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NASA launched a new website with over 140.000 pictures, video's and audiofiles - Strange pictures

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Published on Apr 3, 2017
Yesterday Nasa released a new website that allows users to search more than 140.000 pictures, video’s and audiofiles. These files were previously in 60 different collections and Nasa has put them all in one location. These files shows the history of the agency’s many missions in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, human spaceflight, and more. The user can search by keywords and I’ll put the link down in the descriptions because this is truly a treasure trove. Link to the website:

While I was searching these images I found a couple of very interesting ones taken from the rings around Saturn. I have seen some video’s in the past about strange objects in the rings around Saturn but I was able to find a couple of new ones.

All of the following picture were taken by the Cassini spacecraft which was launched in 1997 and entered Saturn’s orbit in 2004. It still continues to work but due to a dwindling fuel supply the spacecraft is planned to be destroyed by diving into the planet's atmosphere in September 2017.

This picture was taken in 2007 and shows a bright object within Saturn’s F ring, which is the outermost discrete ring of Saturn. The F ring consists mostly of small ice particles, but this object appears to be much larger.

Years later in 2012 Cassini took this picture which shows another bright object that punched through Saturn’s F ring. You can see where it passed through by the disturbance in the F ring.

This picture from 2009 shows an object moving through the outer portion of Saturn’s B ring. Just to be clear, I’m not sure what these objects are. Researcher have several theories on the nature of these things, they could be chunks of one of Saturn’s 62 satellites or these objects could be comets or asteroids flying through Saturn’s rings.

This picture was taken by the Mars Odyssey in 2010 and it shows the so-called reptilian dunes; a complex line of sand dunes near the northern ice cap of Mars.

Another picture of Mars Odyssey shows the alien head from the Ridley Scott movie. This picture was taken in 2013.

And the last picture is a special one, because I found Secureteam10’s logo on Mars. ;)


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