there', take your pick!

Source: . . . . . . .

"Letter Of Apology To David Rockefeller
From Benjamin Fulford -- 7-20-8

Dear David,

This is a letter of apology and explanation for my rant on YouTube that I added to my interview of you.

When we met last November, I instantly felt a strong spiritual connection. It is as if I had just met somebody who could have been my life-long best friend.

Our families have been connected, I believe, for over a century. I am sure that my great-grandfather was a close friend of your grand-father.

We know that William Lyon Mackenzie King was your father's best friend and my father's God-father. Also, after my brother Wilder got his PHD from Rockefeller University both you and your brother? Nelson offered him jobs.

He ended up taking Nelson's offer to work with Mr. Wolfenson and Paul Volcker. Finally, your nephew Jay, just like me, has a strong connection to Japan.

Also, although I have never been very religious in the classic sense of the word, I truly and sincerely believe that the spirit of my great grandfather, through some process our science cannot yet explain, tried to contact you through me.

The subjective experiences I had of his contact were so real and so strong and so beyond my normal ability to imagine things that I felt obliged to send you his message.

He truly and genuinely seemed worried about your soul. Also, because of the extra-ordinary things I experienced, I believe I really was shown memories of what heaven is like. I hope you felt a presence other than Benjamin Fulford when I met you.

What led to my adding insulting content to the video posted on YouTube was that after I posted the original version, I was inundated with furious comments from a number of viewers that I had been "too soft on you."

The rebels on the internet also were angry that I did not confront you about the various mass murders attributed to your cabal. These include WW1, WW2, the holocaust, the various post-war mass slaughters of humanity, HIV, bird flu etc. And so, my rant was not directed at you, David Rockefeller the individual but rather at David Rockefeller the 'symbol'.

However, as I continue to learn more about the secret government of the West, I realized that you really were like the Wizard of Oz but that you did not have it in your power to stop the wicked witch of the West or George Bush Senior and his neo-Nazi group.

Also, I did not realize fully that you were born into a system that you could guide but not fully control. So, instead getting your help in stopping the lunatic fringe of your group, I ended up insulting and alienating you.

Furthermore, you were in Japan at the invitation of the Emperor and so, by insulting the Emperor's guest, I insulted the Emperor and that is something no Japanese citizen should ever do because he is the symbol of Japan. And so, I formally and humbly apologize to both you and the Emperor.

The reason I got involved in all this outlandish stuff is because I believe that collectively we have the means to permanently end poverty, environmental destruction and war. If we release technology that has been suppressed for geo-political reasons we now also have the means for humanity to attain exponential progress and even immortality on this earth.

My personal wish was to appeal to you to use your considerable influence to start a transition to a new way of managing the planet for the greater benefit of all of humanity and all living creatures. Acting now would forever seal your image in history as a force for good and not a symbol of evil.

I believe the Hegelian system of pushing humanity into further progress can be adapted to peaceful means. This may be what your group was trying to do with the cold war. A serious competition to see who gets first dibs on Mars, for example, could have the effect of a "world war"without the carnage.

My own vision is to start a 3-year global competition, carried out with the same intensity as a World War, to end poverty and environmental destruction. I believe the UN Millenium goals are not nearly ambitious enough to deal with the critical state of our planet.

If I had the job of Deputy Minister of Finance in charge of Japanese overseas financial assets for three years, I would try to finance such a competition.

This would be an international contest, with the world divided into various competing blocs, to see who was best at ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and fast-forwarding human progress.

The winners of this competition would gain considerable good will and influence in future negotiations to come up with a new system for running the planet.

Your legacy and that of your people is at stake Mr. Rockefeller as is your immortal soul. Time is running out Mr. Rockefeller. Please do the right thing.

Benjamin Fulford

Still 'waiting, hoping and praying', nearly 10 years later!!
All sound familiar?


Thanks to:


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