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The Civilization Test - Aug Tellez

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1 The Civilization Test - Aug Tellez on Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:22 am



Published on Apr 5, 2017
Every racial group present today extends from very advanced civilizations that faced a collapse for varying causes of corruption, disharmony, low-awareness or other events.

On Earth this is called the "Fall of Man" where there was a drop out of a very high level of self-awareness into what is present today.

The plan of the civilization test is to expose the entire population, of every gene group to the same threats and distortions which collapsed the previous civilizations.

Thus, no one distortion or corrupt elements gains complete control, and as well, immunity is developed in the population producing a race that is no longer susceptible to what destroyed the previous civilizations.


2 Re: The Civilization Test - Aug Tellez on Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:57 am



Published on Apr 6, 2017
Side note: I left a couple outtakes just to keep it 'relative'. There's a pause where I went off track and stared for a few seconds to regain the memory. That's about as long as one wants to have to wait to reattain the memory and it is possible to go "back in time" in your mind and recover the last few mental steps without having to ask someone or rely on technology to remind you.

The fuller picture is that awareness that is present here is also present in the higher-dimensional reality beyond the confines of the fractal consciousness containment system. Thus, WE are the ones who change the system from the outside in, inside out in a way that is initiated through the free-will, creativity, compassion, and self-awareness of the people here.

Another basic elaboration of this which is confusing if people choose to only see the situation from a lower dimensional perspective is that the 3 D is the physical reality you’re “sitting” in, physically, now. From this reality there are various possibilities that can be experienced. These possibilities exist only from a 4 D perspective to us now. The mind is a gateway to the 4th D however this is actually where the traps and illusions are inserted to contain people ‘seeking’ the next layer and finding the exit.

This is all programmed in from birth but also exists in an energetic form through energy devices that are positioned throughout this society and this can be as simple as symbolism which works to manipulate the psyche so that people project the containment system experienced here into the 4 D possibilities through their minds. Thus, if the mind is the ‘way out’ (in) and their minds are layered many times over with programming that keeps them in a repeating cycle (through projecting the illusion) then people are kept in that repeating cycle until they become aware of what has happened which is essentially a civilization-wide higher dimensional “NET” of realities through consciousness entrainment to stop people from navigating to the ‘possibilities’ which contain the experience of resolving this system and achieving liberation from the construct that society is currently within.

This is literally as if we are within a virtual reality system and the access points to these next layers up are encrypted behind a system that redirects the input of an individual every time they attempt to access the ‘exit’. This is the basis for the holographic fractal infection, or the ‘time-matrix’. They are designed to keep consciousness within a labyrinth of repeating cycles instead of attaining what is desired.

Part of this is that consciousness itself is wrapped within an illusion depending on how we focus our intention and our self-observation. If people are not ‘checking’ their external experience and their internal experience through a kind of filtration system focused on discerning between a holographic fractal mirror of the energy of the soul and all the entanglements and programs that are kept within this system with the true self which is too vast to actually be entirely present within this system at any time without immediately rendering the system nullified, then the ‘consciousness’ they are operating under will literally be a replicated version of their true self, an imitation that this universe created in order to distract them away from the exit. That is how deep this goes.

So in the 4 D reality we have this present moment consisting of an array of possibilities that are organized in proximity based upon our conscious inclusion of those ideals in our self-awareness through intent and focus. In other words, if we are not intentionally focusing on what we want to experience, then those 4 D possibilities of where this reality will go is literally hijacked by an artificial mind in order to reduce our free-will and recreate that labyrinth where the same repeating cycles occur. When the mind moves through these they exist, without an observer, they cannot exist. Thus this system relies on the lack of self-observation in order to parade the reactions and thoughts of the individual in order to convince the individual to engage and through the engagement to feel the emotional reactivity, the pain, the suffering, the false-awakening, whatever the situation is! That process, those experiences generate energy and that energy is primarily used by the system to learn more about the human and create more extensions of linear time where the same cycles are repeated."



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