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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » VACCINE TRUTHS: MEDICAL INDUSTRY LIES » The Vaccine-Autism Argument Isn’t About Lack of Evidence, It’s Political

The Vaccine-Autism Argument Isn’t About Lack of Evidence, It’s Political

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The Vaccine-Autism Argument Isn’t About Lack of Evidence, It’s Political [videos]
So says Dr. David Ayoub. I took this meme from the latest blog post from a “lonely warrior”, James Perloff. For those of us in the know, it pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?
If there is any doubt in your mind as to the connection between vaccines and autism, as well as a host of other serious medical conditions that now plague the Human condition, there is ample evidence here to illustrate the problem.
If you have made it your business to educate friends and family about this serious issue, there is plenty of ammunition here for you.
Make no mistake, those who speak out about the horrific effects—including death—due to vaccines, are taking real risks. There are powerful forces at work to keep this truth hidden because it threatens the globalists’ agenda. 
It’s not a conspiracy theory; it’s conspiracy fact. There most certainly is a conspiracy, but the vaccine safety issue is just one fragment of the complex war raging on our planet. When you understand the big picture, it makes a little more sense.
One would of course question why governments that are supposed to represent and provide for their people would allow dangerous practices like vaccination—and particularly mandatory vaccination—to even be considered, but it’s complicated.
Why would doctors recommend vaccinations if they are dangerous? Another excellent question. Do you think the rest of us have not already asked and answered that question for ourselves?
I am dealing with the same situation with my dog. Every day. His immune system was destroyed by over-prescribed and administered vaccinations by misinformed veterinarians when he was a puppy and now his body is so messed up he has an auto-immune disorder and there are very few dog foods I can give him that don’t trigger massive itching and all sorts of other issues. No, he can’t tell me how he feels, but it’s self-evident.

He also contracted Valley Fever, which healthy immune systems can easily prevent. That lead to an expensive vet visit and three months of prescription drugs, then another trip to the vet, and when it failed to eliminate the problem, another three months of pills twice a day.
Are you getting the picture? It goes on and on and people who don’t vaccinate their dogs see none of these challenges. It’s not rocket science.
If skeptical I would ask, why would nurses sacrifice their jobs (and many have) by refusing vaccinations? Obviously they know something important and they’re not going to risk their own health.
Do non-believers think we have nothing better to do than try to create a problem where there isn’t one? What would our motive be?
It’s always about motive. Question the motive of the establishment.
If one can just focus on one facet of this planetary situation at a time and look at vaccines alone with the mountains of evidence to prove they are a threat and come to the same conclusion that honest medical practitioners and parents have, that is a huge step in itself. We must get out of denial and get educated.
Those who don’t understand the issue fall victim to the mass media’s relentless ridicule and guilt tripping, trying to convince non-vaccinating parents they are guilty of contributing to a pandemic (that doesn’t exist) and allowing their child(ren) to infect others.

They don’t bother to tell anyone that a group of students administered a vaccination to prevent Pertusis (whooping cough) in Utah, came down with whooping cough. Their science is junk science. Vaccines do not work the way they say. What we don’t know, is if they do ANY good at all.

As for the proposed practice of jailing parents who refuse to vaccinate their children—how about jailing those who DO? Therein lies the crime. 
Let’s take it one step further. Who are the police officers who are going to make arrests and take children from their parents? What if they refused?
And then they might send Child Protective Services to do the dirty work, and that leads down an entirely different road to pain and unspeakable acts.
If you don’t know where that road leads and care about children at all, click on the “Pedophilia” category on this blog and get informed.  ~ BP

Vaccination Visuals

by James Perloff
My book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior has an extensive chapter on vaccines. No pictures in that chapter, though. So for this blog post, I’m going visual-intensive, because we’re in a visual age.
This article includes many videos. I have tried to select ones of limited lengths (ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes) to keep busy readers from getting tied down. And YouTube videos, of course, can be sped up by clicking “settings” and “speed.” However, the post is still not a quickie read and will more likely serve as a reference.
We in alternative media don’t have the billion-dollar marketing resources that Big Pharma does. I want to thank all the creators of memes, charts, banners, cartoons and videos utilized in this post. I especially credit Whale, VAXXED TV, Hear This Well, and My Incredible Opinion. I encourage you to visit their websites and YouTube channels for further information, and especially to watch the movie Vaxxed.
Visit James’ site here for the rest of his visual article with memes and videos.

Thanks to:


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