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Aug Tellez - Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME plus more

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Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME

Posted on April 13, 2017 by omnipulse

A man lives in his head. His love for a girl he grew up with never leaves him yet he cannot gain the courage to truly express himself.
This film is by a visionary artist. Shinichirō Watanabe. Watanabe is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. He has directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, two powerfully symbolic and culturally reflective works that gained the attention of viewers all over the world.
Have no fear! Fear takes the shape we’re willing to give it. Let’s light a candle in our hearts, make it gleam. Try to enjoy the moment in spite of this turn of events. That will shed a new light on things. -Nishi
I suggest you watch the movie if you are interested in seeing how deep this story goes. I will only give a few details away and the rest will remain hidden. I suggest refraining from watching any clips on youtube, including the trailer. I normally include trailers with these posts, but have not with this one.

There is a scene which involves a near-death experience. Immediately after moving into a visionary state the soul is shown a replay of the life experience. When the soul reaches a resting point there is a figure that seems to be flipping back and forth between a variety of costumes, outfits, shapes, animals, beings, etc etc etc.
This figure, says, “You can’t decide what I should look like.”
At first this seems to be a cosmic villain creating roles for his/her own joy, just to watch people suffer. Then he/she appears to be playing with the mind of the soul so that the soul can overcome fear and really show their true strength and courage.
The only way to make it stop is to b e honest. Easier to see the truth that way. The truth for you, that is. – Cosmic Figure
When considered carefully and in the perspective of supporting courage, this character matches the idea of the cosmic teacher, savior and creator. When taken with fear and lack of self-worth this character matches the idea of the cosmic deceiver, the adversary, and the destroyer. The two are one, depending on the frequency of the mind observing.
This is what the true secret societies, the true elite, and the true luminous ones teach us. This is the art and knowledge of the cosmic secret, of overcoming fear, of remaining honest, of reaching higher self-awareness, of cosmic harmony and compassion, and of meeting God and knowing the truth and seeing through the illusion of death.

Underground Bases, Cloning, Immortality

We were tested in the projects. We were shown how the mind can create a form to match any substance that the intentions and focus is projected into.
If one is to overcome death, then one must be prepared to overcome fear. To overcome fear and the result the system we are in, one must learn how this occurs. The easiest way to learn is to see first-hand. The mind creates the experience of whatever frequencies we are focusing on. We had to see every possible outcome of fear and learn to overcome the projections that are brought about upon leaving the body.
Whenever you see art like this, you can be sure that the artist has seen the same process, regardless of whether they’ve been in an underground base or not.

Group Mind

In the movie, at a certain point in one of the ‘visions’, another man is found who has an episode of fear. This changes the entire experience for the whole group as his emotional context influences the group’s collective experience.
This was literally the same effect in the bases. The difference is that the individuals were so highly adept, that they would not give into the fear of the “trainees” (cadets) who were just learning “how to die”. They would play the role if this was to help the individual get over fear. However, they could handle fear so that this didn’t influence the whole group and what would occur was scenes of ‘shows’ that would play over and over in a variety of ways with different sets and scripts. This was like intense psycho-therapy combined with advanced technology and multi-dimensional experiences that enabled time dilation and the experience of literal mental and non-physical realms.
One must over come fear and remain honest with themselves to remain in control.


If and when one gets angry they must understand this is just a temper tantrum and that is temporary. Any angst or hatred felt towards anyone or any thing is an illusion. This doesn’t mean the experience is illusory, but that there is hidden knowledge that the mind is expressing in an indirect manner. Find the knowledge, the source of the expression in order to understand how to resolve the issue from happening again. To resolve the issue in the moment one must focus on returning to peace, allowing the experience of love and accepting a neutral perspective.
In these in-between states, or visionary states which are defined as a kind of hyperdimensional experience, what one experiences is projected metaphorically. The difference between a literal occurrence of something and the border between a dream-like exaggeration or depiction is combined. One can ‘drown’ in sorrow. One can ‘elevate’ or levitate with joy. Love can create a literal magnetic force which propels. Everything is on the border of reality and surreality.
In the experience there are spontaneous visions that occur. These are automatic and potentially relentless. There are what are known as ‘false-awakenings’. This is when the soul comes to the sense of a reality only to repeatedly realize that they are dreaming and all the beings experienced and all the scenarios are simply a projection of their imagination. This seems to occur until the soul overcomes fear and attachment while developing creativity and attaining a more refined sense of clarity and self-awareness.
The visions can increase to a bewildering level of abnormality, creativity, or even dullness.
It is here that our projected “karma” becomes apparent and we must confront the issues we have left within our mental blind spots or the shadow mind.

Empowered by Truth and Unveiling

It is this very karma, this very drag which at first gives way to a delay in progression and then becomes that which propels us forward beyond our fears and into a new state.

Newness, Rebirth

Time doesn’t exist in this place and so eventually people usually choose to become “new”, or they simply become new by way of these experiences. This is the “rebirth” that takes place when one knows they are not the same as they were before these experiences. Often, this is way to avoid confronting the old, but this is also a sign of overcoming the resistance of the past.
Love is what holds one together during this experience. Love, honesty, compassion, truth, knowledge, self-awareness.
Creativity and Belief
Everything centers around creative expression and belief.
Here, the impossible becomes possible and creativity, courage and passion is the deciding factor of each experience.

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Weaponized Mutagenic Pathogens

Posted on April 14, 2017 by omnipulse

Part of this is a mutagen mycotoxin which causes extreme sexuality in females and docility in males. It was perfected in the 70’s and three part tandem versions have been released in the atmosphere and certain area’s water supplies for multiple phase activation in the population.
This is part of the ‘brain rot’ that allows a person to be controlled from external means.
Take a look at the info. The previous video is a parody video, but is not incorrect or even slightly out of focus. The only way a person on the outside gains that info is through being used as a conduit.
It’s the strangest thing. Often times operatives will take over a host body, who doesn’t contain enough soul-awareness for the act to be considered any kind of crime. There is literally no chance for the person to gain enough awareness to realize what has happened.
I took the video down just to keep it cleaner. But that is a host being operated remotely by an agent as part of the disclosure process. Strangest thing, but that’s often how things will work. He didn’t maintain a clear enough signal or endangered himself so the message will come off as a joke.
Here is something more ‘in depth’.
The previous video also mentioned names directly which is not something that is outright appropriate.

So here is the bulk of the outdated written info. Now everything is light-years ahead.
“Mycoplasma – The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic DiseasesSeveral strains of mycoplasma have been “engineered” to become more dangerous. They are now being blamed for AIDS, cancer, CFS, MS, CJD and other neurosystemic diseases.Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 8, Number 5 (August-September 2001) From our web page at: http://www.nexusmagazine.comPATHOGENIC MYCOPLASMAA Common Disease Agent Weaponised
There are 200 species of Mycoplasma. Most are innocuous and do no harm; only four or five are pathogenic. Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus strain) probably comes from the nucleus of the Brucella bacterium. This disease agent is not a bacterium and not a virus; it is a mutated form of the Brucella bacterium, combined with a visna virus, from which the mycoplasma is extracted.The pathogenic Mycoplasma used to be very innocuous, but biological warfare research conducted between 1942 and the present time has resulted in the creation of more deadly and infectious forms of Mycoplasma. Researchers extracted this mycoplasma from the Brucella bacterium and actually reduced the disease to a crystalline form. They “weaponised” it and tested it on an unsuspecting public in North America.
Dr Maurice Hilleman, chief virologist for the pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme, stated that this disease agent is now carried by everybody in North America and possibly most people throughout the world.
Despite reporting flaws, there has clearly been an increased incidence of all the neuro/systemic degenerative diseases since World War II and especially since the 1970s with the arrival of previously unheard-of diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS.According to Dr Shyh-Ching Lo, senior researcher at The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and one of America’s top mycoplasma researchers, this disease agent causes many illnesses including AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s colitis, Type I diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Wegener’s disease and collagen-vascular diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.
Dr Charles Engel, who is with the US National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, stated the following at an NIH meeting on February 7, 2000: “I am now of the view that the probable cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia is the mycoplasma…”I have all the official documents to prove that mycoplasma is the disease agent in chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia as well as in AIDS, multiple sclerosis and many other illnesses. Of these, 80% are US or Canadian official government documents, and 20% are articles from peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine and the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The journal articles and government documents complement each other.
How the Mycoplasma Works
The mycoplasma acts by entering into the individual cells of the body, depending upon your genetic predisposition.You may develop neurological diseases if the pathogen destroys certain cells in your brain, or you may develop Crohn’s colitis if the pathogen invades and destroys cells in the lower bowel.
Once the mycoplasma gets into the cell, it can lie there doing nothing sometimes for 10, 20 or 30 years, but if a trauma occurs like an accident or a vaccination that doesn’t take, the mycoplasma can become triggered.
Because it is only the DNA particle of the bacterium, it doesn’t have any organelles to process its own nutrients, so it grows by uptaking pre-formed sterols from its host cell and it literally kills the cell; the cell ruptures and what is left gets dumped into the bloodstream.
II CREATION OF THE MYCOPLASMAA Laboratory-Made Disease Agent
Many doctors don’t know about this mycoplasma disease agent because it was developed by the US military in biological warfare experimentation and it was not made public. This pathogen was patented by the United States military and Dr Shyh-Ching Lo. I have a copy of the documented patent from the US Patent Office.1All the countries at war were experimenting with biological weapons. In 1942, the governments of the United States, Canada and Britain entered into a secret agreement to create two types of biological weapons (one that would kill, and one that was disabling) for use in the war against Germany and Japan, who were also developing biological weapons. While they researched a number of disease pathogens, they primarily focused on the Brucella bacterium and began to weaponise it.
From its inception, the biowarfare program was characterised by continuing in-depth review and participation by the most eminent scientists, medical consultants, industrial experts and government officials, and it was classified Top Secret.
The US Public Health Service also closely followed the progress of biological warfare research and development from the very start of the program, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States were working with the military in weaponising these diseases. These are diseases that have existed for thousands of years, but they have been weaponised–which means they’ve been made more contagious and more effective. And they are spreading.
The Special Virus Cancer Program, created by the CIA and NIH to develop a deadly pathogen for which humanity had no natural immunity (AIDS), was disguised as a war on cancer but was actually part of MKNAOMI.2 Many members of the Senate and House of Representatives do not know what has been going on. For example, the US Senate Committee on Government Reform had searched the archives in Washington and other places for the document titled “The Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report No. 8”, and couldn’t find it. Somehow they heard I had it, called me and asked me to mail it to them. Imagine: a retired schoolteacher being called by the United States Senate and asked for one of their secret documents! The US Senate, through the Government Reform Committee, is trying to stop this type of government research.Crystalline Brucella
The title page of a genuine US Senate Study, declassified on February 24, 1977, shows that George Merck, of the pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp & Dohme (which now makes cures for diseases that at one time it created), reported in 1946 to the US Secretary of War that his researchers had managed “for the first time” to “isolate the disease agent in crystalline form”.
3They had produced a crystalline bacterial toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium. The bacterial toxin could be removed in crystalline form and stored, transported and deployed without deteriorating. It could be delivered by other vectors such as insects, aerosol or the food chain (in nature it is delivered within the bacterium). But the factor that is working in the Brucella is the mycoplasma.
Brucella is a disease agent that doesn’t kill people; it disables them. But, according to Dr Donald MacArthur of the Pentagon, appearing before a congressional committee in 1969,4 researchers found that if they had mycoplasma at a certain strength–actually, 10 to the 10th power (1010)–it would develop into AIDS, and the person would die from it within a reasonable period of time because it could bypass the natural human defences. If the strength was 108, the person would manifest with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. If it was 107, they would present as wasting; they wouldn’t die and they wouldn’t be disabled, but they would not be very interested in life; they would waste away.
Most of us have never heard of the disease brucellosis because it largely disappeared when they began pasteurising milk, which was the carrier. One salt shaker of the pure disease agent in a crystalline form could sicken the entire population of Canada. It is absolutely deadly, not so much in terms of killing the body but disabling it.Because the crystalline disease agent goes into solution in the blood, ordinary blood and tissue tests will not reveal its presence. The mycoplasma will only crystallise at 8.1 pH, and the blood has a pH of 7.4 pH. So the doctor thinks your complaint is “all in your head”.
Crystalline Brucella and Multiple SclerosisIn 1998 in Rochester, New York, I met a former military man, PFC Donald Bentley, who gave me a document and told me: “I was in the US Army, and I was trained in bacteriological warfare. We were handling a bomb filled with brucellosis, only it wasn’t brucellosis; it was a Brucella toxin in crystalline form. We were spraying it on the Chinese and North Koreans.”
He showed me his certificate listing his training in chemical, biological and radiological warfare. Then he showed me 16 pages of documents given to him by the US military when he was discharged from the service. They linked brucellosis with multiple sclerosis, and stated in one section: “Veterans with multiple sclerosis, a kind of creeping paralysis developing to a degree of 10% or more disability within two years after separation from active service, may be presumed to be service-connected for disability compensation. Compensation is payable to eligible veterans whose disabilities are due to service.” In other words: “If you become ill with multiple sclerosis, it is because you were handling this Brucella, and we will give you a pension. Don’t go raising any fuss about it.” In these documents, the government of the United States revealed evidence of the cause of multiple sclerosis, but they didn’t make it known to the public–or to your doctor.
In a 1949 report, Drs Kyger and Haden suggested “the possibility that multiple sclerosis might be a central nervous system manifestation of chronic brucellosis”. Testing approximately 113 MS patients, they found that almost 95% also tested positive for Brucella.
5 We have a document from a medical journal, which concludes that one out of 500 people who had brucellosis would develop what they call neurobrucellosis; in other words, brucellosis in the brain, where the Brucella settles in the lateral ventricles–where the disease multiple sclerosis is basically located.
6Contamination of Camp Detrick Lab Workers”
Read the full article:

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