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Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2017 17:31:41

Hi, folks -

Received via e-mail:


From: "The Office of Poofness" <>
Date: Tue, March 21, 2017 5:26 pm

Zap Says

Hi All,

Well, this is it and our week to shine. And yes I am here again asking for a few especially Bradd and food/milk for him, and shelter and medication for Mary on her last legs. We managed the oxygen yesterday.

But the important thing is that tonight, the first wire will complete, and 2 days later, we will receive from the paymaster. We are getting ready to receive and begin work.

I was very afraid that I would not see my Mom before she left for the old country to pass, but Lucy stepped up and helped me to do this so I did not ask you to help me see her one last time. There are a few souls out there with some resources that are of this heart, and help so many with their work and giving. They truly pay it forward.

On this topic, one of the programs I will be setting in motion is a kitty of such pay-it-forward money, and provide it to Lucy and the others so they do not deplete their own resources, and just become an extension of us in this respect and help others from this kitty. I figure this is the best way of getting such help out there through people of compassion and heart that will distribute such funds properly without becoming a little dictator or getting greedy.

As soon as the first funds hit here and we get our offices squared off, I will be emailing some of you that I figure can and will do this, and ask them to become the spearhead of such efforts. I think this will make a huge difference anywhere we go to do this kind of thing.

In the meantime, we have a few souls that still need you before this other stuff kicks in. It will be this week. Thanks and God Bless. Love n hugs.

Love and Light

in Our service



Thank you for your support as we do our best to keep you up to date. We couldn't do this Without Your Help.!!! Please go to using the account address: to support the cause. Please remember to click friends and family when sending. If you are not a member of paypal and sending a donation please send an e-mail to so we can log you in and send you a Thank You. We appreciate all the help you continue to provide in keeping food on people's tables, medical needs met, computers running and shelter .

With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan

Love and Kisses,

"The Office of Poofness"

ZAP, Susan and Staff



Thanks to:


robert18 here we go again, the ruthless, mercy less, conman psychopath Jerzy Babkowski AKA Zap is again attempting to steel your last $..... I'm sure there will be some one who will buy his rubbish so wish you good luck believing in receiving bullshit. Shame of all those who feeds his pocket more then shame on him as sociopaths have no shame but loud lough when seeing idiots sending money to him. Yes, one must be an idiot truly to believe in 3 years of Babkowski's rubbish " tonight, the first wire will complete, and 2 days later, we will receive from the paymaster."
You can go and check the archives of Landa China Global conference's as well as all Zap-Office of Poofness reports going back to 2013 and hopefully then you will understand what those bastards have been doing.


This psychopath Jerzy Babkowski has no limits and it's obvious that his brain is totally degenerated. This Mother f....r has ZERO respect for fellow Human beings nor for the Christian religion. Sociopaths like Babkowski should be removed and isolated from the society a long time ago as he had inflicted more damage and harm to another good will but very naive - vulnerable people. His is a a parasite blood sucker feeding on those who have no guts means to stop him and put him out!!!.


What is shocking, unbelievable and totally unacceptable to me is that such criminal, conman former convict like Babkowski is striving for such a long time on the Internet with out any of the authorities - Law Enforcement agencies like FBI, Interpol, Euro pol, CIA Homeland Security In the USA, RCMP in Canada do nothing about it allowing criminal like Babkowski and many like him to carry on with this pillage, deception, theft and ripoff of other dissent people all over the World. This is very encouraging for a new potential Babkowski's for sure. Very interesting situation indeed. We can feel really safe having such "protecting and serving" agencies who are collecting very good wages from out tax payers purses doing just that...... What a nice and modern "World Order"  we have these days indeed. So, I can only appeal to all those good will hard working honest fellow Humans to clear your heard, open your eyes and have consciousness for Christ sake and put this blood sucker Jerzy Babkowski out of his scam. It seems like Only we can do that as it clearly seems like those idiotic loopholes like PayPal illegal collection of so called "donations" as so called "gifts" will no longer to exist and be tolerated. This is exactly what this sociopath Babkowski and many others like Dave Schmidt from Sedona Connections are feeding on.



Unfortunately those stupid and naive who do send any money to Babkowski's PayPal account and many like him are to blamed and I don't mean to be rude saying this. Only you who "donate" can put those psychopaths out of business before they will drain your brains completely by using their talents, intellect and tricks of this type. SO PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No GCR, RV OR HISTORICAL CHINESE BONDS REDEMPTION OR COMPENSATION EVER EXISTED IN REALITY AND WILL NEVER EXIST!!!!!How can any one believe in such rubbish ???.Just follow the headline of this Website "OUT OF MIND".... are you really out of it???. Please wake up!!!!!!!!



For all those who still don't get it: there is a reason why crooks like Babkowski and others like him are called "CON ARTISTS". They are truly artistically gifted individuals but the problem is they are using it in wrong direction. These blood suckers like  Babkowski and others like him are feeding on a psychological notions and know how to approach-use naive, vulnerable people by making them feel guilty, creating false excitements, promising rewards and psychopathic formulas from some other sources like "Secret" a book where the so called "Law of attraction" was created by definition of "ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE". Those con artists like    Babkowski and others like him know how to manipulate many of those week, naive people in order to fulfill and reach their targets: allure you to suck your last $ and lough after.   Babkowski and others like him are laughing at those who "donate" to them. Just listen to the way he speaks on those rubbish Landa Global conference calls each Wednesday. What a true professional well trained criminal, thief, manipulator. His voice is always calm, well controlled, never changing tone, etc.... I can educate all those poor, vulnerable unfortunate blinded people by  Babkowski and others like him and give you gladly more lecture about such scammers. You can write your contact info on this site if you wish for more precious and truthful details about Chinese historical bonds redemption-compensation, GCR, RV, and worst of all a total sickening rubbish about Curency exchanges like IQD, Vietnamese Dongs or Zimbabwe "ZIM" !!!!!. Just for the record in case those who believe in "ZIM" please find out what is the real Zimbabwe currency in this Country circulation for the last 60 years: It is The Zimbabwean Dollar is the currency of Zimbabwe. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Zimbabwe Dollar exchange rate is the ZWD to USD rate. The currency code for Dollars is ZWD, and the currency symbol is Z$. Please have more fun and find out the exchange rates against major World Currencies:

[th]Currency code ▲▼[/th]
[th]Currency name ▲▼[/th]
[th]Units per ZWD[/th]
[th]ZWD per Unit[/th]

USDUS Dollar0.0027631943361.9000000000
GBPBritish Pound0.002264552


for all those who have been victimized and deceived by this sociopath and his team Will Barney and Goug Jones from so called Landa Cina Global - Humanus I strongly suggest that you will copy and paste above letters and spread all over the Internet, Social media wherever those scammers are appearing trying to robe good will naive, vulnerable people. It seems this is the only way since any of the above mentioned Law Enforcement Agencies can't.


Robert he is a total liar. He is probably lying about any donations coming their way also. His mother going off to die in the old country. smh

Surely by now one would hope that even the most kindhearted being on the planet would be able to see thru this con artists weak, unsubstantiated, unimaginative scams and bullshit stories.

But YES... we have 6 years of archives from the Poofness gang if anyone wants to see for themselves by clicking here:



Thank you for your post. You know hat dear friend, I was aware of 3-4 years of those scammers from Landa but 7 ???!!!!!. It is even worst scandal and unbelievable that all those Law Enforcement Agencies I have listed in my letters have not been able to stop this kind of nasty, dangerous and ruthless scam activities. After all no one knows what is the real purpose of collecting funds this way it is but this is up to FBI and Home Land Security to investigate. We are vetting out refuges, immigrants and other people but perhaps it would be a good idea to clean our house from the inside out instead only from the outside in. Who is really supposed to be protecting the public in the USA and Canada????.  I'm sure Babkowski and his bodies from Humanus are also feeding on others from abroad, after all they are using WWW to do this.


These scammers that have donations "given" "gifted" "click the friend & family option" are technically not breaking the law so I totally understand your frustration with those that are still donating and those receiving them. I share those feelings. The fraud is in how slick they are to get those donations. That is the con. It works! Look how long Zap spews the exact same lines week after week and year after year.

Also responsible are the other blogs and sites that post it and continue to send innocent newbies that are genuine in their wanting to help like fresh meat to the sharks. Maybe those that consider themselves as working for the light might want to reflect on this.

And the Feds need to also investigate Paypal in the perpetuation of this obvious tax evasion for these guys too. I understand sticking it to the man. I really do. But then this is hypocritical and dishonest isn't it? Criminal even. 



Absolutely agree with you!. Paypal is definitely  perpetuating and enabling thief's to strive so CONGRATULATE for invitations of such wonderful payment system which perfectly loop holing potential BILLIONS of Tax contributions. This is great for Humanity as per Babkowski's statements. To bad the Governments along with Law Enforcement Agencies don't realize this. Perhaps the new President of the USA Mr. Trump would be happy to have access of those funds to finance the US Military and many great projects. This is so simple: let them use the "Friend % Family options" or whatever but for Goodness sake investigate those fake people who are dying of starvation, some terrible diseases because the US and Canadian Government is so cruel and not saving those Mary,s, Henryk's Carmens's,etc.... This is a CRIME right here. Crime of violating Human Moral's and Ethics!!!!. It is a rape of Humanity and Human dignity!!!. So maybe this is the swamp that should be really drained but for real not just election slogans just to win the high public offices..... People let's wake up and open your conscious minds!!!!. Do not let a lowlife like: Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan, and others like Dave Schmidt, Benjamin Fulford, Ben Fulford, Karen Hudes, an alcoholic looser Neil Keenan or some sicko M1Sino to full you!!!.


Perfect example:

KP just raised over $2000.00 for Fulford in just 2 days.

Donation revenue is a very lucrative business.

Mahalo (Thank You) everyone for your contributions to Benjamin Fulford’s team…

Posted on 2017/03/21 by Kauilapele
In a day and a half, contributions are approaching $2000. So far, 56 contributors have stepped forward to assist. I know Benjamin and his team are very grateful for this.
In a couple of days, I will transfer the money to his foundation, and hopefully this will get him and his group through this TMI (Temporary Monetary Interruption) period.
Feel free to continue donating (here’s the link) if you feel so drawn.
Aloha, Kp



How do you know about this contribution money for Fulford?. Do you have some kind of prove of wire transfers or any other prove?. If this is the truth we can only congratulate those who have no brains when contributing to such scammers... Keep doing just that and imagine what they think about you calling you "stupid goya "


How do you know about this contribution money for Fulford?. Do you have some kind of prove of wire transfers or any other prove?. If this is the truth we can only congratulate those who have no brains when contributing to such scammers... Keep doing just that and imagine what they think about you calling you "stupid goya "

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