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Conversation with the Sun by TS Caladan

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1 Conversation with the Sun by TS Caladan on Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:45 am


Conversation with the Sun
by TS Caladan

(author's note: What if the leader of a certain group of despicable men travelled to the Sun and spoke to his God?)

Only known to the high Illuminati of 1963, their "Voyager" flying disk quickly "beamed" inside the Sun's corona and was completely safe from harm. Heat, radiation, pressure and intense light had no effect on 17 "enlightened" individuals, specially chosen to make what was essentially: a religious pilgrimage.
       Onboard, in a sealed canister only 36 inches long, was the mysterious leader that the 17 men had never seen. His name was "Mang" or that was the reference the ancient entity gave as its name, long ago. It communicated by telepathy, heard by all of the crew simultaneously. The creature, basically the men's deity, rarely ever spoke. The secret mission was Mang's mission. The entire project was to get the little, green, demon-thing to the Sun. The crew were along for the ride and to maintain the transit disk. Mang wanted to be as close to the super-electric and magnetic Ball of Fire and Power as possible. It was the creature's greatest wish and ambition: to see the true, Supreme God and speak to IT. He had a few important questions that needed clarification.
       The crew wore red and black colors with high, black boots. Uniforms were similar to Nazi uniforms. The pagan Sun-worshippers understood they were very expendable; many assumed "Voyager Sungod Project" was a 1-way, suicide mission. The all-male crew were extremely honored to serve the Master and do exactly what those at Ground Control commanded. And Mang controlled GC. The seventeen cult members would gladly sacrifice their lives for the religious cause they believed in completely.
       Voyager's prototypes were disks the U.S. feds confiscated in 1960 [British orders] from Otis T. Carr, disciple of Nikola Tesla. Carr's corporation was ruined and saucer designs stolen by authorities. Refinements by aliens were developed and installed on Voyager. Now the "flying disk" was protected by the ultimate force-field and could withstand the Sun's corona. 
       Mang, the Lord and Master of Earth and much more, had his fantastic dream come true. Mang considered himself incredibly fortunate to be this near to his holy God of Fire and Magick.
       The usual equipment and enhanced mechanisms were contained inside the Sun-explorer disk. The craft also had a décor that would never be shown to the public outside of Occult Orders, guilds and "magick" circles: There were topless pyramids, the number 33, the upside-down cross and five-pointed stars (point down) on walls, uniforms and certain devices. The "all-seeing" One-Eye design was built into various mechanisms of communication, wall-screens, monitors, etc. 
       Rituals were performed by the 17 dark magicians. The men removed their uniforms and put on long, black robes. The ceremony ended after chants and praise to Mang. Mang's canister was brought in and placed inside a golden altar at the very center of the spaceship. The crew left the command floor and remained in lower chambers of the ship. Lights were turned off until there was total darkness, stillness and silence.
       Outside the craft, there was phenomenal solar weather where powerful flares shifted, volcano-like fountains thrust 'ejecta' matter with incomprehensible force and mega-pressure vaporized any metal! Voyager was unaffected. Such bright heat outside and nothing but cool darkness around Mang's prestigious altar and container inside...
       "Oh, Black Star," Mang begun the talk when he reasoned that the time was right. "...I have waited so long for this..."
       The Sun interrupted the small, green creature that prayed to it: "That was when I was where your Saturn spins today. Everything is different in the present, is it not? Now I mask myself as pure, good, life-giving Light. Do not call me Black Star again!"
       "I, your humble servant, am corrected. Then I will Master. I have...I have many, many questions, my Lord."
       "You have served me well over ages. You have found a way to reach me, in the physical sense. I marvel and am pleased to have you here, this near to me. Do you really believe you will understand better at close range?"
       "When I realized the trip was possible, I jumped at the great opportunity to be with you! Certainly I have heard you in the past, felt your Will as my very own Hand and Blackheart. Your Hatred, your dark energy...the Fire! Clash of WAR and glorious destructions in your name. But here. You are stronger here, stronger than I had ever imagined! There is no ambiguity or room for misinterpretations inside the corona of your firestorms and flares. I hear and feel every word expressed. Your broadcasts are MUCH clearer, louder! I was right. This meeting, my Communion with the Sun, was Fate: an act of Fate, my Master."
       "You will receive your answers, Mang."
       Mang was tremendously pleased with himself. He had everything figured perfectly. He seized total control of dystopia Earth in the 21st Century. And now he spoke to the Supreme God, his Lord and Master. Inside the 3-foot canister, demon Mang smiled with extreme pleasure. He appeared in 100% control and asked a patronized, rhetorical question: "May I ask questions now?"
       Mang took the silent response or no response as an affirmative.
       "My many names through the ages: Lucifer, Belial, Baal, Beelzebub, Satan, Cronus, Ulutc, Moloch, Baphomet...Devil...Mang, you made them the end, over cycles. You have crowned our holy enterprises with success. You have blessed our wars and hell-campaigns of anti-Life for millenniums! Punishment for unworthy masses, again and again! Every good kingdom, every wondrous empire of beauty and perfection...has crashed in time, corrupted, destroyed itself or mutated into monstrous societies. Even the gods. Glory be to GOD! You have shown me truth in your fires! In your anger! I feel your hot wrath and bitter disappointment in children who do not deserve the life you gave them. My Master. I do not blame you one molecule for the annihilations, the evil, the diseases, the accidents, murders, genocides and endless wars you engage and sanctify and authorize as, as...fair and righteous punishment..."
       Mang heard no reply. He wondered was the Sun God there? He decided to go on a bit more, then ask a question. (That should generate a response). "I fell from your ranks once because I questioned rules and order and Law and your required love and compassion for...for...what we really felt! Freedom to do ANYTHING! But today, my Lord, it seems Armageddon has arrived: your Will to end what you had created. I am more than pleased and honored to have assisted in your destructive efforts bring on End Times, as prophesized. Thank you for tomorrow's Oblivion."
       In the pause, the Devil Mang still heard nothing. He inquired, "Are you there, my Master? Have I displeased you? You stated I have served you well. Have I not performed precisely as your Dark Spirit has commanded, to have caused as much PAIN and bloodshed and atrocities and disasters as possible? To be Death itself? To completely change from your love and ways of your Son and the Atlantean Eden, the paradise Garden these children will never return to~ There is only one resolution to the Human Disease that now threatens other worlds as a cosmic cancer: Total annihilation of the 'rats' that infest your Garden, an Earth that can be salvaged by the ultimate Freedom...your right to destroy them. Let me assist you even more to end them, my Lord. My Lord? My Lord?"

       "Do you know what they'll call you in a dozen years?"
       "My God!" Mang jumped and struck against the canister in the dark control floor of the Sun ship. It moved.
       The Sun deity sounded mellower. In fact, it was a female voice. The sweet tone was a higher register and there were feelings in her words. "Actually. After your premiere in thirteen years, most people on Earth will come to know you by the name."
       "What happened to your voice? My name? They'll come me, what?"
       "Yoda! Really? That was my Templar name, when I first possessed the creature I am within now, that you have locked away in a 'safety-canister.' My, my. The reference is very obscure, perfect cover; the public will never research that."
       "Yes. Your fame during the Crusades was archived. Your name will be used in a series of movies and other things in future. Billions of people will never know your dark origin and what you did back then, long ago: all the killings your evil influence was responsible for. It's why you're legendary and highly regarded by royalty. You sure spouted a lot of lies to stupid, superstitious people that fell for it. Easier for the Devil to rule, when you knocked ancient technology to a Stone Age. And poor refugees in the aftermath of nuclear warfare were dumb enough to believe whatever LIES you told them? Huh?"
       The Devil sensed something was very wrong here. "Are you my...goddess?" Mang was no longer sure of himself. The fallen angel from ages passed was never in control of the situation.
       "Why do you think you are here, Mang...and future Yoda?"
       The ancient one answered, "To see, hear and feel my God, so I believe."
       "No. Not at all. You're here, speaking to learn the truth."
       "Of course."
       "But it's not the truth you believe," the Goddess of the Sun informed the dark angel of the Night.
       "What do you mean? Supreme God, Supreme Leader, do you not want to end physical/corporeal life with the aid of my legions?"
       "I have a test for you. Three questions.."
       "Answer any one of three questions correctly and your wish is my command. I can end all life in the Solar System by blinking out to nothingness. I could leave only darkness and coldness, if that is your wish?"
       "Can I speak to the other voice, the God and not the Goddess?" The Devil did not feel evil negativity from the female. There was no 'fire.'
       "No. You fail to understand how forces operate on this level between light and dark, positive and negative or cycles of Light and Fire. Your timing was off, Mang. You spoke to your God who is not your God. Now you are compelled to deal with me, the other half and Yin to his Yang...for the next 29 Earth days, anyway. Then this small, simple flicker of light in the vast Universe...changes again."
       "Three questions? I only need to get one right? And I win again and even MORE of my delicious dreams of destruction come true? I'll play. I like playing games (and I always win). What are the rules?"
       "Answer quickly. Keep your answers short. Questions have multiple solutions, choose the best or most correct one as your answer."
       Satan was excited and confident and thought he would win. "Go!"
       "What is the true, symbolic meaning of the pyramid?"
       "Dominance of a few powerful on top, over helpless masses below."
       "Wrong. It symbolizes Free Energy stations and 'Power to the People' and not to the elites or First Class Citizens. Question Two: What is the significance of the number 33?"
       The Devil Mang thought a second and replied with, "Thirty-three signifies the Levels of Ascension or steps to reach the Truth, to reach you at center, the ultimate apex."
       "Wrong. It honors the number of years Jesus Christ lived on Earth. Question Three: What is the prime meaning..."
       "Wah-wait," the Devil said with a worried quiver in his voice. "Who are you? Who am I speaking to? Small, simple flicker of light? NO! You are the Great Destroyer and Punisher! You are the infinite Supreme Being. You are my God! You are DOOM. My Master of limitless Power, Fire and Energy!"
       "I am your worst nightmare, Mang. I am a microscopic White Star, never with a point that faces down. I am Goodness and Love and Compassion and Light and Warmth to many worlds, but I am no god or even goddess. I am a drop of White Magic, far, far removed from the Black Magic you employ. I am a bright speck of dust, a thing that barely exists because I am only the smallest of particles. You said the word 'molecule' and I surely am not binary, bound to other atomic structures. I am a sole nucleus in an infinite Universe. We single suns are a large and colorful minority. I am proud of my structure: the 13 electrons that circle around me. But I will end the countless lives upon them and also terminate my infinitesimal life...if you win the game, Devil."
       "Wait. You are the ONE. The one at center or the true God at the zenith of everything, yes?"
       "No. I am common, the most common of things. I am but one of an astronomical and expanding number of flickers of light. We fly through space in clusters and clusters of clusters with much more complex realms at higher levels. We are simple creations with extremely large populations. We are here to serve Life. You are a joke, Mang. You and your pagan, godless legions who worship US, lights in space? Instead of your brothers, sisters and aliens around you? You are mad, religious zealots. You lead packs of insane monsters. Want to hear question three?"
       The Devil was knocked out of his daze and asked, "What is it?"
       "Your All-Seeing One-Eye..."

       "What is the prime meaning of the All-Seeing One-Eye? The one you place in so many of your films and on your television programs and various images? The eye in plain sight no one sees. What does the One-Eye symbolize, really?"
       Satan understood the game better now. He also realized the negative/male version of the Sun might have very different views and answers. The Devil was decimated to learn his pagans "were a joke." All the witchcraft and Sun-worship, not to an infinite Super Being, but to the very smallest of particles was too much of a revelation. He thought: Was a devil's eternal Life of Chaos and destruction upon poor Earth that had seen utopia long vain? Was I completely wrong in a Dark Side philosophy? Am I getting enlightened to something least expected: pulled to the other side?
       Mang answered. This time, he knew he responded correctly: "One-Eye is the Egyptian Eye of Ra, the Holy One, the sacred child, Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. One-Eye is in truth the Third Eye of inner wisdom, beauty and love. Horus/Ra and Apollo and others were Jesus Christ. Holy Family of Egypt...I confess: My forces have perverted the true meanings of good things, time after time, throughout history. Have I answered correctly, my Goddess, who is only a tiny speck in a grand universe?"
       "Indeed you have and in so doing, you have won the game." The Lady Sun with a sweet voice said, "I cannot destroy the Universe for you. I am only a small light as I have stated. The beloved life on my cherished electron orbiters can be snuffed out. You need only give the command, Devil. You have worked endless ages and infiltrated many levels like a Black Widow Spider, all through my System. Why go slow when everything in the local area can be blotted out in a flash? I can disappear at any time. Moments in my System will completely die. Is that what you want, my fallen angel?"

       At this time, 16 pagan crew members and occultists onboard the Voyager saucer were beamed back to Earth. One of them remained. He changed his long black robes for long white robes. The man of God made his way to the higher floor and the golden altar where Mang's canister stood. Bright lights were on. He opened the container...
       Mang was freed! Legendary Mang, who was once trapped in an outside universe for an eternity, then later returned and captured and revered by his captors...was free again from a prison sentence only 5000 years long! He had changed. He turned and gave himself over totally to the other side, the Yin, and not the Yang. He was not a demonic Firebird anymore. The Devil had reverted back into an angelic Child of Light, as was in the early Utopia of Earth, when there were no fallen angels. He rose back up to where he belonged.
       The redeemed angel inside a green creature was very happy. The little guy danced in the bright light of the spaceship.
       The man spoke as a representative, a Son of the Sun Goddess who was not a goddess. He asked the same question the stellar phenomenon would have asked as to keep their bargain: "Should she wink out of existence and kill off the planets?"
       Reborn Mang smiled and answered, "No." He was calm and cool. There was no fire in his eyes, only light.
       The Man of God who spoke for "she" asked, "What of your plan for a global epidemic called the "Osiris Virus" that would connect to 'Isis' and devastate the people of Earth?"
       "There won't be a virus; I'll see to it."
       The man looked down and asked the small creature: "What will you do about your spinning 'Blackhouse' Broadcaster, transmitting evil into her System, out of Saturn's poles?"
       The newborn, ancient being declared with all of his heart, "It will be dismantled in its entirety. Saturn will become a beautiful ocean planet. I'll make sure of it."     
      "What of your in-the-works assassination of the American president, very soon?"

       "It will not happen. The conspirators will be stopped and arrested in the Eleventh Hour."
       The man in white had one more question. He looked down and asked, "What of future plans to kill Paul McCartney?"
       The angelic light, within an emerald creature, expressed: "That will not happen, either. A lot of bad stuff won't occur, like a lot of wars and other things. Not now."
       The two onboard Voyager laughed.
       It will be a different world, a better world.
       The Sun knew the outcome all along.
       The man told the delighted and very enlightened creature: "Make sure you always speak forward. Never speak backwards, Yoda."


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