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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » HISTORIES MYSTERIES » This 40,000-year-old bracelet shatters mainstream history

This 40,000-year-old bracelet shatters mainstream history

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This 40,000-year-old bracelet shatters mainstream history
Posted on Apr 7th, 2017



The enigmatic 40,000-year-old bracelet is the ultimate prove that ancient people had access to advanced technology. Scientists point to the fact that whoever made this incredible piece of jewelry, most likely had some sort of technology that is similar to that of a modern drill.

Located deep in the Bashelaksky Range of the Altai mountains, in Siberia, Russia is the Denisova Cave. The region is well known for numerous extremely well-preserved fossils of animals that are now extinct. The region’s temperature, a chilly 0degrees Celsius is ideal for protecting biomaterial for thousands of years.

The mystery bracelet in question belongs to a group of humans that do not fit into the Neanderthal nor modern Human DNA by over 200 genetic markers. They are called the Denisovans or Denisova hominins. This mysterious group of people lived some 600,000years ago, and according to mainstream scholars were a nomadic, undeveloped people. However, evidence suggests different since the bracelet discovered inside the cave has numerous lead researchers to believe that these ancient people were extremely ingenious craftsmen.
In the vicinity of the ancient bracelet, researchers discovered a finger bone of a seven or eight-year-old Denisovan girl. While the remains offered numerous details about the ancient species, it was the incredible craftsmanship of the bracelet that caught the interest of numerous researchers. According to tests, the precision and level of cutting and polishing on the bracelet were at least thousands of years ahead of its time. Even more interesting is the fact that the stone from which the bracelet was made is found 15 miles away from the cave.

Polished zone of intensive contact with some soft organic material. General reconstruction of the view of the bracelet and comparison with the modern bracelet. Pictures: Anatoly Derevyanko and Mikhail Shunkov, Anastasia Abdulmanova

According to scientists, the bracelet was polished by unknown methods. Surprisingly, the stone was still shining when researchers discovered it. The fragments of the bracelet were gathered, and researchers were able to recreate this ancient masterpiece visually. It is believed to have been worn around the wrist, held together by several other pieces. A strap was supposed to have been wrapped through a hole in the stone. The even greater mystery is the hole made through the bracelet since the precision of the bracelet is also thousands of years ahead of its time.
Currently, the bracelet is displayed at the Museum of History and Culture of the Peoples’ of Siberia. It is the ultimate evidence that researchers have got it wrong when they say that thousands of years ago, our planet was only inhabited by primitive people. It turns out that the Denisova hominins were incredibly good craftsmen and had in their possession a technology way ahead of their time.

The Siberian Times quotes Dr. Derevyanko, who wrote in the Russian magazine, Science First Hand, that when they studied the diameters of the bracelet, they found that the rotational speed of the drill must have been quite high, and with minimal fluctuations. This points to the fact that whoever made this incredible piece of jewelry, is most likely to have had some sort of technology that is similar to that of a modern drill.
“The ancient master,” he said, “was skilled in techniques previously considered not characteristic for the Palaeolithic era, such as easel speed drilling, boring tool type rasp, grinding and polishing with a leather and skins of varying degrees of tanning.”

The traces of reparation on the cracks. The bracelet had suffered damage, including visible scratches and bumps. Pictures: Anatoly Derevyanko and Mikhail Shunkov

While bracelets have been found pre-dating this discovery, Russian experts say this is the oldest known jewelry of its kind made of stone. Picture: Vera Salnitskaya

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