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"The Murder of Peg Entwistle" by TS Caladan

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1 "The Murder of Peg Entwistle" by TS Caladan on Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:39 pm


"The Murder of Peg Entwistle"
by TS Caladan

Millicent Lilian "Peg" Entwistle (February 5, 1908 – September 16, 1932) was a Welsh-born English stage and screen actress. Entwistle began her stage career in 1925, appearing in several Broadway productions. She appeared in only one film, Thirteen Women, which was released after her death. Entwistle gained notoriety after she jumped to her death from the "H" on the Hollywoodland sign in September 1932.

       If we look at interesting coincidences, footnotes or tragic deaths of celebrities, you'll run across the name: "Peg Entwistle." In fact, if we asked an older crowd that remembered Hollywood: "What were the top celebrity suicides?" Peg's story ranks right up there with the most ironic and tragic. If the "story" of her death were true? Could it have been a murder that only insiders are aware of? If that were the case, Peg's sad death becomes far more horrific. 
       Was the death of George Reeves (Superman) a suicide? [Study the facts]. No. We are Media-blitzed, brainwashed and basically forced to believe cover stories of bizarre deaths and suicides of the famous (for the most part).
       Maybe there were other reasons that influential celebrities got murdered, while we blindly believed whatever the news reported? Could modern celebrities be forced into rehab just before they're murdered so we think the death was self-inflicted? Maybe the real facts in many celebrity deaths will never be told to the public? There could have been other reasons for Peg Entwistle's death, quite different than the story printed in the press for our benefit. [You might say the same about the Black Dahlia, etc., etc...].
      You will find YouTubes and various documentaries on her life of only 24 years and they'll all show the same "facts," with the same point of view. One "Mysteries and Scandals" with host AJ Benza told her 'story.' Peg Entwistle was supposedly the classic case of a young actress who came to Hollywood with high hopes, only to have her dreams destroyed to the point of ending her life by suicide. Peg was the first to "leap off the Hollywood sign," to her death 50 feet below, but was not the last. No one considers it a murder. Maybe we should?
       Let's review her life...
       She was the daughter of Emily and Robert Entwistle from West Kensington, London. It is often said her mother died when she was very young, but there was no documentation for this. Conflicting reports had her aboard the SS Philadelphia and she settled in New York City. Yet the Entwistles seemed to have resided in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1913.
       In December 1922, Robert Entwistle died: the victim of a hit-and-run accident on Park Avenue and 72nd Street in New York City. Peg and her two younger half-brothers were taken in by their uncle, who had come with them and was the manager of Broadway actor Walter Hampden. 
       By 1925, Peg was one of the Henry Jewett Players on Broadway and gained national attention. Walter Hampden gave Enwistle an uncredited walk-on part in Hamlet, which starred Ethel Barrymore. She was also in The Wild Duck the same year and played the part of "Hedvig." Bette Davis saw Peg's great performance and told her mother, "I want to be exactly like Peg Entwistle." Years later, Davis got to play Hedvig and confessed she knew she'd one day play the part because of her inspiration, Peg. Entwistle acted in many Broadway shows with the likes of George M. Cohan, Bob Cummings, Dorothy Gish, William Gillette, Hugh Sinclair and Sidney Toler.
       In April 1927, Peg married actor Robert Keith at the New York City's Clerk's office. She was granted a divorce in May 1929. Along with cruelty, she discovered her husband hid a previous marriage and was the father of a 6-year old boy. That boy grew up to be actor Brian Keith ('Family Affair') who also committed suicide under odd circumstances.
       The stage actress always had terrific reviews. Entwistle was often casted as a comedian or the attractive, good-hearted ingénue. In 1929 she told a reporter: "I would rather play roles that carry conviction..."
       In early 1932, she was promised a % of the box office gross in J.M. Barrie's Alice Sit-by-the-Fire that also starred Laurette Taylor. Taylor's alcoholism canceled two evening performances, refunds were made to ticket-holders and the whole show was canceled. At this low point, Peg decided to head for Hollywood.
       Peg landed a role in Romney Brent's play The Mad Hopes, which starred Billie Burke. It ran from May 23 to June 4 at the Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Theatre critic Flo Lawrence wrote: "...In the cast, Peg Entwistle and Humphrey Bogart hold first place in supporting the star (Burke) and both give fine, serious performances. Miss Entwistle as the earnest young daughter (Geneva Hope) of a vague mother and presents a charming picture of youth..."
       Her one and only film role was an incredible production by Radio Pictures (RKO) that starred Myrna Loy and Irene Dunne and other future "names," uncredited. From a novel by Tiffany Thayer, Thirteen Women was a huge controversy then and today that dealt with the Occult and Black Magic. This was a big budget, pre-Hays Code, thriller produced by David O. Selznick. Entwistle played what turned out to be a small, supporting role as Hazel Cousins. It premiered at the Roxy Theatre in New York on October 14, 1932, a month after Peg's death. LA release date was 11/11/32. Thirteen Women, a story of murderous revenge by supernatural powers, was not a successful film.
       As the story goes, the film did not test well [to the Bible Belt] and 14 minutes were cut out of the original 73 minutes of running time. Her marvelous talents were on the 'cutting-room floor' and no one saw what could have launched a stellar career in cinema. As 'Mysteries and Scandals' reported, Peg was severely distraught at her downward spiral and decided suicide was the answer. Supposedly, she dramatically threw herself off the top of the famous sign's letter "H." Was Peg the classic suicide of another Hollywood failure?
"On September 16, 1932, an anonymous woman telephoned the Los Angeles police and said that while hiking she had found a woman's shoe, purse and jacket below the Hollywoodland sign...The woman said she looked in the purse and found a suicide note...According to a police transcript of the call, the woman said she 'wrapped a jacket, shoes and purse in a bundle and laid them on the steps of the Hollywood Police Station.' The anonymous woman refused to identify herself. A detective and 2 radio car officers found the body of a moderately well-dressed, blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman in a ravine below the sign. Entwistle remained unidentified until her uncle connected her absence with the description and initials 'P.E.' on a suicide note which had been found in the purse and published by the newspapers. He said that on Friday, September 16, she had told him she was going for a walk to a drugstore and see some friends. The police surmised that instead she made her way to the nearby southern slope of Mount Lee, to the foot of the Hollywoodland sign, climbed a workman's ladder to the top of the 'H' and jumped. The cause of death was listed by the coroner as 'multiple fractures of the pelvis.'"[
       The now famous suicide note as published in newspapers all over the country read:
"I am afraid, I am a coward. I am sorry for everything. If I had done this a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of pain. P.E."
       Entwistle's death generated a lot of sensationalized publicity. Her funeral was held at the WM Strathers Mortuary in Hollywood on September 20. She was cremated and the ashes were later sent to Glendale, Ohio, for burial next to her father in Oak Hill Cemetery. In 2014, about 100 people marked the anniversary of Entwistle's death with a ceremony in the parking lot of Beachwood Market in Hollywood to watch Thirteen Women on an outdoor screen. Proceeds from a raffle and from food and beverages sold at the screening were donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Entwistle's name.
       In October, 2014, the musical, Goodnight September, debuted in the UK and received glowing reviews from the first opening. Produced by Crazyhorse Theatre Productions, the musical was a dramatization of the final weeks of her life.
       Television shows like M&S and Haunted Hollywood have claimed Peg Entwistle haunts the Hollywood sign. Her sad demise also inspired songs by Dory Previn and Steely Dan ("Peg").

Let's look for evidence that might have been purposely placed in her one film Thirteen Women. What if the Industry had their own secret reasons for killing Peg Entwistle? What if they placed clues of their deadly intentions in the story of the one film they gave her?
       The beautiful villainess was Ursula Georgi (Myrna Loy), a powerful mystic with hypnotic eyes that was one of the most frightening characters ever put on black and white film. She's a 'snake' or Spider Woman that even had power over the swami. At school, she felt ignored or abused because she was part-Asian. Now she'd mastered the occult arts (like Dr. Strange) and even had total control of the swami. The entire film was her plot to murder her old schoolmates by magic or her "suggestions." They would kill or kill themselves because she psychically commanded it (voodoo).
       The swami worked out the fiendish Ursula Georgi's horoscope and knew her future as she knew his. But were these lines of dialog really about Peg? You decide.
       "It is death I read for you...not pleasantly. The thought is too horrible. Your body mangled like that. An accident, the stars say. A railroad, perhaps."
       She replied, "How strange. So are you to die like that." Then Ursula said, "Sleep (death) is so sweet." The Dragon Lady also said, "Don't destroy their faith in the Occult." She hypnotized the swami instead of the other way around.
       Alone, she saw the page of the horoscope he did for Hazel Cousins (Peg) and it looked like a pizza cut into 12 sections. Now we understand the title and why there were 12 classmates: the girls stood for each of the 12 zodiac signs in the heavens.
       She had him write to the other girls and do their charts. This was the note written to Peg's character near her chart:
       'My Dear Mrs. Cousins: the keynote of your life is Love. The stars predict a sublime fulfillment for you - motherhood.'
       The evil woman ripped up Hazel's horoscope as if to say: "Married? Children? Forget that happy ending. We're [the Industry] going to write a whole new script for your life now, dear Peg." She devilishly glared at the tip of the brush then copied the "Swami Yogadachi" signature. The new note and very different Life's Destiny sent to her contained "bloodshed" and "prison."
       The vengeful Ursula made Hazel kill her husband, remotely. Very quickly, we view that Hazel knifed him and then she screamed. A newspaper headlines reported: 'YOUNG WIFE KILLS HUSBAND WITH KNIFE. Mrs. Hazel Cousins Admits Slaying; "I Must Have Lost My Mind."' The murder was considered a "mental aberration." Her character was probably sent to prison and died (we're not sure). The uncut, original version of "13 Women" had much more of Hazel and probably showed her final demise in prison.
       Ursula crossed out with an "X" the yearbook photos of the girls she had killed. A close-up of Hazel's photo was seen and her pen pointed to it. Of all the 12 classmates, (the small part of) Hazel was the one highlighted. Was the whole film about Peg? 
       Let's jump back to the beginning of the early RKO film, directed by George Archainbaud. Right after opening credits and before the film started, a large quote was shown:
       "Suggestion is a very common occurrence in the life of every normal individual...waves of certain type of crime, waves of suicide are to be explained by the power of suggestion upon certain types of minds."
        - Professor Hollingsworth and Hoffenberger, Columbia University, from 'Applied Psychology'
       Was Peg Entwistle remotely-controlled or suggested to JUMP? The quote hints of secret/federal MK-ULTRA and "Manchurian Candidate" operations. What later generations executed with machines, apparently, these early forms used the power of suggestion: voodoo, mesmerized, the Black Arts, call it whatever you want. It is the ability to "gaslight," "railroad" or to utterly control someone that obeyed your Will! 
       Why did the film start with a train scene? There was no connection with the scenes that followed, although we returned to the train later and the film also ended with a train scene. Was Peg the one railroaded to her death? Possibly it was suicide. Maybe the pretty, talented actress leaped off the Hollywoodland sign exactly as reported! her one and only film portrayed in its plot: The girl killed herself, but she had no control of her actions. MAYBE Peg was forced to kill herself and insiders who make films and mold our minds (then and now) knew this little fact before it happened, but will never reveal the truth to us, outsiders?
       Same note from swami to the girls read: "We are all helpless against the Will of Infinite Destiny (the Industry)."
       To the one with the high-wire act in a circus, her horoscope said: "It is ordained that someone close will meet Death through an act of yours. It must be. It is written." Guess who visited the girl about to perform the high-wire act? Hazel (Peg). The girl told Hazel about swami and used the word "accident." Hazel was in the audience as the unsure circus performer did not catch her partner and she fell to her death, exactly as (controlled) swami predicted.
       IMAGINE the actress: Peg Entwistle, in her one film...
       She had to watch a character in the film fall to her death! Foreshadowing? She screamed. This is extremely disturbing and should make people wonder: What the hell is really going on? There were too many coincidences here. Either they're all coincidences or none of it is a coincidence and something very sinister goes on behind the scenes. Does the Oz 'Curtains' of Hollywood or Disney ever deceive the public? Do commercials or politicians or the news?
       Every time one of these murders happened via the Spider Lady (Myrna Loy), an ever-expanding, 8-pointed, brilliant flash of light consumed the entire screen, then wiped to the next scene. The effect was weird and could easily have been placed there because of occult symbolism (#8, Saturn, devil-worship, death).
       The swami even predicted his own death as he threw himself down upon the tracks in front of a New York subway train. He was another victim of Ursula's hypnotic control. Like many 'scapegoat' assassins, they weren't the real killers: they were merely puppets of the true murderers and were often killed.
       The film ends with Ursula chased through train cars and winds up tossed down to the tracks below. Three times the film portrayed someone who had fallen to their death. The final scene appears incredibly real as you see her (stunt) body thrown hard upon the railroad tracks. Audiences had to wonder: How was the effective effect done in 1932?
       Here is where the Suicide-theory falls apart for me: Peg did not fit the mold of a starlet who never achieved stardom or the limelight. She was an extremely successful London Playhouse and Broadway "up and coming" New York star. She was noticed early on. This was not the case of your typical failed 'nobodies' or Hollywood-stereotype suicides (if they even were suicides?).
       When Peg arrived in Los Angeles, she got work. This was not an actress that failed and failed and failed again. She was hugely successful. The given "story" over all Medias is and was: Entwistle could not accept the fact that she was only in Thirteen Women for minutes and her great scenes were removed...
       But that is not true if you look up the record: The long 73-minute version is completely unavailable to us outsiders. We'll never see it. All we have are the 59-minutes of edited film without Peg's best work. THE RECORD SAYS: By the time it was re-released in 1935, 14 minutes had been cut from the film's original 73-minute running length. The film premiered in '32. Peg never saw it since she died a month BEFORE the premiere. She didn't know her part was cut. But for some reason, this successful woman felt the need for suicide in the most dramatic way? It was in 1935 when the public received the "watered-down" version, three years after her death. Why was it cut at all? To say she was edited out? Was it the new Hays-censorship laws? Or for another reason: to sweep a murder victim 'under the rug,' to be forgotten and misunderstood?
       Who were these 100 or so people who gathered in a ceremony (ritual?), in a parking lot in Hollywood, and viewed Thirteen Women? Were there some in attendance who were rich, powerful, occultists and secretly knew what happened to Peg, long ago? Possibly, there were a few Wiccans that knew the truth. They may have been honoring something very different and much darker than the poor, sweet actress?
       Convenient that the one who discovered Peg's clothes never came forward, dropped the items at the police station and the (controlled) officers took it from there.
       What if Peg Entwistle was told what they, the Industry, will do to her? And she knew, as her character screamed at the fallen trapeze artist? If that were the case, you'd have to admit...fear of her own similar death...would certainly add to her motivation ~
       Lastly, here is the ultimate irony that AJ Benza, news reports and the usual documentaries will tell the public:
       OH, IF ONLY PEG WAITED! Her next role was a big one that was sure to garner her the success she so passionately desired. Incredibly (and it is not credible), this future role was a character that commits suicide.
       Bullshit. Bullshit and more bullshit: a legacy from a previous age that LIED right from the very beginning. We're supposed to believe this, another strange coincidence? What went on with actor Brian Keith and that connection? Why is Hollywood Suicide Crazy? I believe poor Peg was set-up; her "suicide" made headlines in various newspapers...
       Why would the Spider Woman do that? Why would the Industry do that?
       Because they can; rulers have lied for thousands of years, simply to exert their might over great numbers of the helpless. They LIE and the majority of their many subjects are forced to believe their lies.
       Question everything they insist upon and push into our psyche again and again... 

       The 59 minutes of THIRTEEN WOMEN can be viewed for free in its entirety by going to website and punching the title into its search engine.
       (The article "Celebrity Suicides?" by TS Caladan is a good reference). 
       It sadly seems that our only view of Life... edited~

 Lyrics to Steely Dan's "Peg"

I've seen your picture
Your name in lights above it
This is your big debut
It's like a dream come true
So won't you smile for the camera
I know they're gonna love it, Peg.

I like your pin shot
I keep it with your letter
Done up in blueprint blue
It sure looks good on you
And when you smile for the camera
I know I'll love you better

It will come back to you
It will come back to you

Then the shutter falls
You see it all in 3-D
It's your favorite foreign movie

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Good story Tray!


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