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Of Wizards and Wardens

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1Of Wizards and Wardens Empty Of Wizards and Wardens on Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:33 pm


Of Wizards and Wardens


Years ago I fell in love, though I was not alone in my infatuation for this lady of ladies, with her fecund fields, peaks and valleys. Her beauty was captivating, her diversity intoxicating. So understanding, so forgiving was this cradle of succulent life which excited the senses endlessly, so abundant was her fruit there were no words for want. And though the Cosmos teams with life any galactic traveler could see in moments that this planet was indeed the work of a master gardener and without question, one of the finest creations within our galaxy.

We need only to look upon a newborn to feel the festering doubt about its future. Everywhere we look with awareness we see the carnage of innocent species being decimated at an alarming rate, yet turn away to avoid the helpless feeling. What would it profit a man to have affordable healthcare while he walks upon toxic soil? Better still; what is the point of health care from an institution which mocks the very meaning?

We can sum it up as rampant greed, ego existentialism, or self absorption and the parasitic Drak mentality of service to self, though there may be agenda’s under foot that seek to exploit these very weaknesses. But even if we remove all external obstacles and the shackles of the prison mentality there still lays the indoctrinated mind, and the proverbial victim/victimizer role playing addiction. Could the distance between awareness and enlightenment be only four inches; the space between your ears? While awareness may be defined as the recognition of our fallibilities enlightenment may simply be our ability to negotiate freedom of such hive minded notions, by taking back the real-estate of our own mind.

The Wardens and captains of chaos will continue their campaigns until all resistance is quelled, until free will is non-existent, and until this planet and all its life forms are within a tyrannical yolk of expressionless, predictable, controllable plastic. Unfortunately they have had moderate success; in fact we now live in the belly of the many tentaceld beast which cares only about its own survival. It knows only technology as a form of manufacture and control, and so the only way to tame the beast is through technological starvation. But in a world programmed to accept gadgets as gods, and gigabytes as heaven’s gate, its not easy to imply the gig is up, simply because it has become the backbone of many a country.

 A cultured slave becomes commoditized not by ignorance but rather by making our trusting nature a handicap, compounded by blind gullibility to accept crafted lies as gospel. The Wardens love subservience through trivial pursuits because they know that left to your own devices you may mutate into a white wizard and compete against them. They know that humans carry the secrets of the universe within their genetic blueprint. The more programs for your participation the better, the more chaos in the external, the less likely one is to drift to the internal. For if humans begin to understand their potential and the fact that the universe was created to bend to ones will and the elements responsive to your every desire, those Wardens would soon learn the true meaning of chaos.

ET’s which depend on technology have either pissed away their God source potential or they never had it to begin with and want ours to bridge the gap. So now we have a bit of a competition occurring to gain the attention and intention of humanity. Hence forth Wizards, Shaman and Light workers will campaign for you until you can campaign for others, by showing the fallibility of the technocrats who have turned their back on God Source by investing in false gods who require contraptions in lieu of convictions. Case in point; please check your Smart Meter, if you live within a metropolis within the continental US, chances are its not functioning properly. In fact it may not be metering at all let alone sending out toxic frequencies, but your source of power is unaffected. Hmm; ever hear of a smart bomb? Such are not beholden to Galactic Cops, and though they can cripple star ships and stop androids in their tracks and even turn them against their creators, such expressions can’t be delivered via technology.

Galactic warriors are seldom content on using muscle without education, for educational opportunities abound during conflict. This is not akin to the lesson a parent drills into a child after a whipping, but often even the mind of a villain can be coaxed out of its trance,  though an epiphany may be reaching. Providing a stimulus for higher reflection may not seem so tactical, but on the contrary, it can undermine egocentric confidence and replace it with a mountain of doubt. For the construct called reality isn’t for sale and those who want to play lord will on occasion find the ground beneath their feat turning to quicksand.

Most of the work that goes on behind the scenes way resemble a secret war, and although the military machine and some of the governments are privy to much of the news, there are things occurring on levels they are yet to be made aware of. While the general public is kept in the dark in more ways than one, in most cases it’s for the best until they come out of their amnesiac state. I don’t mind sharing certain highlights to keep others abreast of things though I realize the indoctrinated mind won’t be able to swallow such without great difficulty, and the powers that be know this, so the more fantastic it sounds the better ;)

Those who stand in any capacity against the establishment will come to know hardship, so once one comes down from the fence be ready for sacrifice and living hand to mouth may become a way of life until things turn a bit. But I will say that it is there, within the eye of the storm, where ones transformation reaches a critical mass. Adversity is not without its opposite effect, in fact its prerequisite and a catalyst for our development and greatest achievements.  Let us then come to know that life’s crucible only galvanizes when its intense heat enables our alchemical reaction, where a world of things surrenders its mysteries and ones prison becomes a playground of potentials.

But enough rhetoric, let’s purvey the latest Galactic News;
Over the next month expect as much as a 25% increase in unrest at the geologic level, especially in locations already active. This no doubt will mess with global weather, so if you live near a major fault line or volcano keeping a suitcase packed with some basic provisions would be wise. This 30 day period should be followed by about 30 days of relative quiet.

In local politics; if you’re intuiting that while the masses were firmly focused on silly health care debates, this façade was but eyewash you would be right. Though not entirely a waste of time, the real problems we are facing may be a bit above mass conception at this time while insiders will find no surprise that the entire planet is divided in pie fashion and faction. Our country along with others all have their internal wars occurring, and although there are skirmishes, flankings and gorilla style ambushing, there is also a great deal of negotiating when the smoke clears and although compromises are hatched, when dealing with sick minds such stepping stones make a poor dam.

Though the Drak exodus is still occurring the pace has slowed, so coalition forces are busy trying to remove the heads of the snakes. The few reptilian lords who wish to hold on are becoming prisoners who shall face the ultimate sacrifice, their captains and lieutenants will follow suit, which should reverberate within the hybrid communities to ease their resolve and make way for greater geopolitical shifts.

Meanwhile, The removal of cloning centers continues; a few notable locations of destroyed underground cloning centers include; Wichita KS, Los Alamos NM, San Antonio TX, Newark N.J., and Arlington VA, which is a bit on the sick side.

Another underground facility recently destroyed which harbored hideous hybrids, which we believe at one time held a human connection, was beneath the Black Hills SD not far from the popular town Sturgis. It would appear that they were being used as a slave labor force, but were non-blueprinted experiments of unknown origin and age.

The cleanup on Fukushima has begun, though I don’t have the specifics yet, but I would imagine there’s plenty of protection being provided so attempts to foil this process will be dealt with extreme prejudice.

Rumors of battles under the ice in Antarctica are prevalent, though the area has been cloaked so it’s hard to know much else without insider intel, but it has been assumed that the battles were between beings of surface earth against those of inner earth who were upset over the opening of the artificial Star-Gate and probably set out to destroy it. But as of this moment all is quiet on the Arctic front.
Certain aspects of humanity have been quite cozy with subterranean and inner earth species for a long time, for during extended periods when surface earth became uninhabitable refuge was sought underground. Granted some Reptilian races had human farms, some were hybridized to serve as Sheppard’s of the flocks. I wish I could say it was exclusive to the Reptilians but unfortunately this was not the case. The stories of Nazi’s becoming the instruments of the Zeta would only be part of the story, for the Saxon and Teutonic bloodlines because of their ways were always popular as hybrid potentials which carried genetics from Nordic whites and Anunnaki prior. But don’t think the rest of humanity has been excluded from the melting pot, nor any intruder race line for that matter. Purity may only be a state of mind upon earth and fleeting at that, but a wise man once said; “stupid is what stupid does!”
Val  3/26/61

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