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Anna von Reitz - A Life and A Reason

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1 Anna von Reitz - A Life and A Reason on Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:02 am



A Life and A Reason

Posted on April 3, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
There is a great deal of curiosity about me now, people trying to pry apart and explain what I have done in terms of who or what I am and also, many people trying to discern why and what my motives are. I have no great hope that the simple truth will be accepted as an answer for any of this, but I will offer it anyway.
I arrived at a point in my life where I realized how greatly I had been blessed.
I was just counting my blessings one day and the staggering beauty and complexity of it all, the way it all fit together and worked for my good, overwhelmed me with wonder and gratitude— and in that moment, I wondered aloud—- “You have blessed me so greatly ….so beyond measure….surely You had a reason? Surely, there is something You want me to do?”
Now, this was as simple as a grateful child asking a parent what errand or chore they could do. Nothing complex. Nothing mystical. It was heartfelt and true, but not accompanied by lightning strikes or dread. It was completely known and taken for granted that whatever I was asked to do, would be something I was prepared for and able to do.
Immediately I had the sense that I had been heard and answered and that I had pleased my Lord by asking.
It never occurred to me before that, that I needed to be asking Him what He wanted me to do and that I had to be willing to go before He would send me, but then I realized that this must be so, for He ordained free will. He may be the Lord of Heaven, but He has given each of us our own being and our own free will and though He could have whatever He Wills, He never forces anyone to do anything.
Jesus had to be willing to take up the cross, just as I had to be willing to do whatever He had in mind for me to do.
The next day began my final fight with the Internal Revenue Service.
After that, the Great Fraud opened up before me, layer upon layer, like peeling an onion. All the pieces of the puzzle came together. So I found my voice and started talking about it, first to family, then to friends, then to friends of friends….
So now people stare and even though they can see that all things are coming to pass just as I say they must, they wonder who I am and by what power I act and how I know these things before they happen and by what authority I proclaim a thousand years of peace and how I can mandate a radical change in the whole basis of the world’s economies?
It’s what He wanted me to do, and so I have done it. Pure and simple. Now all those others who act in His service are coming forward to do their part, gathering all over the globe; using no weapons but their hearts and minds and voices they are transforming the world and the decrepit powers of Evil crumble like ashes wherever they go.
This should be no cause to wonder.
For love and for gratitude and because you know how much He loves you, you will climb any mountain and sail any sea. As long as He is with you, you fear nothing and do not worry yourself, either. What is, is, by His Grace and for His Glory.
And you are perfectly safe in the arms of Infinity.
So don’t let your hearts be troubled nor let them be afraid. When what is True arises, what is False must pass away. All Satan’s wiles and Lucifer’s illusions will become as transparent as a child’s game and you will wonder how you were ever led astray and made to suffer, now that their time on Earth is over.

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