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Anna von Reitz - There Are No Secrets

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1 Anna von Reitz - There Are No Secrets on Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:33 am



There Are No Secrets

Posted on April 11, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
At a deep level you already know that everything that I have told you is true. This is not because of all the proofs and citations and it’s not because you understood it all, either. It’s because you can sense truth. You know it in your soul—whether you want to or not.
The Truth exists just beyond the layer of conscious thought.
And in the Truth, there are no secrets.
Just beyond the level where your mind normally operates is a level wherein everything is revealed and known — and not just the facts of what happened or what was said or who said it, but what motivated people, what they believed, what they felt.
At the level of Truth, the tiniest nuances of the totality of the experience and the surroundings and the circumstance are known.
Not only that, but the results of what we do and think and say is also known out to the farthest limits of their impacts.
Imagine a rock tossed into the middle of a quiet pond and the waves going forth in all directions from the point of impact? Only the “pond” of the time matrix is infinite.
You will be made aware of the impact of what you have said and done and felt, both good and bad. To your amazement, things that you thought were good will turn out to be evil and things that you thought were evil will turn out to be good. You will see how you hurt people you never intended to hurt and assisted still others with equal lack of awareness.
Those who think there is power in secret societies are doubly deluded: first, because they mistakenly think that secrets exist, and second, because they think that conspiring together in secret is powerful and safe.
All that they try to hide is known—fully, completely known. And it is all recorded indelibly, both good and bad.
Bill Cooper’s murderers have not escaped, nor LaVoy Finicum’s.
Not one dirty deed, not even one ugly, violent, egotistical thought has escaped detection.
Remember Adam and Eve and their fig leaves?
Literally, the only thing helpful that we can do, is to repent the pain we’ve caused and the idiocy of our errors.
The time to wake up and know the Truth and repent all this stupidity and cruelty is now.
Just sit back for a moment and know that absolutely everything that you ever do or think or feel—-is known—-to the entire universe.
Does this change your assumptions? Does lying about anything make sense anymore?
Once you know that there are no secrets— your life will change. Your world will change. Your heart will open up. Your mind will clear.
Instead of fear, you will know peace and you will be enabled to live a free and upright life again.

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