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1Run to the Sun… Empty Run to the Sun… on Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:06 am

Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
Run to the Sun… Galactic-sun
Today woke up early this am before the sun was up. I walked out of the apartment building across the road to a vacant lot and watched as the first rays of light coming from behind the mountain sprung up into the clouds. I have to say that today was the most beautiful Sun rise I have ever seen. Maybe one of the first sun rises I have been fully present for ever. I am becoming ever more present as I live and everything continues to grow deeper levels awareness that I can see in visible forms and it is glorious!
When I woke up before the Sun I knew I was going to be writing this blog on my take on the run to the Sun today. I want to let you know that I am not of first nation blood. I practice Shamanism and the first nation practices that I have learned. What I state in the blogs is my own take on these systems of power that I have used for my own healing journey. Please do not take what I give as the full truth, the only truth and when trying some of the practices be open with them and allow them to teach you. In all things there is medicine in the form of energy an in order to really know you must make friends with it. This medicine covers clouds, sky, Sun, plants, earth, air, colors and all that you see, feel, hear and come to know. The friendship has to be accepted. You have to show proof of wanting to learn about the medicine by committing yourself and time. You have to show up, be present and open. Americans minds are not geared in long term and we have a hard time focusing on one thing for duration of time. These kinds of practices can aid you in being present, in the moment and committing yourself and making new friends with powerful healing abilities and knowledge you would never find anywhere else on Earth.
Today we are going to explore our new friend the Sun who is a powerful alley to have. By doing this morning practice you can increase you daily energy. It is an amazing healing tool when sick for any level/s of illness and disease. It just might be the medicine you have been missing. Once the Sun being accepts you the light will change when approaching the Sun in the future you will be in a different range of awareness or dimension/s of reality. It takes practice to get it right, get you right with the Sun. I am going to add something here that is a suspicion of mine. You can take this for what feels right to you the reader. I believe that people who get skin cancer are not aligned with the Sun. You are fighting the Physical sun and not aligned with the ether and astral aspects of the Sun which is the spirit force in the Sun. We spend days out in the day under the sun, very rarely it is for bliss of your relationship with the Sun and usually zero acknowledgement of this being who gives us life on earth. Our human bodies require vitamin D it is one of the essential nutrients we cannot live without. Vitamin D prevents many cancers and many other illnesses we get due to lack of Sun exposure and collection of vitamin D in our bodies. After years of doing my modified practice the light of the sun is not dimmed but has a different way about it and it is because I have moved into the light of Sacredness with the Sun who heals me, teaches me and gives me health. I became friends with the Sun and now I walk in the Sacred light of knowledge with it.
This is a practice done by the Navajo first nation tribe. It was told to me. It is done by waking up early before the Sun comes up and running, jogging in the direction of the rising Sun. You constantly face the direction of the Sun rise while doing this, never turning your back to the East, to the Sun. Stop running after the Sun has fully risen. You then bend over and touch the earth with your hands, grounding, loving energy and gratitude for the Earth Mother. Then raising your arms up above your head, palms open and facing the Sun you allow the Sun to penetrate you.
This is where my practice comes in since I know it much better than trying to explain something I have not worked with as much. In the end the common aspect is the teacher and that is the Sun.
I had a brain tumor, other health issues that have been completely healed. I used diet and healing practices. Since I could not run, I woke up, went outside and faced East in the mornings waiting for the Sun to rise. If I was up early enough I would have a tobacco pray/s smoke. I am not a smoker I strictly use it for prayer and ceremony. Pray Smoke is   another topic I will discuss at a later blog. The key here is modify, do what you can. The intention is what matters most. Your intention to be there waiting for your friend that is bringing you healing energy and your daily information from the cosmos. Like a computer down load, but you are the hard drive and the Sun is providing you the new and latest health app. This gives your whole being information you need about the changes that take place daily on the ether, astral and physical planes of our realties. This information your cells, DNA, RNA take up and your systems respond making adjustments needed to adapt to the environments happening all around you.
By the way the ancient, first nation people know science; they know what is happening when they do these practices. Be very careful in your thinking about these people, they know things that science is only on the verge of knowing!
Okay so here we go with my version of this practice.
I wait for the Sun to rise, I stand there and if I am not feeling well when I do get up it is the first place I go, outside and face the Sun. I bend over touch the Earth grounding myself and sending gratitude. I stand up facing the Sun with arms raised and palms towards the Sun. I allow the astral energies and the ether energies to penetrate me and sometimes I see it in my inner mind or inner sight as waves of flames usually orange and yellow in color. These Flames move into me, all over me to all my places and spaces. Also into my energy field/s and energy bodies: emotional, mental, ether, astral, chakras………..all of it, engulfing me in an astral fire. You may notice similar experiences as you do this practice, be patient it takes time.
I am not engaged with the part of the sun you see in the sky, but the energy, forces, astral and ether parts of the Sun in the sky that dance with my energy parts.
Lastly I gentle grab handfuls of the energy off the Sun and rub it onto parts of my body that need extra energy. On my head, my heart, back of my neck, lower back are areas that I pull energy to and place it on by rubbing it onto. It may look like what smudging ourselves does, with more reaching out, pulling and grabbing the ether and astral energies towards me and then rubbing on to the areas that need a bit extra. I know from working with my own body that areas where there is tension, tightness are areas that have blocked energy and this is where I will work the Sun energy into. I always thank whatever medicine I am working with. Not just a Thank You but a Full, whole hearted, healed being Thank you.
That is basically how I do it, however there are twist, turns and more to my private practice that is not for sharing here. It is part of my medicine and so there are parts of my practice that I will not share. If I give you too much information you will not be able to have your own experience/s in making friends with in this case the Sun. It is vitally important in building your own medicine, your own understanding, your own healing to know from within and you can only do this by doing it for yourself.
Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!

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