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Anna von Reitz - March 31, 2009 : Take Note plus more

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March 31, 2009 : Take Note

Posted on March 31, 2017 by David Robinson  
  Judge Anna von Reitz
It is eight years ago today that the UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent.
It wasn’t widely advertised then and don’t look to the Mainstream Media to mark the anniversary now.
No, you will be kept in the dark as studiously as you were kept in the dark eight years ago.
Please note that this is not the original United States that was subsequently represented by the united States of America and The United States of America and the United States of America….. no, this UNITED STATES, INC. is a different critter, spawned in France by FRANCE, that is, Jacob Rothschild.
So what does it mean when a governmental services corporation goes bankrupt?
It doesn’t have to mean fraud and criminality, but in this case, it does.
The UNITED STATES, INC., could have gone bankrupt like any other corporation operating in Good Faith goes bankrupt; it could have taken its licks, and quietly dissolved. That happens all the time.
But not in this case. In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. was not operating in anything like Good Faith. In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. made terrible and unsupportable claims against you in order to obtain access to your credit. It then charged its debts and the debts of its STATE OF_______ and COUNTY franchises against you, your labor, your home, your land, your businesses, your kids and grandkids. It named you a FRANCHISE belonging to their corporation as chattel, and now when they collapse their game, they fully intend to leave you holding the bag for this.
So what happens when a corporation borrows itself —-and its purported franchisees— into insurmountable debt like the UNITED STATES, INC., has done? It can’t qualify for bankruptcy protection, so it gets liquidated.
The Bankruptcy Trustees operating in behalf of the creditors come in and hold a fire sale and they sell off the STATE OF OREGON and JACKSON COUNTY, WISCONSIN to the highest bidder.
The new owners of the old governmental services corporation franchises come in and take over. They are eager to recoup on the debts of the old “STATE OF_______” and “COUNTY OF__________” franchises they acquired, so what do they do?
Why, they send out new tax bills, out of the blue. And these aren’t just ordinary tax bills. They are gigantic tax bills.
All last week I have been getting frantic calls from people— “Judge Anna! I had my property taxes all paid off, and now I have a tax bill for $27,080.00 and it says it is due now! I have thirty days to pay this or they will evict me! My neighbor got a similar bill, too—- what’s going on? What do we do?”
The new COUNTY management is billing you for the old COUNTY management’s debts.
The UNITED STATES, INC. and its franchises stole your identity, your good name, your credit, the title to your land and home—-and they borrowed heavily against you and your assets and your kids and grandkids. Now you are getting the bill for it, and according to the perps, you have thirty days to pay or else.
Here’s the kicker. The banks all knew that this was going on. They knew that you were never told about any of this. They knew, and they let the rats borrow against you, your labor, and everything you own. They allowed it and promoted it. Why? Because it is a way to seize your assets for a song and a dance. It was all gravy for the banks and no risk to them.
Until someone calls them on it and shoves it back down their throats all the way to Dixie.
You don’t owe any of these huge “extra” tax bills. You never owed any of the other property tax bills you’ve paid in your life, either. You are the landlord. You are exempt. It’s just that nobody ever told you that and nobody ever showed you how to claim your exemption. The vermin continued to send you bills, which you innocently paid, and they pocketed all that unjust enrichment and called it “gifts” and “donations”.
They didn’t even bother to pay the taxes they owed on these “gifts” and “donations”. Don’t you think it is time that the Internal Revenue Service knew what these cretins have been doing?
If I were you, America, I’d be on my feet right about now. I’d be tracking down those responsible. I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs, and no, I wouldn’t pay a peso of this odious debt.
These private, mostly foreign, for-profit governmental services corporations don’t have a contract to provide services to you, much less do they have permission to send you fraudulent billing statements and equally fraudulent legal demands through the US Mail. (See 18 USC 1001 Fictitious Conveyance of Grammar and Title, 18 USC 1342, Mail Fraud).
If any bogus corporate “sheriffs” show up trying to evict you, I suggest that you go straight to their masters and start banging your dish on the floor like an angry dog. The politicians and the lawyers and the judges and the Blue Ribbon Committees are the ones responsible. Drive it home to them that this fraud scheme is not going down again. Take all your neighbors and friends with you.
The rats passed off a fraudulent “national” bankruptcy in 1933 and once was more than enough.
The banks encouraged this fraud with cunning and malice aforethought. It’s their turn to take it in the shorts. And the politicians and lawyers right along with them

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Bruce Doucette — Outted

Posted on March 31, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
Almost a year ago, I asked Bruce Doucette to do something vitally important. It was simple enough: contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and work with them to develop a template program that all the other counties in America can follow to set up their local county assemblies.
This organizational phase naturally includes the paperwork to correct everyone’s political status, welcome them as members of the county jural assembly, and get them signed up as militia men or supporting militia members. If you want to reclaim your birthright political status and restore the lawful government you are owed, this is what it takes.
Although I have been busy frying other fish, I checked back regularly with Doucette and asked how it was going—- oh, fine, fine…..
Imagine my consternation tonight to learn that Bruce never contacted the Michigan General Jural Assembly?
Let’s see…..
1. He didn’t follow my instructions regarding filling the vacated public offices and taking the correct oaths, and as a result a lot of people are ramming around claiming to be State Justices without having done any of the work required. They are exposing themselves to arrest and making a mockery of our lawful action.
2. He didn’t contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and coordinate the effort to organize lawful county jural assemblies throughout the land.
3. The one thing that he did get started that was working properly — the Continental Marshals Service — he has bent over backward trying to destroy.
What other conclusion is there? Bruce Doucette has intentionally and with malice aforethought sought to co-opt and undermine our efforts from Day One. Three times and out. Or should I say, “outted”?
It doesn’t matter who he is working for. He isn’t working for us, the American people who want to restore the lawful government they are owed using peaceful and constitutionally guaranteed means to do it.
I cannot stress this strongly enough. You have to do the right things to get the right results. Any other course lands you in jail or worse— and though there are parties who would like to spill American blood and who would profit from doing so—-we must stay the course, wise as serpents, gentle as doves.

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The Worthy Question — What?

Posted on March 30, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
If you stop and think about it, you will shortly realize that you are incompetent to answer the “who, when, where, how or why” of your own life, but you can always answer what you want. You might be wrong about that, too, and show poor judgment in what you want, but at least you can truthfully answer the question.
So what do we want from a government? We want two diametrically opposed things.
We want to be protected and we want to be left alone.
What it amounts to is that we pay the government organization Protection Money like Don Guido, and then we expect the government organization to go away and mind its own business. Left to itself, it never does. It comes back for more and more and more of your money.
Our ancestors were smart enough to realize that “checks and balances” were needed to secure the desired result.
There have to be at least three levels of government assigned different and contradictory authorities so that they fight among themselves to protect their own turf.
The counties in this country were set up to rule the states from a position of local self-governance. The states were set up to rule the federal government in all but nineteen clearly enumerated tasks, over which the federal authority is supposed to rule.
Our actual Constitution hasn’t changed in over 200 years. So what has changed?
Simple. A group of lawyers horned in and worked an enclosure scheme. They “adopted” our actual Constitution as the Articles of Incorporation for their own private, mostly foreign-owned corporation and duped everyone into confusing that corporation with the lawful government of, for, and by the people.
Then, by a slow process of bribes called “federal revenue sharing” and “block grants” the federal corporations induced county and state government organizations to incorporate themselves as franchises of the federal corporations. In this way, the federal corporations subverted the whole structure of the government we are owed, overcame the checks and balances we are owed, and began riding rough shod over everyone and everything in sight.
But, the federal corporations were never our government in the first place. They were just foreign governmental service providers acting under commercial contract and treaty.
The incorporated franchises calling themselves “states” and “counties” are no longer our actual government, either. They are all just commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, the same way that Burger King is in the business of providing hamburgers.
As such, they have no authority.
And it is equally obvious what we need to do. Pull on our Big Girl Panties and our Cowboy Boots and fill the vacant public offices that our actual government is owed. Restore checks and balances.

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