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Aug Tellez - You Absorb Psychic Energy, Reflect Perfectly and Remain True plus more

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You Absorb Psychic Energy, Reflect Perfectly and Remain True

omnipulse Return to Center April 18, 2017 1 Minute
Remember, who you are around and allow to remain in your field will automatically imprint into your subconscious. This means if we are around people who are negative or abusive to the values we hold true and important then we will ultimately devalue ourselves by remaining in connection with these kinds of individuals. Earth is going through a cleansing that hasn’t been seen in many ages.

You are in a sea of physic energy constantly emitting and absorbing energy.
You are a frequency generator and this is what shapes the reality that you experience.
How you balance, harmonize, treat, manage, express, neglect or are controlled by energy will determine the quality and intensity of your reality generation system as if your body is an instrument that is played by the operation of the frequency of your mind.
We can make a beautiful symphony and experience that while expressing this for others or people can experience disharmony and out of tune projection of energy due to a mishandling of the energy that exists right in the body and the psychic fields.
We are empathic beings, and this enables energy leeches to feed on a person’s field. This is a major cleansing taking place as the energy leeches are all being unmasked and identified simultaneously.
We still have to remember to manage our energies because we are playing the body and this realm like an instrument and there is a major disharmony taking place because of an out of control, run-away ‘disharmonic’ trend of vibrations that are infectious like a disease or a virus. And that is what it is, the mind-virus.
This is related to the time-virus which is simply the continual projection of that disharmonic experience in a feedback loop that one struggles to break free from without critical intent and application of will-power towards harmony and self-awareness through compassion and free-will, the values of the human soul blueprint which orients one’s trajectory through a programmed time-dimension back towards the unifying quality of higher-awareness through the true-self instead of the body-consciousness, ego, or impostor self.

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Soul-Awareness and Attaining the Exponetial Growth Curve through a Feedback Loop of Self-Awareness

omnipulse Of The Mind April 18, 2017 7 Minutes
We’re in a soul-matrix circuitry, closed-loop system.
No one ‘gets out alive’. That’s because the body is relative to the physical plane and environment, this reality.
Instead of going out, there is a virtually expanse stream of possible realities that are accessible by changing our internal perspective of energies and the configuration of self-awareness.
To come to awareness in the moment is a ‘once in a life time’ situation. And this is EVERY TIME this occurs. That is part of the paradox. It’s a continuing, eternity, whenever we apply our energies inward towards creating a feedback loop of pure-awareness simply observing our self observing.

Through this there is a lensing effect that is generated by the focus and the stream of awareness reflecting back inward to generate higher intensity self-awareness the longer and more intensely the stream is held.
This is the experience of the exponential growth curve of the energy of awareness in a way that surpasses the biological consciousnesses ability to transmit fully through the brain.
The consciousness can experience the binary, incremental progression of limited, finite, whole numerical sets that continue one after another in an advancing progression that creates the perception of an endless stream or a hall of mirrors.
When one applies effort from three angles of perspective instead of two then an exponential growth curve can be initiated which seemingly begins as a linear, logarithmic incremental increase of the activity of consciousness or a heightening of the mental sense of the presence of self in the moment. This leads into an increase that can only be described yet not fully capitulated in this reality because the experience is of pure awareness without the linear, binary, biological consciousness counterpart and in that way beyond time and the confines of physicality.
The important aspect of this is that one attains this not be trying to expand or attain something new, as one would physically to gain new ground or move to a new height, but one withdraws their will from the application of energy through the conscious mind-chatter system that the brain is constantly generating as part of a computational system of reality auto-generation.
In short, when we allow the brain to generate reality for the non-physical self, then we give away some of that creative power in exchange for being able to participate in a society comprised of words, language, objects, and consensus reality. This is not the totality of experience and as we are learning as a society, a society based on the physical experience alone is separated from the true connection to life and the nature of reality as a creative process.
This is as if the brain is an auto-memory bank and generation system that is designed to take over if we drop out of the desire to continue to create willfully. Thus, we have the theories of a kind of trap system designed to ensnare the soul into a repeating loop of linear experience based on low-awareness and perceptual illusions.
Instead of applying ourselves further in a linear fashion, there is a neutrality point that every polarization of consciousness centers around and through these points our personality is structured, yet these points and the resulting personality is a mere image, a fuzzy representation of the whole, the original soul. The perceptual illusion is the donkey with the carrot on the stick, convincing the soul to move further along the predetermined trajectory of thought and the stream of biological consciousness as if on a track of some sort. Such behavior and psychological tendencies are exploited through helegian dialectic, in this case the game is to convince the mind that the binary, linear view of the imbalanced body-consciousness perspective of the brain (alone) is going to work as long as we take one more step down the track of thoughts and then one more and so on and so forth.
The trajectory leads to the starting point and the cycle repeats endlessly. The power to unlock that exponential curve is through moving vertically when the predetermined motion is horizontally restricted, to add a dimension mentally, when there is a constriction to a limited possibility of motion.
To be free, truly free in this way is far more than just overcoming the experience gap of society and jumping over the illusions of materialism and fear. This is to unhinge the mind completely and rotate freely on a 360 degree pivot so that all the possibilities are seen and accessible without being restricted to one stream of consciousness.
Then, motion is not a binary, one dimension, two directions, forwards or backwards, linear trajectory along a preprogrammed script based on limited perspective like a laser extending from the tip of a cone of time and perception, but expands in all directions simultaneously.
Thus, the rate of increase of the information of experience expands according to a ratio that supersedes known geometries of the physical universe and the awareness moves into that of the realm of the soul where there is a multitude of experiences for every moment of experience here.
Tapping into that is the source of power, creativity, and enables one to gain perspectives that were previously invisible, yet are always accessible by us.
The second important aspect is that we’re actually already always there and we are experiencing life from this perspective through a kind of larger feedback loop system similar to the one that is created to re-connect or re-initiate this original heightened awareness that is beyond a plateau or singularity of limitation for the physical universe.
By recreating that feedback loop, we re-initiate a transfer of awareness, an engaging activity between the physical perspective and the higher-perspective of the soul which we are already sourcing from. Thus, this is like a game of solving a paradox by coming here (in mind) to experience the illusion of the separation of the soul to participate in physicality only to re-awaken to the true self by re-initiating the same feedback loop that is occurring in a large cycle (from the soul, to the physical plane, back to the soul) this time in a small cycle (from the soul to the physical body and back to the soul). Thus creating a kind of overlay of frequencies, almost as if enacting a metaphoric, mirroring effect or simulation which activates or initiates the real effect in ‘higher-space’ with energy.
Simply by focusing on this, the larger self beyond the perspective we have now, we begin such a process.
This is the aspect of creation, of using the power of self-awareness to create the self when we are really both creating the self and creating the illusion of creating the self because the self always existed. So in reality, we’re destroying the illusion that the self is the false-self, or temporary self and through that realigning with the true-self.
Everything is paradoxical because we’re in an inversion system where consciousness is inverted to forget the true nature of the self as the soul and time occurs to us instead of us initiating and making change occur, which is what is really happening.
There are methods to discovering this but we can start with the basics, such as viewing all events as if they happen for a reason and remaining in self-aware observation of the linear trajectory of time, knowing that there is no linear trajectory but only larger and smaller cycles through which experiences are projected within the mind and out onto reality.
These cycles add up to one another, so this means that you can create a small cycle within, a small trajectory of experience that is like a simulation of what you are looking to attain in the larger cycle and the focus and energy applied will synchronize your experience in the small cycle with the larger cycle.
This is the same concept of creating that feedback loop of self-aware observation between your mind or soul and the physical body and how that initiates a larger feedback loop from the soul end to the physical plane and back to the soul. This is experienced as a change in the limitations of physical reality such as a shifting of possibilities, and this is actually simultaneously the temporal trajectory of your reality shifting to another ‘track’ moving in a way that defies the virtual limitations of preconditioned belief of the biological consciousness as well as it is as if, seemingly, the soul is ‘backwards’ rendering information or experience into the ‘matrix’ of time and linearity to generate new experience as spontaneously generated by the application of will power here through that feedback loop of self-awareness.
The feedback loop of self-awareness is by realizing you are not restricted by those preconceived notions of the virtual limitations of biological consciousness. That way, energy, the most vital force to your experience, is freed up instead of hindered by engaging your focus from the perspective of the ego or programmed belief systems.
This freeing of energy is literally what allows the soul to disentangle with certain energy engagements which are quantum entanglements that are literally like energetic contracts that knowingly or not keep one entrained into a particular reality.
This is the knowledge that has been applied and coveted for so long to enslave the population.
When we let go of those holds that require our unconscious or conscious acceptance of them as a part of that which shapes our perspective of the self (the ego, illusory self), our soul literally reshapes and forms like a hot air balloon or a parachute and instead of being entangled it can free flow to a new perspective. This is how motion is enabled in higher space, instead of moving one whole at a time, the bits that are restrained are unhinged and then that whole side of the balloon or sheet flaps over in a new direction freeing itself up to kind of roll-over in hyperspace to a higher perspective.
When there are no entanglements whatsoever, one has no ‘reverse’ desire (entanglement) to remain limited by physical, linear 3D space and consciousness experience.

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Life Simulation – Soul Trap

omnipulse Fringe April 18, 2017 2 Minutes
Alright, I’m going to present something here. This is just one explanation, however, in the recent years a lot of information and others have seem to come out claiming they were either shown something similar or that they are coming to similar conclusions.
We were informed that there is no such thing as “Earth”, that this entire reality is staged from the ground up. That this is a program, a life-simulation with a run-time of approximately 33 years. That if a person dies during this simulation, then they remain trapped in an etheric prison for eternity.
That there is one way out and that is through a neutralization of polarity via “Christ Consciousness” which renders one invisible to the system. IE: If one is 50% between good and evil then what are they? So, if this is done throughout all polarity, then how is their ‘self’ existence referenced by the measurements of the system? Note: This doesn’t mean to do away with compassion, but polarity, belief, or alignment with anything that can be used to measure, project, reference or reflect one’s self as a materially viable presence.

It was explained, and shown how this is possible through advanced technology, that the memories of every human on the planet has been backwards-rendered to the tune of whatever age they are at the moment and that somewhere around a few years ago everyone that is present here today was teleported into this realm and the experiment began.
Thus, all the ancestors, memories of pasts events, scars, traumas, backstory, all of it would be, in this explanation, illusory and generated through powerful advanced technology which creates the literal waves of brainwave energy that we are ‘floating’ on and within like a sea populated with bobbers bouncing around like particle sensing devices giving readouts and measuring their proximity to one another depending on the frequency and absorption efficacy of the centrally emitted brainwave energies from the devices.
Thus, we’re all plugged into this matrix system, remotely, through scalar technology, and there is only a short stretch of time in reality, that this whole civilization is experienced, yet through time dilation and inserted memories it seems wildly different. Meanwhile, we have a number of years left before the program finishes and when that occurs everyone who ‘survived’ the program, like a cruel thriller-horror movie, gets to experience freedom and health.

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Early Research Project – Timeline Alteration and Quantum Civilization Interaction

omnipulse Fringe April 18, 2017 0 Minutes
Here’s some more of what you haven’t been told yet:(unless you have)
I was shown this and told it was an early research project.
I was told that this is why there was a big event between 2009 and 2013. The actual even in reference was pretty much ineffectual as one more advanced civilization observed and moved ‘through’ the mental space of ours.

Then another event took place that changed everything. No body noticed because the event was so great it altered timelines. Only those with advanced technology or enough soul energy to see the event from outside the system could regain awareness of what had happened.

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