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Posted By: Seawitch [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 4-Sep-2012 15:10:22

Expected Mass Arrests Of Banksters And Affiliated Government Officials by Military, Sheriffs, Militia For Committing Treason And
Submitted by Good_Apple on Sun, 09/02/2012 - 07:53
Crimes Against Humanity - Recommended That Public Prepare For Up To 2Weeks Self Sufficiency (Extra Food, Water, Essentials) During Possible Public Panic, Confusion, Unrest - 8/29/12 7:20 PM Drake Radio Interview – What Drake Said Coming From Pentagon Sources . . .
Posted on August 30, 2012
8/29/12 7:20 PM Drake Radio Interview Today. 6 – 9 PM, CST Radio Link
Drake Said:
* Tactically, everyone is in position.
* Most of the foreign special forces troops here are on our side.
If troops are wearing a NATO uniform, they are fair game.
If wearing a Russian or Chinese uniform, protect them.
They have orders not to interfere with civilians or our military.
* All of the logistics for mass arrests are prepared.
* He has more access to verifiable information.
* When we are set free, church bells across the country will be ringing to notify us.
* We have about 15 – 20 million people on our side and
in place.
This includes military, sheriffs, deputies, militia etc.
National Association For Gun Rights Reports
Submitted by Good_Apple on Sun, 09/02/2012 - 05:15. Permalink
That "the gun-grabbers are back at it again this week and next, working to put together yet another anti-gun agreement -- and this time, such an agreement WOULD NOT require a vote in the U.S. Senate. The United Nations’ Programme Against Small Arms meeting is in full swing in New York City at this time.
You and I know what these international anti-gunners really want . . .
Full-scale GLOBAL gun registration followed by confiscation, especially in the U.S.
And, as a reminder, to make matters worse, Hillary Clinton has already given this anti-gun nightmare the Obama administration's full blessing.
They're working to make it a reality in America.
I need you and tens of thousands of other pro-gun Americans to Pledge Opposition to Hillary’s Global Agenda by the end of their meeting, September 7th"
Click Here For More Info And Link To Sign The Pledge:
What's interesting is that other news seems to have veered attention away from these meetings happening right now. Like it's a sneak attack by the UN. This news also indicates that the United Nations is here and planning to do a full scale confiscation of firearms across our country as soon as something is approved. Drake has stated in past interviews that as soon as government officials in our country vote to take away our gun rights, that in itself is considered an act of treason against our constitution and bill of rights which is automatically actionable for their arrest. So the timing that Drake is talking about in this operation he is mentioning over the next few weeks seems to be in line with these other critical events.
About (Code Name) Drake:
Drake's military service includes nuclear weapons, very high security clearances, and Vietnam. Most of the “incidents” from this time forward, he was involved in at some level, major, minor, and local. He started in the field of information in the late nineties and progressed from that time forward.
Drake uses a portion of the old cold war spy network, people in several sensitive positions, and those who agree to pass along info no one else gets. There are several contact avenues that also offer info, military, political and citizen eyes. In all, an extreme information highway.
Drake has been approved to notify the public of critical upcoming events. He is to a large extent unable to give the full story on many issues as much of his information is classified and not approved for public consumption. What he does mention, has been approved by his Pentagon sources. Much of the information shared comes from a plan Drake was privileged to read some years ago. To date it has been in the works well over twenty (20) years.
Forces in the main stream media have been known to take most of what Drake offers and call it everything but true… Many may also say his info is too off the wall for people to believe. Those who own the media control its content, most of which is itself questionable at best… Drake has been directly involved in a few ‘international and local incidents’ that were reported as something else altogether, so he has first hand knowledge of the media propaganda machine.
Key issues mentioned by Drake According To Sources During 8/29/12 Interview:
RNC leadership has violated the public trust and will suffer severe legal consequences.
Expect Mitt Romney To Be Arrested and Disqualified For Presidential Office For Accepting Foreign Campaign Contributions - Proof Has Been Verified.
Watch Morgan Stanley For The Next “Lehman Brothers Moment” - Currently Set To Fail Within Next Upcoming Months. Recommended, anyone having any funds with Morgan Stanley should move them out. See key articles on warnings for upcoming banking and financial crisis:
Other relevant articles:
Banks Can Legally Steal Customer Funds From Private Checking Accounts...
Fed Court Rules Banksters Can Steal Pensions...
Warning: Get Your Money Out: “All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone”...
Federal Reserve To Crash Markets Before Launching QE3?...
Protect The Banks At All Costs ...


"If wearing a Russian or Chinese uniform, protect them. " What???? Foreign troops on our soil and we are supposed to believe they are on our side...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????IS this a joke of some sort? I know for a fact that the Germans are already here. They are posing as Police officers in our towns and communities. Folks, if I didnt know any better I would think they are trying to get us ready for MARSHAL LAW......


Yes, they are- It will make itself known soon enough- Hope everyone has everything they need for at least a month or more-I do not believe it will be that bad, but it'll be nice to be prepared- :x


I also feel that there will come a time very soon that we will be happy that we have been gathering supplies all these months. I have enough to get us through for a short period.

A man I know that is very, very smart... has been telling me for years what to expect with the impending "marshall law".
His theory is that Northern Minnesota is the place to go. But guess what? The Chinese government is buying up 200 hundred acre lots up there. Interesting.....


Yeah, because 'O' sold it to them to put Fema Concentration camps on- He did the same thing and sold the ''Russians' the islands off the coast of Alaska so they could build concentration camps for Americans-The Gov. better do something fast, although I Think their plan will be thwarted- It's already in the works from what I've been informed of-Stopping them from doing it, I mean-

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