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Childhood's Beginning by TS Caladan

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1 Childhood's Beginning by TS Caladan on Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:46 pm


Childhood's Beginning

by TS Caladan

The year was 1900. A special boy had a very lucid dream. The dream was too real to be thought of as a dream. In the moment of the imagery during REM sleep that lasted for years, the sounds and visions seemed absolutely real. There was no difference between the boy's waking life and his dream-experience or the vivid worlds that possessed him night after night.
       This particular dream was the child's first lucid dream. It was a fantastic universe: a sweet world that was remembered even when the boy awoke. Timeline images remained preserved in the boy's mind throughout the long and eventful decades of the 20th Century. The sweet dream consisted of...

       A renown, international scientist, now citizen of the United States and resident of New York, bypassed his earlier inventions of the A.C. Current and Radio and Television and quantum-leaped humanity via the construction of a grand Power Tower that broadcasts vast amounts of wireless electricity, freely. New York was turned into a hub of excitement, energy, technical Media-magic, a "Radio City," as a Power Station utilized unlimited, natural resources and distributed incredible, scientific wonders and possibilities. A primitive planet was tremendously transformed, much for the better with the coming of a new century and the NY "Power Tower." A 13-point Grid of wireless electricity was established with 12 sub-stations, perfectly positioned around the Earth, that most evenly distributed the vital, magnetic energy to faraway places.
       Billions of people came out of technological 'darkness' almost overnight. Humans were no longer enslaved to a necessary system of toiling-for-money when they were freed to do ANYTHING with far more electrical power than they could ever use! Amazing accomplishments were endless and happened in every country. 'Common people' were liberated and elevated. Transportation, communications and all aspects of futuristic technologies were instantly improved by light-years. Space travel, miracle cures and an extension of life occurred. A working, social utopia was mandated and secured for the human race. Quality of Life was extremely high without the need for armies, wars, monarchies, Kings and Queens and other power-mad, political bosses.
       The Old World faded away. In its place was a bright New Dawn and a wonderful, golden age of peace and prosperity and super technology for everyone.
       Of course, this did not happen.  

       The boy awoke from what he understood was an important dream. Did God communicate with him? Or Fate or the future? What was the meaning of basically having a high standard of living for countless ages where billions of people got along and didn't ship their sons off to war and maybe have most of them return, if they were lucky? Then...for the boy to be pushed back into the 'land of the living' into 1917? To read today's New York Times and there was no mention of the World Grid or the Power Tower built by the renown scientist? By 1917, he should have been successful with global broadcasts of music and color television. But the most important achievement would have been electricity everywhere: wireless power in every home, in every building, atop every mountain, at the bottom of the ocean, that charged every vehicle and device by radio induction, MORE than enough power to perform any job and free billions of humans so they went on and explored and did great things of the mind and in the world...
       Instead, it was a dark, dangerous, grey 1917 where the world was at war! It was called: "The War to End All Wars."

       More than 30 years had passed. The dreamer-boy remained a dreamer-boy, only the bright lad was in another body and in another country. When the boy slept, he dreamed of the current chaos and threats of a "War in Europe," read in the newspapers and on the minds of so many adults. Again, the lucid dream was extremely intense and unexpected. The dream visualized:
       High-tech aliens on a level far more advanced than human beings! Only key personnel, Above-Top-Secret, were aware of the true factors that determined the Second Great War. Most insiders or members of various occult Brotherhoods around the planet assumed that international BANKERS orchestrated the total waste of lives, globally, in an even larger World War. That was not the case, precisely. Elites, the Royalty, the Vatican and clueless commoners or Earth slaves were 'in the dark' and had to commit to mass-deaths or combat over the course of years, because...
       Peaceful aliens from the Pleiades saw the course of humanity in the late thirties, after the rise of Hitler and German armies, and offered to help. The planet's secret leaders were contacted and offered tremendous leaps in technology and the answers to many of our problems. The assistance would have thrust the human race hundreds of years into the future with unbelievable advancements. But the only condition the Pleiadians insisted upon was a total acceptance of peace, love and no more war. Surprisingly, the Military Industrial Complex of Earth accepted the kind and sincere offer by the aliens. A bright New Day dawned and a golden paradise returned to the planet for centuries!
       Of course, this did not happen.

       When the boy awoke from the dream, he was soon made aware of fantastic news: News of the day was "The End of the War!" Britain, France, Russia and America cheered the end of the Great War because of the explosion by a second super bomb called "atomic." Japan and Germany surrendered. The war was over. But there were no aliens, no dawn of an incredible new age of technology and a much brighter future. There was only the start of madness, the madness of nuclear proliferation.
       He had to discover how this happened. In time, he did. He searched his dream-memory over and over. The boy learned self-hypnosis with a form of repetitive meditation on a single subject. He understood what happened while most everyone did not:
       Another group of aliens, also from the Pleiades, arrived right after our leaders rejected the help from what was basically "good" aliens. The second group of extraterrestrials that also secretly made contact was not good. These Pleiadians were not interested in assisting humanity. They were Dark Side aliens. They offered new weaponry and new technologies that could be made into weaponry. They promised generations of war, conflict and total control. The most awesome and destructive (military) 'gift' was the nuclear age. Aliens gave us the horrible means to nullify ourselves with a further promise of even more powerful means of annihilation.
       The Military Industrial Complex jumped at the chance to wield such powers. They never realized other, safer, alternative resources for energy. Earth's secret leaders never understood that they themselves were utterly controlled now by High Masters and "forbidden fruits" of the gods. Certain scientists were credited with atomic fusion. But the boy knew the truth: where the nasty, negative, dirty power really came from. Our world had become far more dangerous than he had ever imagined.
       Why did reality differ so drastically from his dream images? Could he control the lucid dreams? If he could, would reality change? Could he change history? If the boy dreamed of Doomsday, maybe Paradise would result?

       In his next life, he was in another country, one more time.
       The boy molded his meditations and they, in turn, manipulated his dreams and the universe. It was not every dream in the young man's life that altered reality or world events. Only the rare 'lucid' dreams, that felt truer than any reality, actually changed the course of human history.
       One special evening during deep sleep, he entered the REM state. Each sleep was preceded by a specific chant designed to program and 'draw the dream.' This night was successful. He illustrated and participated in possibly the most lucid dream or timeline in all of his the hopes of preventing Armageddon.
      This time, he programmed nuclear WAR! The boy dreamed the most horrifying of wars with the true intention of the 'nightmare' NOT happening in the real world of the living. The following only occurred in his dream world:
       A third World War where virtually everything on the surface was wiped away or completely ruined by radiation! Hydrogen bombs and counter attacks by hydrogen bombs destroyed almost all of the human race! World leaders saw WWIII coming and a small percentage of people were saved in underground bunkers and off-world colonies.
       Once more, the boy was very sadly mistaken when he awoke from REM sleep.

       In time, he discovered the secret horrors beneath the dystopia of Earth in the year: 2017. His horrible dream of an atomic Apocalypse in the future did not happen, overtly. But a high-tech 21st Century or New Roman Empire marched in violent, war-like 'circles,' ceaselessly. There was no peace. The human race remained enslaved to Secret Societies and physical/front corporations [$] that ran the world ruthlessly and completely from the shadows. World War Three of near total annihilation certainly would not happen in a Capitalistic World where Money was King. Switzerland had always been "neutral" in war, purposely: So bank accounts of the richest people continued undisturbed and only financed global wars.
       All wars supported tyranny.

       The boy (different in time and space) had another lucid dream. Only this deep sleep was extremely unique. The dream could be described as "a dark room of the blackest ebony with not a thing inside of it but the boy's consciousness." Suddenly...
       The boy heard a voice.
       It said, "You have questions. Ask your questions."
       "Who are you?" the child asked in sheer wonder and delight.
       "I am a voice in the darkness, just like you."
       "That was vague. You know me?"
       "I am your guiding and guarding angel. I have watched you all of your lives, felt every one of your breaths and heard every one of your steps, words and thoughts."
       "You're a good angel? Is that what you're telling me?"
       "And, and you will tell me the truth, Angel? You'll answer my questions and give true answers?"
       "Yes. That's why we're communicating now, in this fashion. I'm here to quench your curiosity with the truth."
       "Why are my dreams, throughout a century, from many minds..."
       "A lot longer than that, my son. You just do not remember," voice in the darkness interrupted.
       "Really?" The boy's voice finished the question: "...They are not prophetic dreams. Why are my dreams the reverse, or, very different than the true course humanity travels?"
       In the blackness, the voice expressed, "My son, did it ever occur to you that your life, your planet and the entire universe around you...are not real?"
       New concepts struck the consciousness of the boy, but were not believed. The child was stunned and momentarily speechless. He replied: "No, Angel. That thought had not occurred to me. And if it did, I would not have seriously considered it."
       "Why not, you of the light? You of the living?"
       "Because everything we see appears real. We can touch it. We hear and feel it. We affect the world; it affects us."
       "APPEARS real. But is not. You observe only the visible light spectrum, only a tiny band, which is a very narrow range of reality," the voice declared with confidence. It continued, "The real universe, of the many, has more to do with other electro-magnetic frequencies that you cannot view with your eyes and hear with your ears."
       "Real or not, Angel, we must play the game and function in the world as if three feet make a yard and the color red is the color red, do we not?"
       "You specifically asked about your dreams, your lucid dreams, my son?"
       "Why do you call me: Son?"
       "Long story." The voice told the boy, "In the real universe, your dreams would indeed be prophetic, clairvoyant and pre-cognitive. But as you well know and have tested, the dreams have a reverse-effect on Earth and history. Son, it is merely your history or timeline and does not, in any way, affect the rest of the world...what is...out there."
       The boy again was silent for a short while. He needed clarification. The boy grew upset. "Explain, my long-lived Angel. Explain how centuries of prayers went unanswered? How good intentions or powerful Good Vibrations went unheeded, ignored? How could I've had no effect, well as the good work of many others? How could I've made no positive changes to the planet? I was given the visions, the Second Sight of disasters to come. Yet, somehow, humans remain so far removed from their supreme potential and divinity? Now progress, in the modern age, is halted? There is only mass slavery...with only more slavery in the future?"
       "What else do you not understand, my son?"
       "I can understand no one on the planet saw me or heard me or felt me. All that is perfectly understandable as I cried night after night, in various lives and in words of many languages. But the tears and pain were always the same. I don't understand why there was NO HELP? I knew real help or understanding from people, here...might never come. But, others, out there, as you said. What of aliens? What of the Watchers? Where are our Creators, our gods? Where's the angels, Angel? Where the hell is God?"
       "You will understand the truth soon, my son. I know you are confused and the world makes little sense."
       "I am not the only child who has cried in the night for a better world! I am not alone with pain, Angel. Where's galactic police? Why does the 'Calvary' not come to the rescue in the nick of time? Or at any time? Where's good news?" The young man ranted more and more with emotion: "Where's the police when we need them? Or a savior to save our world?"
       After a pause, the voice in the darkness inquired of the youth: "Do you understand that within an upside-down, negative, backwards, reverse-universe...then, there is no justice, no righteousness, no peace, no freedom, no love and compassion: right is wrong, wrong is right, black is white and white is black?"
       "Explain." The intuitive boy knew that the bottom-line or grand conclusion was at hand and would be revealed.
       "What if I told you...your Earth was once intensely real? Once the planets in your System were very real and the many inhabitants upon them. Your entire universe, and others, existed in the real and physical sense...once, so very long ago. But no more. Not now, where you find the world today. All that you see is but a dream within a dream."
       The curious boy wondered, "What caused the world to flip and change to the dark side, to unreality? When?"
       "Since a special transfer [performed ritual] that involved a 'magic machine' and a hyperspace time vortex, or the combination of the two, early in the 20th Century."
       "You wanted the answer. That's the answer. No Police out there in the cosmos. No one will or can come to humanity's assistance because the universe is not what you think it is. Not anymore, my son. Your world has been captured and enslaved ages ago. Today, you are used by Fire Creatures as Food and Fuel or a source of power and motivation. They consume FEAR! Earthlings are merely breeding stock for Dark Forces that create the Fear for you. Black Magic and bad aliens are behind the seemingly eternal problems on Earth that will never improve, presently or tomorrow. Conditions will never progress as they have never improved over the last few centuries. It is because humanity's secret Slave-Masters control the world from shadows and do not want actual freedoms and truth to be realized for the masses."
       "Please explain...that the universe is not what you think it is. Your concepts. How can this be? How can loud prayers for what is right and just go...go...go ON as if there isn't a good, kind soul in the entire fucking universe? Please explain how reality is not real...and, and how not one Spirit is out there, watching, listening...or caring?"
       "It is a projection," the voice expressed in the darkness. "Everything you know is unreal."
       "What?" asked the boy.
       "Your universe, everything. No one is out there because your universe is a false, artificial PROJECTION of a real world with stars and galaxies and endless lifeforms upon them. Yes. In the real world, that would be the case and a full range of rescuers would be at hand to save the human race. That was once very true, but no longer. Your planet is basically flat and all the world is a faked stage that only appears real and round and physical and solid. No one has blasted off the Earth in any kind of spaceships; that is not possible. No aliens, no UFOs from other worlds. You and your people are inside a holographic projection, a virtual reality that can be altered and modulated from the Outside. Actually: Your people's life energies are real, but permanently imprisoned inside a grand illusion, like a cage. Sorry, my son. But the good forces you represent were defeated a very long time ago."

       The boy awoke from his Dream of Answers and the strange voice from beyond. The world of 2017 Earth was exactly as he had remembered it: dark, dangerous, deadly and always on the brink of violence and war~ Or was it?
       He found himself hundreds of feet from his bed, out in a familiar field, high atop a hill, on a beautiful bright and sunny day. He laid in the grass, opened his eyes wide and saw no clouds in a clear, blue sky. He felt the green grass on his skin and on his hands and on the back of his head. He took a big breath and exhaled.
       Everything in the world certainly gave the appearance that it was real and true...
       But he'd just been told by God (?) or an emissary of the angels that no one in the infinite universe gave a damn! No one was there. No one cared. There were no angels or good gods. No one was coming to our rescue, to save us, to free us from bondage. There was no White Magic or miracles. The world, Earth and its universe, was a nightmare in the present situation. And humanity existed inside a living, breathing 'Ball of Hell' where nothing outside was real. We were farmed because of our Fears and made to fear over and over again. He was told that nothing good, positive, moral and decent was real and true. Basically, the Dream expressed that: God was dead and so was Hope. 
       Then, another strange thing happened...
       A huge, silver saucer slowly came into view directly above the boy who was now a man.
       Suddenly, a 9-foot tall Devil materialized right in front of the man, as he sprang to his feet! Obviously, the 'Devil' arrived by way of the silver spaceship. The creature was bright, bloody red. He or it had horns, hooves, a tail and yellow eyes. The 'Devil' carried a black staff in his left-hand with sharp claws. The staff was not a trident, but a device that had a triple-cross-thing on top.

"Son. And I do mean: my son. You should know by now to not trust your dreams. Ha, ha. Correct? Ah, ha!" It laughed once more and everything was cool.
       "Wait. This reminds me of a story," the man responded to the pleased Devil who was not a devil at all.
       "That's absolutely correct, my child. The red, menacing form you see in front of a holographic illusion. I'm not what I appear, not in this twisted/opposite world of today."
       "Dark Angel?"
       "Not what I am," the vision with horns reminded the man. "You should know the difference."
       "Whatever you are. You're not saying: the Devil is God or good or in charge or the truth?"
       "Heavens, no! Certainly not. Only that this world has positively changed because of your inside/out dream..."
       "The theme of the first story you recalled is now reality here in your particular timeline. Truth and love and light and compassion in the universe heard your prayers. And answered positively. Discover the new world around you from now on. You'll see that it is less a terrible nightmare and more a wonderful dream. You'll see. It's a better world now. There's hope...thanks to you, son." The devil-vision spoke truly and smiled again.
       The man thought more of the story as he remembered the sequels. He got fearful and asked a fearful question: "Wait. Wait! Red creature with a black the story, the aliens who appeared like demons from Hell were not good, as discovered later, engineered the human race for their own evil purposes. Reality, from now on, is based on a story of demons who really were demons?"
     "Ha." Again, the good lifeform laughed. It told the truth: "Certainly not. That's the movies. We heard your sincere thoughts and felt your warm energy that if this dark, cold, empty, heartless universe had no good gods or loving'd create one. We only wanted to help..."
       "You did?"
       "The universe the nasty, negative Archons placed you, your people and your planet in remains an unreal, holographic projection. But the timeline difference is: It's a much better world now. Really." It smiled. It smiled big.
       So did the man.


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