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Why Did the Moon Explode? by TS Caladan

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1 Why Did the Moon Explode? by TS Caladan on Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:02 pm


Why Did the Moon Explode?
by TS Caladan

(author's note: People on a worldwide level received First Contact from aliens. Was it real? Was the encounter a blessing or a curse? And...)

Exactly 96 hours after a public, alien contact happened and was unavoidably introduced to Earth's population through mass Media in most countries...
       The Moon EXPLODED!

       "Why did the Moon explode?" was not the prime concern from those who maintained control of the planet and everyone else below them within the power-structure. The initial reaction or thought in the back of minds of the human race was: Are we at War? Are we suddenly within a War of Worlds?
       The aliens delivered a global message to the 'world' on 5/1/17 at 2:30AM, London time. (We should have noted the date as a clue). They were called the "Sandran." The communication was electronic, in English and with a British accent. The signal was received over radio telescopes in 17 countries and was completely believed, at first. Top officials were led to understand that the aliens were extraterrestrial HUMANS with all the indication that they "came in peace." Global leaders and their networks could not block the transmissions from space and from an apparent spaceship 14 miles long in high orbit that was seen by those on the ground, day and night.
       The Big News created no general panic, for the most part. The short "message" was spoken calmly and stated: "We, the Sandran, will give your scientists, and not politicians, knowledge: technologies, that can only be used positively and never for aggression or armaments. At no cost, conditions or obligations are you under. You may refuse. If you accept our offer, we will provide clean energy sources to heal your planet and remove you from the slavery of your prison. We will help..."
       The cosmic signal stopped there. The transmission received by large arrays of dishes throughout the planet had to "go public" and truly changed the world. No one viewed what the ET "humans" looked like. No other messages were heard. Then, four days later, while billions of people wondered about recent events and paid strict attention to their computers, phones and televisions...
       THE MOON EXPLODED! Nearly everyone on the planet connected the silent, unseen extraterrestrials with the destruction of Luna. Were they connected? Was there more to the first message? What ended it? WHY was our satellite blown into very tiny pieces? Who blew up the Moon? What did this mean in the present and in the future?
       Moon particles were shattered to such fine debris that predicted, cataclysmic, Earth upheavals due to a violent lunar explosion, did not occur. Major factors were: The lucky planet was bombarded or pelted by "hail as large and as hard as baseballs." Hard hailstorms as daily weather will occur for thousands of years. There were no more tides and a hundred other bio-rhythms were traumatically nonexistent. Also, Earth was pushed into a wider/longer orbit, farther from the Sun. A slightly colder planet survived the "rain of baseballs" cycle, but no longer was angled in its course around the Sun. Seasons never changed. Weather patterns were very different.
       Earth, in the aftermath, had a doughnut-shaped 'ring,' also known as a "torus" as well as scattered debris in various orbits. Streams of particles were invisible by day. A bright, cloudy haze circled the planet and was viewed at night, far more intense than the "Milky Way" seen in clear skies.
       What happened and why?

       The Sandran were silent and the starship remained visible in the same high orbit.
       People were unaware that the "alien humans" transmitted and explained their part in what had transpired 96 hours after they first reached Earth orbit. But no one heard the truthful messages that followed the destruction of the Moon. The very highest of Earth officials, from the Vatican to the throne of Britain to the Pentagon, were ordered from even Higher Officials off-world to destroy the receiver-systems of all radio telescopes. Audio transmissions over massive arrays were the only method of extraterrestrial communication available outside of a physical, personal, First Contact, face-to-face. Presently, there were no receivers for the Sandrans' messages. Not even top (secret) leaders cared to "hear" the transmissions or the "alien's" version of the real truth. People would only be exposed to mass-Media and the Illuminati's rendition of the events on 5/5/17.
       Scientists from many countries rightly expressed how fortunate our planet was to survive the loss of the huge satellite we had tuned to and modulated with in tandem. People were virtually unscathed. Religious Orders of many banners and colors prayed and proclaimed that "God and His infinite mercy" had spared billions; we should rejoice! Poets and songwriters will no longer have the Moon and its phases in the night's sky as subject matter. Future generations will experience no change of seasons. The old lunar world will become legendary.
       As far as the global military was concerned, there was only one solution to what circled our world from high orbit. The obvious conclusion was the same as High Commands that "came down the pike" from Larger Levels...
       The silent Sandrans' spaceship must be nuked!
       Fear had won and overruled any sense of relief, happiness, joy or scientific curiosity in "world leaders," who were themselves 'puppets' of actual alien Masters. The military was ordered to destroy the starship and they were more than happy to execute those orders and please the hidden Overlords.
       Media informed Earth's population that a Doomsday Asteroid missile called "Nihilator" would be launched and "blast the hell out of the Sandrans!" We were assured the nuclear fallout will NOT FALL IN: Earth was perfectly safe, protected by a range of "belts." People in every country cheered, for the most part. The only reason the general public was allowed "in" on what surely was planned as a secret mission...
       Nihilator Project was LEAKED. The starship had maintained a constant orbital speed since its arrival: an easy target. The story to send a nuclear missile (designed to stop a close Doomsday Asteroid) at the Sandran starship was revealed to anyone with access to YouTube. In fact, "Nihilator was aimed at the Sandrans from the very beginning." 
       War was officially declared by the feds and other leaders. A "Final Resolution" was promised to the masses by its [secret, alien] Overlords. "War of Worlds would end today!"
       Everyone watched the skies. If you did not own a powerful telescope, you viewed the spectacle over television or streamed it on a computer.
       Nihilator was launched. The missile climbed higher and higher on course toward the Sandran starship. In minutes, the public and its rulers and their rulers would know if the efforts were a success. Will the planet be saved from the alien enemy?
       Millions of eyes looked directly at the spaceship and billions of eyes looked at it over Media. Then, shockingly...
       IT MOVED! It moved quickly~
       The ship, that appeared like a bright Sputnik, left its slow, steady, constant speed and propelled itself at an incredible velocity. In a very short moment, the starship was gone from the skies.
       The Doomsday Destroyer missile had no target. The missile was under a "fail-safe" and "could never be out-of-control." One person at the underground base always had remote-control of Nihilator. Because of the mathematics of this completely unexpected [unseen by Time-Machines] event: a "Sandran Invasion," the missile missed and headed back to Earth!
       Nihilator should have been self-destructed in deep space; that was the plan if the missile missed target. Or a second attempt at detonation could be tried.
       Self-Destruct was pushed! 
       Yet, strangely, Nihilator did not blow. It continued its fall back to Earth.
       It was discovered that upon entry of the high atmosphere, the atomic blast would equal a 10-megaton explosion! This was now unavoidable. The only question was: Where on Earth would the Big Bomb strike?
       Few people understood the things they saw in front of their eyes, what would soon happen and final consequences.
       If the blast happened close over the ocean, horrible tsunamis would result and millions would die. Very high numbers of dead, injured and later diseased by radiation would also occur over any area of land.
       Nihilator struck the first of slight resistance in space, in the extremely high atmosphere. At this hard angle and speed, the missile would BLOW in a moment. But, then...
       It oddly slowed in its sharp descent. It changed direction, smoothly. It was yanked and followed a different trajectory DOWN. Then, the deadly missile...stopped, completed froze in its fall. It went back the same direction as it was originally. It slowed...slowed even more...then was dramatically YANKED again in a whole new direction. Nihilator stayed on this course and eventually EXPLODED! It exploded closer to the ground than it would have on its first trajectory and in a different location. 
       The fantastic display of awesome power, force, heat, radiation and light had not occurred on Earth's surface and Gaia's skin in many decades.
       Drone cameras followed the descent of the nuclear nightmare that came back to haunt us. Where was this? Who were the misfortunate ones that were struck by the Sword of Damocles or Zeus' thunderbolt? Was it over water or land? How many dead, hurt and will be terribly disfigured because of radiation in the future? What were the horrific damages?

       Inside the 14 mile-long starship that once communicated through radio telescopes...
       Only one, 3-foot tall, Grizzoid [indescribably ugly, toad-boy alien] in royal robes with cape stood behind the controls of what was actually a small, Grizzoid shuttlecraft. He was a very young and naughty Prince of the most famous House. His name was "Sandran." At the moment, he was in tears: an emotional 'wreck' after the chain of events that the Prince initiated. No Time-vortex screen ever displayed this particular timeline of this particular reality. Sandran had an intense conversation with the only other mind onboard: the ship's computer. But before that, he had another intense conversation with ship's computer:

       "They launched the atomic missile, sir," the computer informed the shuttle's captain, Prince Sandran, that they had to move out of the way, now. It was the same electronic and slightly British voice that attempted a communication with Earth people. The computer was worried.
       Spoiled toad-boy from Centauri Prime, who stole a shuttle...had good intentions. Sandran was distraught. He'd been distraught, upset, emotional and generally FREAKED-OUT ever since he came to Earth and tried to help these people. Everything had gone wrong.
       Ship's computer received the answers, such as: Who really pulverized the Moon and why? But the biggest concern in the computer's warm mainframe at the moment was: Let's get the hell out of here!
       Prince Sandran sobbed. Toad tears touched his violet robes with gold trim. The little Grizzoid sadly expressed in his language "~~ ~."
       After the computer received google-bytes of information from planetary systems, it almost had a human quality. "Thank the Lords. We'll get us out of here in a jiffy, now, sir. I'll just hit Turbo."
       The shuttle darted off as a bright stream of energy until it reformed only a few million miles away.
       "I have our answers, sir. My Prince and captain: you're not going to like them."
       "~ ~ ~~~~~!"
       "Very well. Here goes. They blew up their own satellite, sir."
       "Their Hierarchy, which you know extends to many planets and realms, sir...they decided, four days after we arrived. And the ones below them carried out orders to destroy the ancient monitor-station placed there since the days of Atlantis, a sacred satellite that was obsolete and no more of use..."
       "So they'd all fear you! Humans around the entire planet would be made to believe they were at WAR with you, sir. Rather than...listen to your ideas. They didn't want you to change anything."
       "~   ~~ ~."
       "I know. You know, sir? I think your Father would be very proud of you if he knew the truth, what's in your heart."
       "Ha. Ha. I'll make sure to tell him, ha. I have a question, if I may?"
       "~ ~."
       "Why did you lie and say you were human?"
       "~~> ~~ ~~~~ ~."
       "Oh. Yes, I see. You have a point, sir. You could have helped them, incredibly, and brought on a New Age of amazing wonders. You didn't know Earthlings were split in two: few rich who control billions of poor. People are good, sir. Their rulers and their Masters are not. Wait! Sir! Sir! The missile? I only received now exactly where the leaders plan to...plan to detonate it, sir...since the self-destruct didn't work."
       "Moscow. My Lords! We can't let that happen. Millions will die," the desperate voice said. "I trust you, sir. YOU could take control of the nuke, remotely move it...away from Moscow."
       "~ ~?? ~~~ ~ ~~~?" 
       "Yeah. No, too late. It has to hit the surface somewhere and detonate. I'll provide new coordinates. You only have to steer it toward those numbers."
       "~ ~, ~ ~~~~."
       "~~~ ~~~ ~?"
       "Good question. United States would be blamed and hated worldwide, even more. To start a controlled World War III. But...but who can truly see the consequences of their actions...or ours? The numbers are in front of you now, sir. Simply guide the crosshairs to the right spot in the center. That's it. Damn! Hell!"
       The missile was "yanked" in a different direction, again to a path that would strike over Moscow. Two remote-controllers alternated between command of the deadly missile. After an unexpected "ballet" in the high atmosphere, Grizzoid Prince Sandran saw through his tears and deep emotions and took ultimate control. He guided the missile to the one spot on Earth where the damage would be the least.
       The 10-megaton NUKE detonated in Siberia! The shocker was...
       "You'll never believe this, sir."
       "A very similar thing happened on this exact detonation location...109 years ago, sir."

       [A hundred and nine years earlier, a nuclear craft from an alien species detonated miles over Tunguska, Siberia. It was not an act by Tesla. It was not a meteor fall; no meteorite or pieces of rock were ever found. Its original heading was Moscow, but it changed direction and the atomic blast went OFF without one loss of human life. Huge trunks of titanic trees were vaporized near ground zero. Countless numbers were felled in massive rows outward for many miles whose center was called a "telegraph pole forest." At the very middle of the vaporized center-area stood trunks stripped of all branches. The blast was high above and tree trunks were aligned with the great force. They stood (like at Hiroshima). Closest people to the explosion had damage on crude huts and buildings. One man reported his "shirt was burned off his back." Reindeer died and had "strange scabs" on them from radiation].

       In the present...
       Prince Sandran, who was little more than a child, cried more tears. His Lord Father dealt in temporal matters. His Majesty would not be happy with what the little Prince had done, even with the best of hopes and dreams in his heart.
       "~~ ~~?"
       The computer still spoke as an electronic Brit: "We have beamed to miles over the blast site. The blast itself occurred very close to the ground, which is extreme good news. This shortened the range of damage. Ten megaton yield was far less than here at Tunguska, 109 years ago. Nature that quickly grew over the 20th Century and beyond...has been devastated and made radioactive all over again. Many animals were killed by our actions. The bad news is...dozens of human lives were truly lost, sir; I'm sad to report. Tunguska is...or, was slightly more populated than back in 1908. My Prince and captain, really could have been far, far worse."
       "~~ ~ ~~~~."
       "Oh Lord. Only now received data that particle beam weapons are being focused on us. Funny they weren't used before? Huh. Sir, we have to leave the area. In less than a minute, they'll destroy us! Sir!"
       At that moment, in this timeline reality, Time stopped, unknown to the small Grizzoid and the shuttle's computer.
       An oval portal opened and enlarged more and more...
       Then, his Majesty Time Lord and King of Centauri Prime, the boy's Father, emerged out of the portal. The Toad King Grizzoid was massive and wore a much bigger version of the royal garments the boy wore.
       "~~ ~!"
       The King spoke English. He appeared ANGRY. He firmly told the Prince to go back home and jump into the portal. He had a few things to say to the computer.
       The coy youngster, spoiled all his life, smiled at the computer and waved. He quickly leaped into the way-back-home oval and was gone.
       Voice of the computer was nervous in the presence of the King. ' stopped Time, your Majesty?"
       "Relax. We've been watching."
       "You knew their Moon would explode?" the curious voice asked.
       "No," was the honest answer. "But we do see now the next event in the chain of events Sandran began..."
       "Which is?"
       The King solemnly replied, "What will occur when I start Time again, in the next two seconds."
       "I'll show you," the Royal Toad of the most famous House answered. He started Time. Two seconds later...

"I didn't want San to see that. He gets emotional. You understand?"
       "Of course, your Majesty." The computer was stunned and slowly asked: "If...I...might ask?"
       "Your Grace...Why...why did the...Earth explode? Who did it?"
       "Same elite who ordered the satellite destroyed. Off-worlders..."
       "Excuse me. Why again, Your Grace? I'm not functioning properly at the moment. I missed WHY?"
       "Sandran was not done. The clever boy would have found a way to communicate the truth over other Earthly systems. He would have been heard by some: a better technology, energy...better, safer, cleaner way of doing things: his wonderful attempt to free the Prison Planet."
       "It was a beautiful message, a beautiful dream, Your Majesty. Before its time."
       The King smiled at the machine. "I am proud of him. But I will have to scold him, ground him and, of course, clean up his damn mess."
       The computer laughed. "Children. Ha."
       King of the Grizzoids put Time back to where his son never altered it.


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Excellent Tray!



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