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Anna von Reitz - Seeking the Truth as a Way of Life.. plus more

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Seeking the Truth as a Way of Life…..

Posted on April 22, 2017 by David Robinson  
  Judge Anna von Reitz
Seeking the Truth is often uncomfortable business. You have to give up your own opinions on the way, and often let go of things you have been taught since childhood. Those losses of what we always believed make us feel lost, as if the firm and settled boundaries of our lives are suddenly as fluid and uncertain as waves on water. Sometimes–often– things you dearly cherish, things that add to your sense of security and value, get mashed along the way.
Although I most often hammer away on the Truth about our government, what has happened to it and so on—the search for Truth is amazingly open ended. Once you start seeking the Truth about one thing, you start seeking the Truth about all things.
That includes the Truth about medical science. No surprise that the field of medicine has been hijacked by the same feudalistic Robber Barons who have corrupted our government and for the same reasons—–profit and control. They long since took over the medical schools and drug companies and have been using one to push the other for several generations with great success.
They haven’t made us healthier, wealthier, or wiser—- but they have filled their pockets and left us sickly and fat and dependent on pills, which is precisely what profits them and makes us miserable.
Many of you had the opportunity to watch Ty Bollinger’s expose, The Truth About Cancer series. And now, a friend just forwarded The Truth About Vaccines.
Watch it, download it, do whatever you can to learn and to share the information being provided for you and your family free of charge—today is the beginning of the final broadcast:

The Truth About Vaccines

  Tom McLaughlin
Thank you Anna. I am concerned about forced vaccination through mandates and removal of ‘exemptions”. Can you shed some light on this? I was under the impression that for there to be an exemption there must be an obligation. With vaccines, where is the obligation? Can’t we just say NO, and leave it at that?
  Anna von Reitz You can if you are an American state national or American State Citizen. You are then outside the corporation and “foreign” with respect to it and its policies and mandates. However, as long as the federal corporations control and use kickbacks to fund public schools, they retain their clutches on health mandates related to these institutions. It’s their school, not ours, because they used our money to obligate the local schools to their policies. We can move to unincorporate our local schools just like we can unincorporate our churches, and thereby take them out of the grasp of the federal corporations. Until we do, they can mandate vaccinations as part of their requirements.

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Let’s Send Them a Bill, Shall We?

Posted on April 22, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
I have just been told a most amazing thing.
Nobody has sent the Queen of England a bill for anything the British Government has cost us since 1756. There has been no end of bills addressed to us, for services they claim to have rendered—- but not a single one in return.
There has been no billing for American lives lost, American natural resources expended, American labor invested in all the bloody wars and mercenary conflicts that the British Monarchs and the British Crown and the Popes have foisted off on us for two-hundred plus years in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.
What do you say that we total it all up and send our bill to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor of London?
There’s just one problem.
How much is the life of a man worth?
They tell me that a cadaver is worth $11.4 million in today’s market, but a living man is so much more than the sum of his parts…..
How do you ever calculate that loss?
I say that the loss of even one life is more than anyone can repay.
I say there is no currency for that.
So all these grand princes and potentates, the Popes and Queens and the Heads of State — are in reality, all bankrupt, unable to meet their debts by any means.
Perhaps that is why no American bills have ever been sent.
The ridiculousness of trying to put a value on what is beyond value must have plagued generations of accountants. They must have sat here as I have this afternoon, and left the calculation to God.

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