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Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
Nutritional labels... Labelbridge
I have been doing alternative care work with animals since I was eight years old and have been working on people for over 25 years now.  The subject that I’m going to be discussing came up in one of my bio-dynamic classes a few months ago.  While on the subject of nutrition, labeling was brought up. I have to say that what I heard stunned me, but I knew deep inside that it was the truth.
So I felt that it was imperative to bring it to the blog and allow others to read this information and act accordingly. It may take some time for this to sink in; I know it did for me.  It shows me that what I still believe in is going on around me, but time and time again the proof is that it is a big lie, a hoax. Nutrition is a serious part of our lives and we are not getting any!
Disease is the breakdown of the microbe  forces in the system. Inflammation is the outcome of the breakdown.  All disease in the body starts with inflammation and the aging process is one of inflammation.  If you’re able to slow down or completely eradicate the inflammation, you will become disease free and will look 30 years younger.  Nutrient and a vegetable-based diet are the keys.  Just because you eat vegetables or what you may think is a “good diet” does not mean it has nutrition in it unless the food is grown by farmers who are aware of the soil values.  Even if the food is considered “organic” it may not have nutrient in it.  You may not be aware of this, but leaf veggies lose all of the nutrient three days after they are cut from the plant.  How old is the lettuce in your fridge in that plastic bag?
The following is a short and brief explanation of what inflammation is. When Western medicine looks at your blood to diagnose your disease, they are looking at a cellular level, at the cell.  This is why most treatments do not work.  You have to look deeper, much deeper.  “Alternative medicine” which is actually ”traditional medicine” in some parts of the world such as Asia, Russia, India and all Native peoples, dates back over 10,000 years.  Western medicine which is typically what you will find at the doctor’s office or hospital is less than a 100 years old.
Some Alternative practitioners use a method called dark field hematology. They prick your finger, get a drop of blood, and put it on a piece of glass and look at it under a microscope.  This technique goes much deeper than the cell.  It is more effective than drawing 40 tubes of blood and Western doctors cannot seem to find anything wrong with you.   However, you know, you feel that something is not right.
I have worked on both sides of this equation.  I spent five months in a hospital doing blood work, lab work as an intern. What I witnessed there was frightening and Western medicine says that alternative is barbaric!  There’s no love, no caring  in those places, just dollar bills.  I only practice the alternative and have most of my life.  Especially in the last ten years since being diagnosed with a brain tumor, I am very serious about what kind of treatments I do, what choices I make about my body, and who I go to for it.  It took me years to heal myself.  And the bottom line is this: nutrition and diet are the only things that can reverse what ails you, period.  You may be spirit in a body, but you cannot exist here without this body and the body needs clean, green, nutrient-rich food to run its biological functions.  Otherwise, the body slowly dies.
Microbe 101.  In every cell you have a microbe. When the body is healthy, the microbe stays in the middle of the cell.  The pressure is perfect for them in the red cell.   When water and oxygen are being absorbed by the cell, the microbes are happy.  Stress, disease, injuries can cause an astronomical shift in the cells.   Not enough water or exercise can also result in the body taking in less air and will disrupt the cells’ environment.
Thinking is also on this list.  Negative thinking, fear, and stress produce the cortisol hormone.  Think of this along the same line as having battery acid running through your system which causes serious damage.  When the cell becomes tired, damaged, or is not being fed proper nutrient in the food supply, the microbe  leaves the cell and inflammation is created.  I am mainly focusing on the red blood cells.   If this course of action continues over an extended period of time, say, 20 years,  the cells that are the most damaged will develop into cancer and many other diseases.  I define the word ”disease” as anything that happens to the body that is countering the health, vitality and energy of the body.  Bruce Lipton has many lectures on this topic.  You may want to watch his stuff on the net.
There is another very serious issue here as well.  When the microbe leaves the cell and the cell can no longer absorb water or air it becomes limp and will stick to other cells.   This is inflammation.  When this happens, it causes a red cell stroke as the cells cannot get through the channels.  I have known many people who had a stroke and were cut open to find nothing that would have caused it, such as placque on the walls, etc.      This is because it was a red cell stroke due to heavy amounts of inflammation blocking and clogging the blood flow channels.
Fresh, green local organic produce grown by people who love to farm, harvested and eaten right away have oxygen, the max amount of nutrient and filtered water taken in by the plant.  These are the three crucial ingredients needed by the microbes and cells.  The gentleman who authored “The Maker’s Diet” talks about having five diseases by age 25 and was dying.  He came from a long line of western doctors who were unable to help him.  He ended up eating rich, black soil /dirt to heal himself and within six months was completely healed.  This is because the soil was rich in nutrient and healthy microbes that his system needed.
In chemical soil, there are no microbes.   In overworked soil, there are no microbes.   In one crop farms, even organic farms, there’s not enough microbes.   That is why sprays and all sorts of chemical fertilizers need to be added because there are not enough microbes to do the job naturally.  This is also the case with your body.   The microbes are the center of your body and how it will operate.  If you do not give the microbes what they need, you will end up taking many chemicals in the form of pills, creams and treatments that will further destroy the microbes.  Radiation kills the microbes that we need to bring health to our bodies.  When you go to the airport and go through the radiation X-ray machine, this will damage and kill the already sick microbes in your body which may ultimately result in your death sentence in the long run.
In some spiritual science circles there is a direct connection to microbes in the soil and water in the form of rain.  Since the 1900s, studies were done by brilliant minds about the correlation to microbes in healthy soil and the ecosystem which brought rain to it and the soil that was lacking microbes by the manner in which it was farmed and the drought that was brought on by it.
The label which I posted on this blog demonstrates what I am talking about right now, this part of the blog. What I am about to tell you should change your thoughts about buying anything in any kind of packaging ever again and that your diet focus should be on growing your own food and eating a vegetable-based diet.  When labeling products first came out in the 50s, it was to legitimately tell consumers the nutrient values in the product after it was processed. Products like orange juice that have been on the market a very long time have never been forced to update the labeling from the first time it was analyzed.  This means that any orange juice company can just add the 1950′s label of the original values onto their product without actually doing their own product study to discover what it truly does and does not contain now in 2012.
The big picture here is that the orchards in which oranges are grown are mono culture, one crop.  They no longer have any nutrient in them!  By the time they process it and cook it to make it safe, any nutrient that may have been present is completely gone.  A plant and tree will produce a fruit.   However, this does not mean that the soil has nutrient or microbes.  The same can be said for the plant producing the fruit and the fruit itself.  We have created a culture of food where we put chemicals on the soil and plants to make them think they are getting what they need to grow and produce fruit, when, actually, we have tricked them.
Looking at labels is a joke!   The older the product, the longer it has been on the market, the less nutrient it will have and companies are not being forced to re-evaluate their products as they are allowed to use the existing labels already on products.  Obviously new products such as pomegranate juice may have more nutrient if the labels were made in the 80′s.  If consumers knew the truth, they would not buy lies.
Beware and be aware of what you’re buying.  Ask questions!  Get the facts and grow your own food or as much as you can.  If you heal the microbes in your own soil and grow the plants you eat, then they will go into your body and heal the microbes within.  If you follow this advice you will never need a doctor again.
Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!

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