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Merge Man and Machine 2017

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1 Merge Man and Machine 2017 on Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:32 pm



Published on Mar 29, 2017
A feature on 'Billionaire plans to merge Man and Machine" in the Times, March 29th 2017, is the focus of this fast blast from the Bases project. Bases 1 was all about man made cross breeds of Humans and Greys, under supervision of Reptilians at a British base, called AL-499 underground near Berkshire's Peasemore village and RAF Welford.(A nuclear weapons base)
That was in 1994, with Barry KIng, thye son of a WW2 British intelligence officer who found the German lab doing early research into this.
The scale and unprecidented evolution of computer technology, some ex MI6 agents have warned, was DONATED Alien technology, using crashes like at Roswell, just at the right time to "skew" human computer technology to a bi-polar 'on-off' wave form. Instead of a triangluar Tri State technology.
The probelm is most scientists and engineers work witha half a deck of cards, when it comes to the true mathematical expressions worked out at the end of the 19th century.. one reason you dont make money from power generation if you use the full expressions of Maxwell's equations, not the limited set taught in schools and univerities to this day.
Computer technology is inherintly a "Consciousness technology So it has access to human thoughts at the thought domain level. (The MEANING and Information domain)" So from day 3, so to speak, computers have quite literally been in OUR HEAD.
This is because we have been compromsied by an intelligenet sentient fluid, which has takena controlling factor in human affairs down a regressive spiral of evolvution, one that demands Total Control, and is pathological, cold, emotionless and machine based.
This is where we are headed. Warnings from the heads of intelligence agnecies, scientits, thinkers and now this one from Neuralink. If humans DONT become computers (Cyborg) human survival faces 'the biggest existential threat' ever faced by the human species... and ALL organic life in this world. We literally are facing a BORG existence in the near future.


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