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Lies and Blueprint for War from 'House of Rothschild' by TS Caladan

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Lies and Blueprint for War from 'House of Rothschild'
by TS Caladan

Besides Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia and Triumph of the Will, propaganda films for Hilter, I thought the most blatant example of LIES placed in a film was Atlas Shrugged. I was wrong. By far, the wickedest, most deceitful reel of lies and bullshit propaganda ever placed on celluloid was a 1934 film entitled "House of Rothschild." 
       The Rothschild banking empire defeated Napoleon? The Rothschild Family saved England and the rest of Europe? According to the film, the Jewish bankers suffered through the worst anti-Semitism and rose to power to free Europe from the tyranny of the mad, French dictator. Everyone owes a huge debt to the five sons of Mayer Rothschild who began their banking empires in strategic European capitals. Film audiences of the early 1930s were told that Rothschild's money would only be used to prevent wars and "never used to start wars."
       People are a little more "hip" today and question what Media serves up on a platter for us to ingest. We've grown up a bit and are not the empty, weak-minded people of the '30s, so easily led by any master that pulled our chains. Some of us. Yes, many dystopians today will never see the boot of fascism that continues to lie to us, control us and work its dark magic.

       The House of Rothschild is a 1934 American pre-Code film written by Nunnally Johnson from the play by George Hembert Westley, and directed by Alfred L. Werker. The film starred George Arliss, Boris Karloff, Loretta Young and Robert Young. "From humble beginnings the business grows and helps to finance the war against Napoleon, but it's not always easy, especially because of the prejudices against Jews."    
       Hitler's man, Goebbels [Minister of Propaganda], would be extremely proud of The House of Rothschild, this grand deception to millions of people over the years through the power of cinema. The story...
       In 1780, the Prussian taxman comes to the Jewish "ghetto" and to the home of Mayer Rothschild, his wife and his 5 sons. They hide their wealth, currency, silver, fine clothes, the true account books and even the roast in the oven. They pretend to be poor and starving. The old patriarch bribes the taxman and the "struggling" family will pay less. Mayer tells his children "money is power" and must be acquired for the defense and "dignity" of their persecuted people. [Yet, like Mafia versions of the same thing: Rothschilds were the top lenders, money-changers and profiteers in the 'ghetto'].
       On the old man's deathbed, he tells his children to begin banking empires across Europe: Nathan in London, Carl in Rome, James in Paris, Amschel in Frankfort and Salomon in Vienna. In this way, they can draw on each other's bank and not be robbed on the highways as was often the case.
       Thirty-two years later, the sons have established the banking houses. At the same time, Napoleon's forces invade European countries. Nathan refuses a very large loan to the British government to "hold off the enemy" but gives their Duke of Wellington twice the amount to crush Napoleon. After the war is won, Wellington is outraged that Nathan Rothschild, their financier and person responsible for victory, was not invited to the celebration because he was a Jew. He goes to the banker with the help of one of his soldiers (Robert Young) who was in love with Nathan's daughter (Loretta Young).
       Wellington tells Nathan that a massive loan will be offered to France to recover from the war. Rothschild is immediately interested since the banking house that acquires the loan will be the biggest and most prestigious in all of Europe. Nathan's bid is best, but his is rejected, Count Ledrantz (Karloff) tells him. Because of a "technicality" - Nathan was a Jew.
       Nathan Rothschild gets revenge, financially outmaneuvers his opponents and brings them to the brink of ruin and disgrace. They capitulate and surrender the entire loan to him. Nathan also informs his daughter that because of anti-Semitism and that her lover is not Jewish, she must end their relationship.
       Revolutions or anti-Jewish "riots" happen all over Prussia, instigated by the Karloff character. At the same time, coincidently, NAPOLEON ESCAPES from exile! [Not mentioned in the film: It seems every time the Rothschild Family gained great sums of money, war raged and Napoleon somehow triumphed].
       As the story goes, Nathan's brothers fear the rise of the evil dictator and Napoleonic Wars all over again. They beg oldest brother, Nathan, to support the restored French leader. Rothschild flatly refuses! He honorably declares his family's wealth will never be used to profit from War or support Napoleon. With the Karloff character and other Rothschild opponents in need of funds, Nathan gives them loans and assistance and extracts a treaty from them, which grants rights to Jews: the dignity his father had sought and worked for.
       Nathan desperately gambles one more time with the Family fortune (like mortgaging your house on a risky investment). Everything is at stake now with all of the Rothschild Money supporting the "Allies" with the final Battle at Waterloo. The tremendous wealth of their Banking Empire will probably be totally lost in an ultimate confrontation on the battlefield. He asks his wife: "Could you live poor?" 
       Then a 'miracle' happens. Wellington's beaten and valiant troops suddenly win at Waterloo!
       Nathan yells in triumph and tells the others at the Exchange to "Buy! Buy! Buy!" 
       He also gives his blessing to his daughter who is in love with the Gentile soldier.
       Nathan, Banker of Britain, becomes a baron and the richest man in the world. The Rothschild Empire rules Europe and dominates all banking systems~
       Near the very end of the film, a truly 'magical' thing occurs: The black and white film turns to COLOR. Very few films did that in the early '30s, outside of another extreme film of Deception: The Wizard of Oz. This was, of course, purposely done to emphasize Disney-like Magic and sorcery of a Wonderland World, now that the Rothschild Bankers are in charge!

       Who believed this crap?
       Probably most people back then since the film was highly promoted as "great" and highly credited. House of Rothschild was up for Best Picture of the Year by the Film Academy. Could truth be that BANKERS (royalty, masons, Vatican, Switzerland) have always financed the wars? They are also the Industries that give us music, sports, television, movies, films [there's a difference] and about everything else, especially the Media we believe. THEY tell us what is good, what we should buy, what we should do and what we should think. Maybe we have to stand up against the brainwashing and propaganda and lies? First, we have to be able to see them and understand...
       Let's look at the film again:
       Was it really a "ghetto" in 1870 Prussia? Possibly it was for the residents not named "Rothschild." To me, acts of hiding wealth, living as paupers when they really had the riches of kings, etc. are shameful. The Father screams he hates doing this but it must be done because of Jewish persecution and to restore dignity. Did this family, who could bribe anyone, really know the meaning of being abused? Were these very rich bastards actually the victims of racial discrimination? Or are they simply telling us lies?
       In opening credits, above the title of 20th Century Pictures' "House of Rothschild" is the name "George Arliss." The famous English actor, author and filmmaker started his shining career in 1918. Why would George Arliss be given the main lead as Nathan Rothschild, spokesman and voice of the banking family? Why a name above the title? Because he was a respected, talented stage and screen actor, perfect for the part? Or was he perfect for the part of Nathan Rothschild because he began his illustrious career as THE DEVIL? You can view his silent film on YT, where as a young man: he was still hideous and as ugly as sin. Wonder why they casted him as The Devil?

The actor was not perfect for the part of Nathan for 2 reasons: 1. He appeared so much older than his other brothers. When we see earlier versions of them as children, they are basically the same age...but not as adults, later in the film. 2. A young Loretta Young was cast as Nathan's daughter. But this wrinkled old coot appeared more like her grandfather than her father. You could say it was "cool casting" to choose Arliss as NR who had previously played Satan with a black top hat. Ah, but possibly, something very different is suggested here, only known to insiders? Who'd put the pieces together way back in 1934 and realize the lying Devil, Prince of Darkness (character) was the perfect choice.  
       On the subject of casting, why would BORIS KARLOFF be placed in front of audiences' eyes as the Count, the Jew-hater Prussian who looked Nathan straight in-the-face (while Nathan wore Devil top hat from first film) and spewed anti-Semitic remarks? Are these questions too hard, class? They're elementary. It's because (all planned in advance) Boris played the Frankenstein Monster three years earlier; 3 years while fears sunk inside the psyche of hyped viewers. Karloff's face did that. The Count symbolized the resistance, revolutionaries, the Separatists or the "Allies," twisted 'anarchists' fighting against the (evil) Empire. In other words; Frankenstein! Actually, they were the good guys, the opponents of the Rothschild monopoly. Any words of truth, anti-fascism, anti-Royalty or anti-Rothschild were viewed as traitorous heresy (same with Scientology).
       Audiences throughout the '30s and beyond were molded and manipulated to believe: The Rothschilds have even helped their enemies in times of need. They also risked everything, the Family Fortune, in the final Battle of Waterloo. And isn't it marvelous, incredibly fortunate that the "Free World" was spared the terrors of the mad dictator, Napoleon? All because of this compassionate family that has been blessed by God to have taken charge over us unworthy subjects.

       The truth is the "Rothschild" name means Red Shield, mentioned in the film. They are 'Robbing Hoods' who have drenched the planet in BLOOD and WAR and DEATH while the 'holy' Family is always shielded from harm. Our World Wars are but "games" to the rich who produce them. They are Machiavellians who rule by FEAR. They are the royalty of Britain, financed through the Vatican and Switzerland, who create and maintain all wars, continuously. George Orwell told us how they operate: murdering their subjects en mass. He didn't emphasize that Big Brother was the bankers of the Red Shield. They think they own our souls. They believe we are nothing more than commodities they own. And we should be thankful for this ownership by kind overlords; we should never be ungrateful and have our hands out...
       Yeah, we've heard it in Atlas Shrugged where the (sarcasm) world's problems are all these billions of people with their hands out. Why can't they just stop all the complaining and rebelling and simply let the rich and powerful do their job at ruling the world? What is wrong with the general public?
       Of course, my clear point is: The problem has always been the Rich and evil agendas, like the belief there's way too many of us and their various depopulation methods over centuries in different forms. Maybe a few people shouldn't have everything and many people have virtually nothing? A redistribution of the wealth and power is needed, but Dennis Moore is dead and little people have little power today.
       How about taking everything opposite of what was broadcasted in House of Rothschild? Or opposite of everything in politics stated over Media? The news gives us some facts and stats, but what do we not see? The real WHYS. Why did this terror attack happen? Or this killing or "accident"? Who really did it and why? You'll never receive the truth from the controlled federal (controlled by Britain) Networks. In famous cases, the ones they say did it, probably didn't (intentionally). Ask Orwell who did it? Assume "They" are lying, then you'll come closer to the truth and maybe discover what the "Real War" truly is about. Who's the real enemy? They are the ones who control everything and force you to pay an illegal Income Tax. The real enemies are fascists and their minions have 'guns to your heads.' They're the leaders of the "Free World," our Protectors who care so goddamn much about us.  
       Look when this film of Mind-Control came out~
       Right before the rise of Hitler. A Prussian "Chancellery" was even mentioned. Now replace every reference to
dictator "Napoleon," who we must stop at all costs...with Adolph Hitler, a dictator who we must stop at all costs. Reminds me of profiteers who sold guns to Indians. They made money because of the war. War is good for business. War is fantastic for business! They sell the "bullets and the bandages." The 'Red Cross' is not what you think and stands for this royal, banking family. Also...      
The 'mice' run around in circles, kill themselves off and aren't really smart enough or organized enough to mount a rebellion. Why would House of Rothschild arrive on movie screens in 1934 and show us (in dialog) the glorious defeat of Napoleon? This is a warning; take the reverse: The film was a secret Blueprint for War. It was the exact same sinister forces that created the Centralized Banking System that financed the First World War. It was the same sick, evil forces, behind the scenes,

that did it all over again with the Second World War and crashed the Market in 1929 [bankers on top made out like bandits!. Bankers support war. War supports tyranny.
       Please. For the sake of humanity's your eyes, learn a different 'story' and see beyond the 'surface of history.' Let's stop being misguided children.


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