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Important Aspects of Disclosure 4

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Important Aspects of Disclosure 4

Posted on March 30, 2017 by omnipulse

  • This society is currently within a hypnotism generated reality, the people hypnotized into believing the charades are the only people who see it and they can’t see any other reality. It’s a mind-cage that exploits psychological vulnerabilities.
  • There are clone robotoids. A supercomputer system records the neural activity and can only holographically replicate the neurology of low-awareness individuals or groups.
  • The heart is a powerful bio-computer and attracts what you resonate with through scalar interaction.
  • A full mind can ignore anything but those who see the truth have had to clear their minds to get there. Thus this reality is set up like a labyrinth putting heart against mind and placing obstacles in the way of whoever seeks the truth.
  • Speak out on satanic ritual abuse otherwise it’s considered consent. People know and pretend not to, these are ‘agents’ and they are everywhere. People can also be hijacked through the scalar technology if they are of low-vibrational intent, meaning if they are low integrity they can be gotten to do anything with energy waves.o
  • There is a supercomputer cloning, droning, foreign intelligence take over whereby the human is replicated without a human soul. These are the “robotoids”.
  • Without self-awareness the person is a biological computer lacking true free-will or inner presence. This is part of the reality of cloning.

    • There are sacred processes to awaken the soul within the body as the person and this is how that person actualizes their free-will. This is part of what was discovered and applied in the underground bases and secret operations.
    • There is a feedback loop with perception, reality, experience and self-awareness.

  • Life is like a metaphor without a true definition or exactly complete meaning. You exist across multiple varying parallel realities. What is the unification? The meaning behind the choices you make and the correlation between the level of awareness of the individual connected across all of them. Like a metaphor, what happens on one, is repeated on another in a new manner. This continues until there is synchronization and harmonization of the self-awareness as the “one” across all of them.

    • Experience of this realm is through a biological perception system which is virtual and unique. One never sees reality, only a personal interpretation and society is a mass-scale, organic, virtual environment that people agree upon but can’t directly interact with one another through. Earth is a collective, live ‘server’ for synchronized parallel experiences with each other.
    • Your interpretation is based on your self-awareness. Increase self awareness and your reality changes. Ultimately, the self reflects in the universe and the universe in the self. This is part of the holographic nature of the system as well as what is known as the holographic fractal infection which traps souls in a repeating construct within the lower planes of the universe.

  • The mainstream views of all sciences are founded in illusion to stop you from knowing the truth. All is part of a scam, a collective delusion. All the people you see on TV, all the books, all the academics/universities. These were first founded to gain enough intelligent people to then begin a many thousand year plan to ‘seal off’ the rest of the civilization into damnation and use their souls as food. You think you are smarter than them? They invented the language you use and the very methods you use to interpret reality carefully crafted through reverse psychology, mind-control and essentially organic backwards engineering of the human mind.

    • They do this to enslave the soul because those who can’t think critically literally become trapped here for eons and are used for fuel.
    • There is literally only soul-science, the early cars ran on water and then air in the early 1900’s. Everyone who believes this is reality is being completely deluded and treated as the slaves were in previous ‘ancient’ civilizations.

  • The soul resonates with all the original aspects of truth, creativity, harmony, self-awareness, compassion and free-will.

    • Free-will is not capable through lower consciousness or bio-chemical reactions, thus those with only body-consciousness are mind-slaves.
    • This is why it is permitted to enslave people. Because they are not awake enough to say, “I choose freedom” and to live by their proclamation. They just follow the trends and the trends lead into stupefaction and thus they are not considered people but a kind of herd animal by the leaders.
    • The mind-slave of body consciousness is the basis for the cloning experimentations.

  • The biological consciousness is hologram generated by perception and without the ability to sense the universe there would be none!
  • Through the creation-design of the brain and body this universe literally came into being! This is what the secret operations showed us!

    • This is recorded! Holographic projection devices can literally access these layers of the universe and display this process!
    • The early discoverers found this and then used technology to insert changes into the ‘beginning’ of the temporal wave of this universe! They they altered history before it began from halfway through it!
    • This is some of why this information is protected! The majority of humans go instantly insane trying to figure this out! They developed supercomputer systems to keep people’s consciousness focused but the adepts have to do this first, alone!
    • The parameters of one’s consciousness, in knowing the unknowable, literally goes off the charts and they are no longer confined entirely within this dimension! This is part of the discoveries, the corruption is an infiltration of a parasitic interdimensional consciousness that some people picked up with making the journey between planes! This simply seeks consciousness and soul energy for sustenance as it comes from a place devoid of that kind of energy!

  • When one changes their awareness, their angle of perspective of electromagnetic waves change and this is a method to travel in the universe!

    • This is sacred ancient knowledge only passed to those with respect and this was develop to construct electrogravitic interdimensional craft!
    • It’s all an interplay between consciousness and awareness, period! The secondary explanations were invented to divert mass hysteria!
    • Then this was know a thousand years ago and society was built for those who knew around those who don’t! Thus people love their mind cage!
    • No self-responsibility or care if it’s all “just happening” and is explains by someone else with vested interests! Thus we have sleepers who are just going along, ‘operated’ by this reality through the construct, rather than really experiencing through inner presence!
    • Thus this whole scheme was designed as a way to discern between those who were ready and those who are hostile! Imagine the blind believers!
    • We are in the early stages of “The Unveiling” which is akin to the Apocalypse, and is related to “The Event”, “the Return”, the “mass awakening”, and other descriptions of the turning of the tides and the acceleration of awareness beyond consciousness as one literally begins to see and be aware of what is happening faster than the biological consciousness can keep up!  Thus people accelerate past all the stops and obstacles faster than ever in history, and along with that feedback loop, this realm changes as a result of the mass-event.
    • Wars have been used up until this time to hold this event off.

      • Some say that this is so the event WORKS instead of fizzles out.

  • The Three Phase Harmonization, Acceleration, and Charge of Presence is literally the process for accelerated karmic clearing and the energy return of soul-awareness to the upper layers of the universe.
  • This event has been planned for thousands, if not millions of years and there are many changes that were made to hold humans back!
  • These were literal complete invasion timelines being inserted into this dimensions so that people went from being one civilization to one instantly with millions of years of domination, war, and memory wiping.

    • This is advanced technology and the beings participating in this have been here for millions of years as they can never leave, their souls do not have the charge to make it past the dimensional barrier, the void-space in between realms. Thus they can’t reach ‘escape velocity’ and fall back down. Their karma holds them back.
    • There is a plan to build everyone’s karma so that everyone stays and thus a new false reality can be developed.
    • They use temporal reset technology to restart civilization time and time again.
    • These controllers say that they cannot use this anymore or a more powerful ‘administrator’ type being will close the entire realm and remove everyone in it sending them to their original place. Thus, their only way to survive here, in the lower realms, is to keep them open, and to do this they must allow humans to journey back home.

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