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The Meaning of the Pink Full Moon – April 2017

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The Meaning of the Pink Full Moon – April 2017

Are you ready for the Pink Full Moon in April? Full moons tend to fill me with a sense of dread but they shouldn’t! They are really quite positive and wonderful things and can and often do change your life. There are 13 moons in a year and they all “wax and wane” and are either complete or incomplete, up there in the sky.
Why Do We Call the Full Moon in April a Pink Full Moon?
Essentially, these are just nicknames and appear differently depending on the tribe or country. You may have heard of the “Easter Moon”, in fact, the timing of Easter is dependent on the first Sunday after (never on) the Paschal full moon, also known as the Ecclesiastical full moon (Easter moon).
This upcoming Pink Full Moon is supposedly named after a type of Native America pink moss called phlox. These are beautiful, bright pink flowers that appear all over the prairie floor, carpeting it in a gorgeous pinkish hue.
Phlox plants really don’t have too much benefit to humans, but they are deliciously fragrant, they’re beautiful and they also have air purification properties. They symbolize upcoming spring, rebirth and freshness.

What Do Full Moons Symbolize?

Get ready to freshen up and purify your life – rebirth is just around the corner! Using the symbols of Spring, rebirth, freshness and purification, this Full Moon is time to dust out the corners of your life and make way for more breezy and loving winds of change.
Where I live, in Sydney, Australia, Summer has now ended and Autumn has begun. However, the Easter or Pink Full Moon is still taking on the properties of regeneration, freshness and rebirth.
A full moon occurs every 29.5 days and depending on where you are in the world, it may look different. I have written about Blood Moons and Monster Moons before. Full Moons can be a time of new beginnings; these can sometimes hurt but they are always changes for the better – in the long run.

What Effect Will the Pink Full Moon Have on Me?

I think you are in for a treat as there are many exciting things in the sky. Some astrologers have called this April Full Moon “Lady Luck” as she’s near Jupiter, so unexpected good fortune might come your way. There is something to always consider when you’re looking at a Full Moon – you shall reap what you sow.
This means that if you have been working hard and laying down good foundations, you will be successful. A positive way to look at this is that we still have two weeks to go, so there is time to do some clean-up work in your life – if that’s what you have to do.


Imagine your life like an empty prairie. As far as the eye can see, there is just blankness, plainness, nothingness. Now imagine a sweet, warm breeze blowing over your life. Enjoy the breeze, feel it kissing your skin.
Now as you turn around in your mind’s eye, imagine the empty prairie filling up with beautiful pink, fragrant flowers. One by one they pop up until they stretch as far as the eye can see. Imagine the flowers reaching up towards the moon, asking, “When is it my time to grow?”

What is The Date of The Pink Full Moon in April?

Get ready because it’s coming your way in just under two weeks! The April Pink Full Moon will happen on April 11, 2:08 A.M. in Eastern Time. If you’re located in Australia like me, then AEDT time is 5:08 A.M. on the 11th of April.
When you wake up in two weeks on Tuesday in Australia, you will start to feel energies shifting. Take some time to do some preparation and give yourself the best opportunity to shine.
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